R I D E jollygoodfellow

Ride by Jollygoodfellow

Form/Design Center in Malmö offers exhibitions with and about design.

 Located in the historical center where I found the bicycle I have been wanting. 

This bike in two parts is created by graphic designers Jollygoodfellow and is named Ride. 

I wanna RIDE! 

Wishing you a  good graphic weekend!


Lägg till bildtext
New exhibit being built at Form/Design Center every month. This is what it looks like when it´s empty.


M E T A L | wire inspire

This is so me. I find a material or way of using a material I really go for and then I save different examples of that material in different shapes as photos or objects and then I go to work. My mind occupied with it. Looking for new solutions and designs. Right now it is metal wire that the creativity is dealing with. 

That´s me on a monday driving up to Stockholm from Varberg sitting having late lunch by the lake and really enjoying a late summer day feel. Have a good week :)


Thick or thin. Brass or iron. Metal wire does inspire.


1 9 5 8 | until now

My Grandmother&Grandfather got this house at Getterön 1958 so since I was born 1967 I have visited every summer my whole life. Sometimes brief and sometimes lengthy stays.
My mother&father updated the summerhouse to a year round permanent living and moved in 2004. The stone wall built in front of the house by my grandfather slowly and surely in the 60´s is my most beloved part of this home. In the wintertime you see the stonewall more than in summer with the garden greens being the focus.

Since my mother is a green thumbed individual this is what it looks like in summer.

Cooking in summer is done on the terrace for most meals.

My brother demounted an old greenhouse that did not want to be renovated by his house. My mother kept the glass and with the help of a good carpenter and great ideas the small greenhouse was built from wood and the old glass that was reused from my brothers green house.

When all the tomato plants grow and all the greens are in season there is not much room. Love the seat in the midst of it all.

The greenhouse makes the terrace have a whole new feeling from the outside as well.

This little cute cottage is where I stay when I come here. This was an addition made and has about 9 sqm inside, there is place for a bed, a table and some storage. This past summer and warm September I have stayed here a lot. Love this little cottage by the sea and the fact that I sleep so well here and when waking up here I just put on swimtrunks and go for a dip in the ocean before breakie.
From the entrance this is the path through the small garden up to my little cottage at the family house on Getterön.

A pond was a must. If you have followed my blog you have seen the pond we created in Hoby Mosse. My mother is the one who started it all. She has insisted on ponds in all of her&dads houses. This is not the biggest, but in my view the most beautiful pond she has created.

This beautiful sweet pea was planted by my grandmother and every year it grows enormous.

The conservatory by the entrance is the home of the fig that we have had some problems with but now seems to love it. Mom used to bring it outdoors in the summers but now just leave it here and that seems to work much better.

On a very windy day this summer we carried a large piese of thin white fabric up on a hill. We took turns in taking pictures me and mom. Dad thought we were crazy and he is most certainly right.

My nephews love to jump into the ocean and play in the water. My mother takes a morning dip every day even in the fall and through winter we take a wood fire sauna on fridays and go into the ocean even around Christmas.


S O F A | super size

Sofa from Bolia.com

I have something  important to tell you : 
Size DOES matter! It always has and always will.

Here is my confession : I LOVE HUGE 

SOFAS. The bigger the better I must admit. Looking at small sofas may be nice but, you don´t want to sit in one for a long time. Italian companies like Living Divani and Baxter have had wonderful HUGE sofas for a long time that I adore and offer them at a high price not accessible for everyone.  At Bolia.com they have several sectional/modular sofas that can become as large as you like. What you see above is a small sofa called Cosima and it meassuers 112 cm x 240. That is what I call a small sofa, but normally is a large sofa. A big sofa would naturally be called ....Mr BIG 
-  like the one below here in the picture. This is the type of sofa that if you would like to make it aproximately 9 meters long,  You can! I just adore that. The sofa below in grey velvet can offcourse be chosen in many other materials. It is super comfy - yes I have tried it myself. I do not only take pictures I have to sit in a sofa to be able to recommend it. In my eyes otherwise you can not recommend a sofa. I like that this sofa is more of a classical type of shape that I would not grow tired of. Mr BIG is truly BIG. One piece of this modular sofa is 121 cm x 121 cm.

