F O R M E X | for jimsch

Photo by Per Magnus Persson

Arrived in Stockholm or rather the Sthlm Fair grounds Friday. Today everything is looking like we actually have moved in. JIMSCH premiere at Formex Stockholm. Together with Interstil we have moved in and on Wednesday the 24 Aug at 14.30 at stand A 20:20 we present the collection live for the first time. 

Not quite ready yet, but we will get there. Formex is a retail fair so if you are working with interiors you can email them at besokarservice@stockholmsmassan.se
and get tickets. I will let you know asap at what locations JIMSCH can be found after the fair. 

See you soon 



D A N I E L L A | does jimsch

Photo and styling by Daniella Witte

Stylist and photographer Daniella Witte interpreted the JIMSCH style and you can see it on her Elle Deco blog
Daniella and I have met mostly in Stockholm for work but we live 15 min drive from each other.

So when I came over to show the JIMSCH collection and explain my thoughts and design for  the first time, I came to her lovely home that is featured in Elle Decoration 
I just stopped. I walked around quiet....and it´s not often I´m silent(!)  Her home is just the magic place that you imagine seeing the images that she creates.

The vase you see in the photo is called Chemistry and the solid mango wood head I call Wigstock. It seems to be Daniella´s favorite when you read her blog. Stay in touch at Instagram @jimsch.se

See you soon 


J I M S C H | sneak preview

Sneak preview of the JIMSCH Urban Winter Garden collection photo by Per Magnus Persson

Finally I can start showing you more of Jimsch. I love to cook (and eat) My thoughts of my own tableware and what they should look like started way back when I worked with a TV cooking show taking care of the display of the food. 
The contrast of a sand white bowl with a line of black against a mat black plate, makes for a timeless look with a modern appeal in my eyes. I see these two opposites together. Like Yin&Yang they compliment each other. Stoneware made by hand in Portugal I´m so happy to show you the plates& bowls from the series I call Contrast, light&dark. 

The cutlery named Flat Iron with it´s uneven raw feel works well, going against the round shapes of the plates. Read more about the tableware at Instagram @jimsch.se I will show you more of the cutlery later.


J I M S C H by Jimmy Schönning

Finally and happily I can present JIMSCH by Jimmy Schönning that has been my secret for such a long time I was about to explode right about now. At the FORMEX Stockholm fair Aug 24th we will have the release party going on for the whole week and show the interior collection I have been working with without saying anyting until now.  This extravagant interior project could never have come to pass if it was not in close collaboration with Interstil Sweden. They have given me the power to do what I never would have been able to do on my own. Thank you!
The summer has been spent shooting the images of the collection of interiors I will tell you lots more about as we come closer to the end of Aug always at  Instagram account @jimsch.se and soon at www.jimsch.se

I am so happy to say that this feels amazing
and I realluy  hope that you will like JIMSCH as much as I do. 

All the best



E S P A Ñ A | por favor

In the 70´s in Sweden,  Sylvia Vrethammar sang the hit song - I have been vacationing in Marbella "Jag har varit på semester i Marbella". My grandfather&grandmother started to enjoy Spain in the 50´s ( pic´s below) and my parents have been spending their winters in Costa Del Sol for the last 20 years. Maybe I will do the same, who knows. 
Until now I have been traveling to Spain for vacations, relationships and work. The weather in Spain allows for more summer photo shoots, so that has been the goal until recently.  I went to  Costa Blanca to start working with interiors for a private client.
 In Torrevieja there are many Scandinavians that are moving in to new homes in the sun and there has been a considerable Swedish influx since the 60´s. I flew into Alicante  and decided to go a bit earlier to see some friends in Calpe, that just bought a house with an irresistible view over the bay. 
I continued to wonderful Valencia and had dinner with an Ex by the beach. 
Drove around Costa Blanca and stayed in Vila Joiosa that I really fell for, where friends of mine that had an apartment in this picturesque beach comunity for a long time gave me recommendations that made the stay memorable.

My grandmother&grandfather at different locations in  Spain in the 50´& 60´s

The wonderful thing with todays interior work is that so much can be done by all the types of comunication that are at hand. First I start with a  home consultation, meaning we meet  at the house/home/apartment/bungalow that you want to upgrade. See the place IRL together is the start of our journey to a new home/home away from home. Then go through the planning of the premise and look at the needs that have to be met for you as a new home owner to be content. After the initial day of meeting, looking at the new house/apt my work can be done via computer and telephone. There can be more visits, of course if needed. But the planning is done by me in my brain and computer with all of your plans and dreams incorporated after our get together. So when you need help in upgrading your Spanish, Italian or French home it´s easily done by me. See this link for more info in Swedish at Jimmy Schonning HEM
I would gladly help you upgrade your home away from home. Email me at js@jimmyschonning.com

What Spain can offer in winter and summer time is more sun&warm weather than Sweden can offer in several years.

Just to have the beach and the ocean

Vila Joiosa, Costa Blanca, Spain.

Jag har varit på semester i Marbella och bara tänker och drömmer Espanol.
Och mitt hem går mest i rödgult kan man säga, själv har jag solbrännan som väl är i behåll.
På spanska folkets eldighet jag tänt och lagt mig till deras temperament.

Så här, si, låter min musik Eviva Espana.
Det här ni, det är romantik Eviva Espana.
Jag tar dom orden om igen Eviva Espana.
Min serenad är muy bien, Espana por favor.

Ifrån vägen tar jag mina kastanjetter för här ska dansas flamenco, ska ni se.
Det ska smattra i parketten när jag sätter igång en rivig grej med klackarna, olé.
Man struntar väl i gammal töntig pop för spanska stilen den är bättre opp.

Så här, si, låter min musik Eviva Espana.
Det här ni, det är romantik Eviva Espana.
Jag tar dom orden om igen Eviva Espana.
Min serenad är muy bien, Espana por favor.

Sedan sitter man apatiskt här och deppar när regnet öser ner och livet går i moll.
Kommer på mig att forma mina läppar till ord som " playa" och " Costa" och "Del Sol".
Med banderillen stadigt i min hand, jag jagar härmed kylan från vårt land.

Så här, si, låter min musik Eviva Espana.
Det här ni, det är romantik Eviva Espana.
Jag tar dom orden om igen Eviva Espana.
Min serenad är muy bien, Espana por favor.

Calpe, Costa Blanca, Spain.