I N D O O R | spring

Cold walk with a view

When waiting for spring and outside still is without the signs I long for, getting magnolia branches always has a good influence on me. 

Not to mention the  amazing scent that spreads in the house and to discover each flower that appear slowly on bare branches is having part of the spring feelings but indoors.


R E | boot location

S T O P | reboot

Ok....I have just been working on writing about the new Ambiente fair in Frankfurt, when everything I´ve done get lost in  space...Must say it felt like it did back in the beginning of computers when one did not know enough. 

First I had a fit....but decided to now go for a walk with the dogs at my favorite place by the ocean instead of being angry.

Promise I will write about Ambiente soon and post latest on sunday. But right now I´m gonna enjoy my freelance status and just walk out of the Studio this moment. 

A magnolia moment....sending you all wonderful weekend wishes. 



A M B I E N T E | frankfurt

Frankfurt Messe/fair is gigantic in size and made stylish by these glass arched structures I really like.

In Frankfurt, Germany for the Ambiente fair for the first time. 
Exciting in so many ways. 

 Here for reasons first of all I can not tell you right now, will at a later time, and to experience the largest interior trade fair in Europe. 

Compared to Sthlm Furn Fair I just visited,  here more than 4 times the visitors walk over such a vast area that I think that if you want to see it all in the week it is open I don´t know if you will make it. 

The whole world is welcome to exhibit here which is not the case everywhere in Europe. I will meet with companies from all over : India, China, Vietnam, Portugal, Indonesia as well as Germany and Holland.

A warm creative meeting with an impressive Portuguese ceramic factory owner that mostly produce for the American market where more or less all the big chains are his clients.

As for plants there are always trends that you see whenever there are interiors presented, since interiors and plants are so interconnected you can not make a sufficient display of interiors without using plants or flowers. Some kind of flora must be used and what I see that is new here at Ambiente is a lot of different uses of fern leaves and a new type of fern I have never seen indoors that is the Tree furn, which instantly is my new favorite being a true fern fan.

Brass or other metals encasing glass being hung by chains of matching metal is everywhere looking like 1920 department store display material in a way. Large  or small in different shapes and sizes. For enhancing your gallery wall or as a solitaire. This type of framing will be seen all over.

Black&white thicker kelim type of fabrics being used for stools or poufs and larger furniture as well. Going to fit the very white trend that will be upon us again. We know how the Scandinavians like their white.

Brown making it´s comeback in 2017 is seen at some places like this clever&cool carpet. Brown hues having being out of the picture will certainly make it back.
To support the coming all white trend many all white artifacts will be needed and your own collection of shells or hand made white coral behind glass will be a must. Macrame versions and use of rope in lamps as well as plant hanging vases is noticeable at a large scale. 

Smaller plant hangers and vases are everywhere and in many shapes and versions. Already in the markets but more are coming and they will be a must. 
When I saw this version  of woven or almost braided bamboo I was happy for it being truly the trend and Bloomingville had version of this type at their stand, because I am waiting for a prototype of a new version of a bamboo lamp following the succsess of my Soomkai lamp that is now so copied that we let the other companies take over. Time to move on to new design.


S T H L M| furn&light fair 2016

Barber&Osgerby the former bearded Design Duo now is now 50% clean shaven and short haired.

Stockholm Furniture & Light fair started for me with the press breakfast, listening to what was happening at the fair and also to the guests of honour this year, the internationally acclamied architects and designers  
Barber & Osgerby. 

Having seen this picture of Barber & Osgerby I thought the short guy that came in or the tall without beard was a stand-in. But then I understood that it was just the old box trick to easier make an even photo of the two architects and that the taller of the two went to the barber...

Danish Christine Rudolph´s block hung entangled lights (that we will see much much more of!) 

