NOSSA BOSSA premiere weekend 29-30 Janeiro JAZZ Village

 In this totally new show called Nossa Bossa that is my own idea I am singing the music that I grew up with and came to love by Lill Lindfors the Finnish Swedish artist that recorded Bossa Nova songs in Swedish like Fri som en vind called Canta de Ossanha written by Vinicius Moraes and Baden Powel recorded by Lill Lindfors in Swedish text by Torbjörn Lindroth already 1967, 

the year I was born. 

The black and white images of Lill Lindfors are from the movie Calle P 

from 1965 with Carl-Gustaf Lindstedt cut to a mini film by Nostalgoteketpunktse. 

Maj Lillemor "Lill" Lindfors, born 12 maj 1940 i Helsingfors, 

Finland, is born in Helsinki, 

Finland but lived and worked mostly in 

Sweden as a singer, comedienne och actress.

The 19th of October  in Lapa, Rio De Janeiro 2020 Sanny Alves, Marlon Mouzer and I recorded a new version of Canta de Ossanha with both Português  & Swedish text on the birthday of  Vinicius Moraes in the city he lived to his memory. 


In the show we perform music of Vinicius Moraes, 

Baden Powel and Antonios Carlos Jobim as well as Monicas vals in Swedish created by Bill Evans Trio in the 60s 

for Monica Zetterlund

a Swedish Jazz legend and many more... 

Lill Lindfors now 80 years old anounced this past 

weekend on Swedish TV SVT TV talk show that she 

will celebrate 60 years as an artist and will tour


Nossa Bossa is Bossa Nova and Jazz in Portugues, 

Swedish and english perfomred live at 

Jazz Village Penedo

the 29 and 30th of January. 


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Davide Groppi on outdoor lighting

See this beautiful mini film 
on outdoor lighting by 
the outstanding 

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Borea is an airplane, no... it´s an outdoor collection by Piero Lissoni

 “Borea is an aeroplane. It is an aeroplane that has landed, a twenty first century aeroplane with a technological soul that perhaps dates back to another century. Borea is an aluminum collection, very modern, stackable, a genuine outdoor product that you can leave out in the rain

and nothing happens, but above all it looks like an aeroplane! It gives you the idea of this timeless furniture that the tradition of the twentieth century has moved into the new century.”

- Piero Lissoni



Color, textile and details update at Pe Na Areia, Ilha Grande 2021

Ilha Grande has just like Penedo at selfie sign with a
view where  MANY photos are taken everyday. Brasilians like to take photos! 

We are at Ilha Grande, the tropical island off the Costa Verde 
coast 2 hours drive from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. 

In the Colors, Textile & Details update just done at Pe Na Areia  
a pure white table cloth greets you for café de manha/breakfast

My husband Marcello and I have an ongoing interior update with our company Jordan Schönning at Pe Na Areia.  
Pe Na Areia means feet in the sand and is a pousada/hotel and restaurant 
first line at the beach at 
Rua da Praia in Vila do Abraao, 
Ilha Grande. 

The bed is a sea of textiles and sets the feeling of the room.
The intention here is with textiles and pillows make the
bed more inviting and more useful as a sofa as well as a bed
as well ad contributing to the overall luxiourious sensation.  

Our Color, textile and details 
update for Pe Na Areia 
is the first part of a later 
larger renovation taking 
place after the summer season. 

Black handmade ceramic fruit bowl for Pe Na Areia.
Everyday fresh fruit and fresh fruit juice de jour is served for breakfast. 


Fernando in front of his home on the hillside of Ilha Grande. 

Pe Na Areia exists because Fernando 
was born at Ilha Grande 
As a son to the police officer 
that worked at the prison 
island that Ilha Grande was 
until year 2000. 

After working as a musician 
he decided to open hotel on 
the beach at Ilha Grande 
now over 20 years ago. 

The rest is 
Ilha Grande history. 

Working at Pe Na Areia this New Years Eve weekend we took 
swims in the ocean as often as possible and 
hung out under the Chapeu de sol trees in 
the shade for our lunch on the beach.
 I could get used to this way of working. 

The veranda at Pe Na Areia

An archive of paintings had accumulated 
over 20 years of artists 
staying at the hotel. 
Now the paintings of Ilha Grande 
decorate the gallery wall at Pe Na Areia. 

After breakfast the tables at the veranda get a linen mix table cloth 
and a leaf or flower in the new handmade ceramic vessels from Cunha. 

Its all about the sea at first at Ilha Grande until you se the amazing nature reserve as well and understand that you have to come back asap. 

Be sure to see more of Ilha Grande 
here and at my instagram @jimmyschonninghem

Love how fabric/textile stores look the same all over the world. 

To get the textile result we 
wanted at Pe Na Areia 
in the midst of a Pandemic, 
 we went textile shopping.  

Textile magic begins with finding the right fabric. 

Since the bed and windows are a sea of textile 
here is where you go to find the gold. 

If things were normal I would have gone to Sao Paulo 
where I would have found everything normally. 

So instead of ordering already made 
we are creating from scratch, 
due to so many producers being unable 
to deliver we design new 
bed and window textiles for Pe Na Areia 
to get the best result. 

Textile magic in the making. 

Fabric is woven magic. 

Fabric fascination. 

Our simple drawing explaining the new bed textiles needed. 

Our fabric choices for Pe Na Areia. 

Breakfast is served on the veranda but sometimes 
it nice to just have the morning coffee in your room. 
The handmade ceramics are part of the update at Pe Na Areia. 
Ceramics from Cunha only a couple of hours drive from 
Angra dos Reis which is one of the cities,
 where you take the boat to Ilha Grande. 


Thank you so much Fernando and Pe Na Areia. 
Thank you so much for choosing a unknown forigner like me and for 
believing Marcello when he recommended me for this job. 


Obrigado Fernando