C A S E S T U D Y coffee

Case Study Coffee on 253 Sukhumvit Road, BKK is a case that I like to study. 
Not only do they have great coffee but also an interior and exterior to that I really go for.  
From the logo to the design of the new window solution that opened up this former one floor window complex to a high ceiling in the entrance and giving light as well as stretching the entire building. 
The high door does magic for the feeling outside and inside it makes the small space grow and the staircase is a decoration as well as a enhancement of the building along with the glass in the entrance.

The  asymmetrical cement staircase and landing contributes to the spacious feeling on the outside.

Narrow and small but the architecture gives it the feeling of being much more spacious.

The simplicity of the solution of the framed netwire that is upheld from a construction underneath the staircase is perfectly simple and . Nothing new under the sun but the way it is put together is the strong point.

A strict and appealing feel of the interiors that I would use in a home environment. The  choice of metal net instead of a railing or glass that is such a terrible solution that comes with so much polishing to be able to live with that you need to make it look good.

The brain behind the exterior as well as the interior 
is Architect Naphtat Chongratuanakul of www.quintrixarchitects.com