The trend exhibit this season of 2016 was made by three Scandinavian women : 
Swedish Emma Olbers, Danish Christine Rudolph and Finnish Susanna Vento 

My first thought is what a great idea it is to have a wider perspective on our trends with more nationalities than only the  Swedish trend mold. 

Although neighbors we do not  interpret the international  trends the same way in our Scandi countries and since the Stockholm Fair now brags : The biggest fair in the world, on Scandinavian design it´s an important perspective. 

Christine Rudolph and Susanna Vento really interpreted  the theme Nature is back for good in their personal ways of interior design. 

Emma Olbers created a visually attractive room and used her own design in it. It became more of a showroom of her lovely design than  a take on the coming trends in my opinion. 

Christine Rudolph´s take on Nature is back for good is my favorite of the three ( really wondering though if anyone thinks it´s attractive with the hanging tags on each piece of furniture?)

 Green ivy view with character and history at Christine Rudolph´s take on the 2016 trend.

Room for work&life at Christine Rudolph´s trend exhibit  2016

Susanna Vento´s version of the theme "Nature is back for good" takes her to a different place than the danish trend interpretation.

  Love the fact that the same theme always takes talented design artists to different places. Susanna Vento´s rooms were larger and showing more that I show here to see more click HERE.

This is what the internationally acclaimed duo Barber&Osgerby did at the Stockholm Furniture&light fair. It became a wonderful showcase of their new white paper lamp anyway... A white floor with white textiles separating rooms showing their lounge furniture was not much of a exhibit to see in my point of view. They said in their speech that the budget was small, but in my opinion it´s always up the the idea.

The wire favorite from last year at Danish Menu

Thin metal lines as geometric art, here at Menu will be somehing we will see more of for sure.

Bernard-Albin Gras graceful lamps made for special industrial and handicraft purposes now made for the home. Can not have enough of these clever and cool long lasting lamps from the beginning of not this but the century before!

Sami Kallio design for Konsthantverk

Å R E T S | rum 2016

Linda Sundblad performing here heart out, live at Berns.

My  great behatted(?) friends Julia Peralta and Daniel Nyström(of NyströmPersia) ready to g GALA

The Monday of Design Week for me started & ended at Berns. Morning lecture with TrendStefan and in the evening  Årets Rum 2016 Gala. For all the winner go to aretsrum.se

What a shame that the Elle Awards, Årets Rum 2016 and the QX Gay Gala are all taking part the same night in the same city and that many run around trying to be present at all of them. Do they really need to compete the same night ? 

We stayed at Årets Rum Gala at magnificent Berns and were informed of the winners while having a wonderful time drinking bubbly and eating tasty prepared salmon sashimi and veggies. 

Thank you Årets Rum and Grand Relations.  


Red carpet time. Wore my favorite theatre binoculars in occidices copper for the first time after Daniel helped me make a leather neclace for them.


O B J E C T S | smaller and larger

Design nobility gathered at Nobis Hotel, Stockholm
Staircase of style and glamour restored from the house original.
The Nobis Hotel interior is designed by Claesson, Koivisto and Rune

Grand Relations PR invited to lunch at Nobis Hotel, during the tasty italian antipasto&pasta the Design Trio Claesson, Koivisto och Rune presented their Smaller Objects collection that they premiered 2015. 

Eero Koivisto being the jovial one adding the lightness when explaining the products of the designers of which you here see the Panama hat rest and if you like here you can see the whole collection of Smaller object.

Mårten Claesson and Ola Rune both seem like design is very serious and almost like someone close to them has died recently(or they just got stagefright) 
Together the trio add up to the three design stooges and it all becomes quite amusing. Love the fact that the designers involved in this project receive a larger economic deal than normal for their  part of the process when a product is sold.

