Summer table stable style

Awesome stylista Helene Holmstedt used our treastle table&bench in this summery pic shot by Karl Anderson for swedish interior mag Lantliv.


Window shutters

I have always liked window  shutters. It´s such a perfect way to close the windows and they decorate the house in a beautiful way.

 Love them in wood and worn like these I found on our trip through spain. In Sweden you do not see them so much, but in many countries around the mediterranean they are everywhere. Although sadly mostly nowadays in metall. They are a great decorative object standing in your living room or as a room divider.


Barcelona bottle recycling

Plastic bottles. Not so pretty usually. When I found these in Barcelona I though this is the most attractive I´ve ever seen plastic bottles be recycled. Thank you who ever you are who planted even hyacinths in plastic bottles in Carrer Ample.

Have a wonderful weekend all of you great people :)

/ Jimmy


Welcome flowers

The Magis chair became a holder/pedistal for the copper container for the flowers.
Why not ?


Boon in the city

The adress is 404 Park Avenue South that means East 28th Street  if your hailing a cab
Not easy to guess who the designer is by looking at the house. 

 On the roofterrace of the building you definately see signs of the designer

 There is even a art decorated childrens play room in this building.

Your living room could look like this if you would buy one of the renovated apartments in this neo classical building from 1917. 

The luxury condominiums go by the name HUYS 
which derrives from the dutch word HUIS that means house. 
In swedish the word for house is HUS. 
You see!  -Dutch and Swedish have a lot in common. In spelling that is. No so much in pronounciation

So, have you guessed who the designer is that has created HUYS on 404 Park Avenue South ? It´s Piet Boon. I have always wanted those chunky wooden out door chairs ever since I saw them for the first time a couple of years ago. I would go for a Piet Boon design apartment in the big Apple anytime would you? 


Outdoors easy

 Cement sides to hold the structure. Two pieces of wood, one that is decorated nicely.

 Some pieces of brick as armrests. An outdoor bench can be made even more simple, but this is a easy way to make a durable outdoors ( or whynot indoors?) piece of furniture.  
That´s what I call outdoors easy.

 I have a special relationship to Datura.


Black Breed retreat by Roijé

YES  - it is a henhouse.

A black design henhouse
Created by Frederic Roijé and named Breed retreet. I saw it first time at the Milan Fair 2010 and fell for it completely.
Since I now have my own chickens and roosters I have come to think about it.
I wrote about it in the blog I had at that time at TV4.se but have never shown it here. 
Don´t you just have to love the thought put into this the most modern henhouse ever seen. Makes me have lots of ideas of my own...


The simple things

We walked down from the bridge to follow the ravine north of Nerja.

The path led us down into the lush ravine.

Found this gate made of bamboo. Since I love bamboo and the possibilities it gives I fell for this the most simple gate I have ever seen.

 To doors tied together with rope. Sometimes the simplest things are the most beautiful. 

The sea shells on a string decorating the gate does the trick. Like a neclace for your gate, or your curtain or just to hang on a hook for display for you to remember the wonderful time you hade by the ocean, picking the shells. For the wonderful shape and color of the shells. 
Is the simple things. Right ?

Have yourself a wonderful 
and lovely weekend :) 

/ Jimmy


Cages by Nucleo

Coffey table Cages

Cages is a recoding of the concept of wireframe by NUCLEO

Nucleo is a collective of artists and designers directed by Piergiorgio Robino based in Torino, Italy.
Active in contemporary art, design and architectural fields.