OH - almost forgot to tell you. Bolia.com has offers all year round and sell their sofas at 50%. So get their newsletter. 

Don´t you ?

All my best


MR BIG at Bolia.com


F A L L | feeling

Autumn with amazing weather

The corn is as high as an elephants eye

There is something extraordinary (and phallic) about corn on the cob.

I just could not help myself. When it is this amazing fall weather I just can not help but taking photos. Everything seems so beautiful. Been at the house of my family on the westcoast by Varberg. As you you have seen before on the  blog my mother Marianne designs suede clothes and we were shooting some of her new fall models as you can see below. Loving this type of sunny fall with high air and warm temp. 

See you soon


Startingpoint with props and getting organized.

My own original of the wooden head I call Wigstock for the JIMSCH collection holding my favorite headphones. I have a strong need of great sound. Just recently go the Audio Pro portable speaker and must say it is top notch sound wise. Usually when working with whatever it is I do I need music and since I move around so much a portable speaker is a must.

Mocka of Sweden


L O S T and found by gubi

Impressive range of color hues.

On my way to check out the Gubi showroom in the Nordhamn harbor in Copenhagen. Since they are building all over this area I first can not find it. After some dizzy time in the car I finally walk through the doors to this magnificent show room.  Gubi is all about finding forgotten design gems and bringing them back to life and into the present.

GUBI about Gubi 

Based in Copenhagen's docklands, our Gubi offices span a 2,000 square metre space that used to be a tobacco factory, revamped into a modern, ultra expansive showroom loft. Our intuition guided us to this area, which has since become a magnet for other firms working within architecture and design.

Lost & Found
Chasing forgotten icons has led us to the re-launch of designs from the 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's. Originally created by artists, sculptors, designers and architects from France, Italy, England, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Hungary, Germany, Japan and elsewhere. Talented professionals whose work has been featured at MoMA in New York, Victoria & Albert Museum, London's Design Museum, the National Museum in Stockholm and the Arktikum Museum in Finland, among others. Each piece is exquisite in its own right with a story to tell, capturing a fleeting moment in history which remains relevant to this day. A perfect example is Bestlite, a series of Bauhaus-influenced lamps first produced in 1930 by British designer Robert Dudley Best. (Winston Churchill is one of several highly esteemed owners.) We spotted a Bestlite lamp in 1989 and resurrected this beloved icon of last century as part of a stunning 13-piece collection re-launched worldwide.

All my best


The leather belted Jaques Adnet mirror is my favorite Gubi treasure.
Jacques Adnet (1900 - 1984) was a French architect and Art Deco Modernist designer and an icon of luxurious French Modernism. After completing his studies at the Municipal School of Design in Auxerre and the Ecole des Arts Decoratifs, Adnet established the company, JJ Adnet with his twin brother Jean. In 1925, Adnet was recognized as one of the most promising young designers at both the Salon d'Automne and Les Expositions des Arts Decoratifs. As well as designing furniture and mirrors, Adnet designed apartments and offices for numerous clients, including the French President and Unesco.

The Grasshopper floorlamp by Swedish Greta Grossman (1906-1999)is another great example of gems that Gubi has brought forward and made successful. The showroom is enormous and has so many Gubi sets to see.


H O M E | of karen blixen

The home and garden of Karen Blixen

Ever since the magic movie Out of Africa about Karen Blixen´s life, I have wanted to see her home.
After reading all about her adventures and becoming a total fan of her life achievments I was keen on seeing her home that had been made into a museum. 
I have passed it many times on Strandveien, driving from Cph (Denmark) towards Louisiana the Modern Museum by the sea ( see my blogpost on Louisiana here) This time I was going to see it, even if it was closed this time as well! It looks so remarkbly beautiful from the outside and my hopes were high.  I enter to buy a ticket and I am told that the Karen Blixen museum AKA her former home, will be closing in 20 min. I buy the ticket and enter anyway thinking It´s now or never. 