Panama, part of the Smaller objects collection, designed by Mårten Claesson

After lunch we were ushered up to this lovely suite for coffey and desert:

When we all 50 (?) came up ( it was not empty like these pic´s) these rooms were filled to the brim of press people and it got hot and it was very sweaty and the presenter of the news really enjoyed his own voice through the loudspeaker piercing all of the heated press people pressed into this to small suite ( all though it is huge) Here Designhouse Stockholm presented their news among which I really fell for this Greenhouse on legs. Here you can see all of the new products.

Really fell for the new Greenhouse on legs from DHS

F I N | japonaise

Iittala and Issey Miyake joint venture.

We witnessed the world premiere of a new collection joint venture of Finlands design champion Iittala joining forces with Japanese Issey Miyake to make :  Iittala  X  Issey  Miyake  collection 

-in their own words : 

A collaboration between two masters of timeless design from two sides of the world, Finland and Japan. One vision of a home with harmony. Iittala X Issey Miyake is a unique collection of high quality ceramics, glass and home textiles that enable you to pause and enjoy the moment. Iittala  X  Issey  Miyake  collection  brings  your home  a  new  kind of harmony by combining Scandinavian and Asian craftmanship and ambiance.

 Stylist, Interiorista and blogger Camilla Julner holding a joint venture pillow of Iittala X Issey Miyake

Origami feel to the bag that folds up beautifully.

P R E | fairies

Note Design Studio being celebrated as Elle Designer of the year in the morning at breakfast at glamorous Operakällaren where we all signed agreements not to tell the story until the evening! 

Cutie Celine& Simply Ad orable mama Janice ( and her lovely mom behind her) Janice blogs at Sköna Hem Add Simplicity


We  come from all over to the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2016 ( they have visitors from around 35 countries)  and Designweek activities around town and even the day before it all starts the schedule is full. I call all of us who do the pre Fair stuff Prefairies.  

Me and blogger Daniella Witte that blog at Elle Decoration  and Maria Danielsson met already at the train station in Lund.  
Which we would see a lot of .... because the train was late due to an accident and we ended up getting to Sthlm 2 hours later. Thank you for nice company GIRLS! 

The next morning started at 08.00 with Stefan Nilsson telling in his easy and amusing way the trends as he sees them at 
Röda Rummet at Berns Hotel. TACK Trendstefan!

09.00 we were all seated at Operakällaren this morning Svante Öquist and Swedish Elle Decoration is inviting us to a beautiful breakfast served on bright red Mateus tableware. For all the winners of the Elle Designawards click over HERE.

I met sweet Celine again ( see pic above) who is such a charmer. We have met now several times at diferent press events and she always steals my heart. She is a bit young yet. But just wait! Her lovely mom is a very successful blogger and she also brought her mom. What a beautiful set of lovey ladies!

You feel like you are on a chartered trip or an excursion with your school, cause the whole time you are traveling in a group. My closest companions luckily being photograper & stylist and all over wonderful blogger Susanne Kings of Me and Alice and Piazzan Pernilla of the blog and Insta Piazzan had a great time together and this is just the beginning. 



K O K E D A M A | moss sphere

Flora Linea

Flora Linea

Flora Linea

Kokedama is Japanese and means moss ball easily translated. 
 These string gardens that have also been called poor mans bonsai are made of soil, moss and a plant of choice that is placed inside the moss and tied up to a ball and hung.

String garden 
 Kokedama are created after the reflection of the wabi sabi principles including simplicity, warmth, earthy, irregular, rough, natural, acceptance and observation.

When I first saw these I wanted to learn how to make them. So hoping that I can take a course in Kokedama making soon at Flora Linea by Maja Ljungdal based in Malmö, who is the creator of all of the kokedamas you see here. 

When attending Copenhagens North Modern Fair in Jan-16 I was reminded of the string Gardens since several Danish companies are now showing them off in diferent versions. 

Instagram has exploded with pictures of these my favorite moss planets. From New Zealand to Sweden the moss sphere interest is growing. Japanese culture being the start of it all once again.



Flora Linea

Flora Linea

Flora Linea

Flora Linea

Flora Linea