E 1027 Eileen Gray

E 1027 E for Eileen 10 for J (Jean)  being the 10th letter of the alphabet. 2 for B (Badovici) 7 for G as in Gray. 

My first glass side table bought to my first apartment was from IKEA. It was a minimal glass and metall table which looked more like a dentist table in my eyes. 

Industrial type design. I loved it. 

My design savvy relative visting me the same day I had found the right place for my new IKEA table told me she preferred the original design by Eileen Gray and not this beyond bad copy.  

Eileen Gray in her Bibendum chair. 

Non Conformist chair Eileen Gray

Brick screen Eileen Gray

Eileen Gray

That is how I was introduced to the design universe of Eileen Gray who was born in 1878 Ireland and died 31st of October in Paris 1976. 

Eileen Gray was an architect, interior designer and artist active within the International Style  dominating the 1950´s to 1970´s. 

The glass and metal adjustable table E 1027 was created for being able to eat breakfast, or any meal for that matter, in bed. 

Satelite mirror Eileen Gray

Roattino floor lamp Eileen Gray

Tube light Eileen Gray

Monte Carlo sofa Eileen Gray 

Villa E 1027 was designed by Eileen Gray 
but both Le Corbusier och Jean Badovici 
took credit for the inventive 
modern design that was so ahead of its time. 

Feminist Theory History of Architecture from 2007 Architect Artist and Scientist Katarina Bonnevier analyses Villa E 1027 from a feministic and queer perspective. Her theory is that Villa E 1027 is created for an alternative lifestyle and not with the patriarchal straight so called normality in mind. 
I learned this by 
listening to my favorite 
Swedish radio 
program Stil i P1 on Eileen Gray. 

Le Corbusier, Yvonne Gallis and 
Jean Badovici in a photo taken 
by Eileen Gray at Villa E 1027.

Adjustable table E 1027 was designed for Villa E 1027 CAPMODERNE

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