T V is T E A M W O R K

Well done guys!!!

Got up at 05.40 am yesterday to take the dogs (and me) for a long walk prior to getting the cab to go to the airport to fly to Sthlm - but Terry our Bordercollie male ran off to chase a rabbit threw me and my boyfriend's start of the morning. 

Betweeen showering and getting ready for work we took turns in calling and whistling for our runaway rabbit chaser. 

When I got in the taxi Terry had not returned. 
NOT a good feeling... 
Never have I sweated so much post shower. 
Right then the phone rings and my beloved lets me know all three dogs are home. 


After bording the airplane I finally get breakfast and coffey.
Only problem is that the whole cup of fresh coffey lands in my lap...
On the only jeans I brought for todays shoot...

I make it perfectly all the way to the shoot for the day and is met by the crew of the TV show I work with that I really appreciate that everyone knows their job, do it well and show that they like what they do!Thank you HusräddarCrew and Editorial office! After my morning I was so happy everything worked well at my job.

You do a great job of making TV!
 After a chaotic and stressful morning I not only landed in Sthlm but in a production with extremely professional people. 

TACK så oerhört!!

/ Jimmy

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