I was going to write about the Swedish media phenomena Trend Stefan, but when I got back from my day that took me among other places to a showroom for furniture in Eslöv, Skåne  and this week in general that started with a bang on monday and tuesday I drove to Gothenburg at 06.00 and so on - I just felt like .... I will do that next week. 

It´s important, interesting and fun but like with everything else in my life at this  point there is so much more than interiors and work that is important. 

When I met my love and moved from Stockholm down to the south of Sweden so much changed in my life.
 Off course it also is a matter of age and perspective.
I find that it´s not important to be the first. Especially to hurry and be the first. 
It´s just not interesting. Who cares who´s first ?

That does not mean I want my blog to say what everyone else is saying. To regurgitate the same news like everyone else. And we were many that has listened to the Trend report from Stefan in Stockholm. The important part is that I will give my thoughts and my personal view on the lecture. 

In general at this point in life I want to share what is important and inspiring to me both here on #jimmyschonninghem on instagram and on Jimmy Schönning HEM on Facebook. 

I love my work with interiors and all the esthetics of life and love and want to share that, 
but life comes first. 

Today that was seeing our three dogs running through the water and our walk on the beach. 
Most of the time the best thing in life is to make time for the important things. 

Like a walk on the beach with the dogs in the sunshine. 

That is the most important 
in my life.

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