I have tried so many times before and never made it. So here I go! Finally I enter the hallway where Karen has arrived just like me in her days. The guide approach me and bids me welcome. Lovely I think. She continues to tell me that it is not allowed to take photos...WHAT!? (I think, I do not say it... - I hope...)  So now I understand why I never see anything from the home of Karen on Instagram or elsewhere. They do not allow you to take photos... Well....that is one of the explanations, the other is that the Karen Blixen museum is truly non interesting and really boring...APART from the three rooms that you are allowed to acually see (which took 15 min...) 
It´s NOT the entire home. The parts you see are nice to get a picture (not photo though...)  of the way Karen lived in this house, but the museum part is something from the dark ages...have they heard of moving images, computers and museums making history come alive...No they have not. So, just to spite them I took some film. 
 No one said I could not. They said I could not take any photos.

So if you would like to see what it looks like inside Karen Blixen´s home you can contact me on FB through Jimmy Schönning HEM like our page and send a message  and I will send a film of her interior to you. 

All my best


Karen Blixen´s home seen from the garden

The cafe at the Karen Blixen museum

The pond in the garden

Karen Blixen photographed in her home.


V I N C E N T | van duysen

Vincent Van Duysen expression on the cover of Japanese Architecure+Urbanism mag A+U Their Sept issue celebrating his work.

Photos from Vincent Van Duysen residential work.

Brutalism with a soul is a good way of  labeling Vincent Van Duysen´s work in my opinon.

Vincent Van Duysen has been described as a minimalist which not has been to his liking. I would agree more with StyleZeitgeist Magazine that his expression should be called  brutalism with a soul. 
To me his style of interiors and architecture is unique, masculine and mature that truly inspires my own work.
Info on VVD from his website

Vincent Van Duysen was born 1962 in Lokeren, Belgium.  He attended Architecture school at the Architecture Institute Saint-Lucas in Ghent and founded his design studio in Antwerp in 1990. 

From the onset there has been a great interest in interior design with mostly residential projects - a  complete architectural product with subtle transitions between architecture and interior design combined with a spatial design attitude that always searches the essence.

The use of pure and tactile materials results in a clear and timeless design.  An approach that covers all aspects, with respect to context and tradition, within which the senses and physical experience of the space, materials and light place the integrity of the user at its core.  Functionality, durability and comfort are the prime components of the work. An architectural language which is not shy of aesthetics, but resists fashion and trends.
Residential architecture by V V D.


H I G H | lights formex 16

Graphic love for me at Formex and side by side sisters Ylva Skarp and Camilla Brøyn exhibition wise.

Olsson&Jensen at Formex giving eclectic coolness

Saturday after opening our JIMSCH premiere at Formex on Wednesday I found time to walk around and see more of other exhibitors. 

There were so many singel objects to my liking, but when it came to personality and interior character that stood out in one setting Olsson&Jensen did it for me and hit a nerve which made me remember their style and composition as well as expression of a trend. 

Thank you for your inspirational touch!
So invigorating to see something that sticks out and not one more of the same like the 44 before....



Olsson&Jensen floral fancy combined with vintage,tactile& textile touch.


G R A N D | opening

Poul Kjaerholm daybed. My favorite. Designed 1958 and never grows old. Wish it was me.

Fritz Hansen show room at Valkendorsgade 4 has the glass wall I want.

At a parallel street to Strœget in Copenhagen, Valkendorfsgade 4 Fritz Hansen opened a Concept store that is something to see. High ceilings, large windows and open spaces with history, renovated with quality and finesse. The grand opening will be 9-10 of September. See it on your next visit to the capitol of Denmark or come for the premiere. 



Fritz Hansen shelf life.

Design classics at hand

Love the homey feeling. Apt style interiors.