Personliga Rum föreläsning på Brf Agnes i Fruängen 19 September 17.30

Hur inreder du ditt framtida boende? 

Hör och se min föreläsning 
Personliga Rum helt GRATIS(!) 
i Fruängen på Brf Agnes (länk till mer om Brf Agnes
den 19 Sept kl.17.30 

I mitt arbete med Åke Sundvall som bygger 
Brf Agnes i Fruängen (som står klart vid årsskiftet) så vill vi bjuda på inspiration och interiör kunskap som hjälper DIG med verktygen som gör att du SJÄLV kan skapa ditt hem på ditt 
personliga sätt.  

All inspiration vi bjuds på via bla Social Media är fantastiskt men 
för att hitta rätt i inredningsdjungeln så hjälper föreläsningen 
Personliga Rum och Jimmy Schönning dig att göra val som leder 
till din helt unika inredning av ditt hem.  

Välkommen till Åke Sundvall & Brf Agnes gratis föreläsning 
Personliga Rum med Jimmy Schönning 
där du kan vinna en egen 
Hemkonsultation av Jimmy 
på plats (värd 3 990 kr) 

Anmäl dig bums till 


kom till 
Agnes Lagerstedts gata 25, Fruängen

Välkommen till mitt Personliga Rum snack den 
19 September 17.30 
Brf Agnes

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August Kattegatt crayfish

These are my favorite meals. Swedes can go on about inland sweet water crayfish, but in my mouth as crayfish there is only one,  and that is from Kattegatt and cooked by mom&dad with just the right amount of salt, dill and precious minutes cooking,  because this is team work and pretty heavy....at least at this level of loving these tasty gormé seafood experience we are are talking many kilos at a time. 

Picked up fresh from the the boat in the harbor of Träslövsläge

Marcello took this beautiful shot in the summer night. 
I remember cleaning the grill and listing to the ocean that is always present here. The wind. Sun. Everything is more powerful here. 

Mom´s beloved Mateus plates. They are perfect for crayfish. Love how mom&dad´s teak furniture is that grey shade you love and along with the stone flooring and  my very first own design product for my own company.
Suede pillows that I still love.  

My handsome "little" brother to the  right and my man to the left. There are times when the Schönning BBQ is covered and that is when we eat Kattegatt crayfish. These are my favorite meals. Swedes can go on about inland sweet water crayfish, but in my mouth as crayfish there is only one and that is from Kattegatt and cooked by mom&dad because this is teamwork and pretty heavy....at least at this level of loving these tasty gormé seafood experience. 

Tyvärr så om vi inte ser över fiskeregler och lär mer om hur man undviker bottentrålning och utfiskning av våra hav så kan vi inte njuta dessa delikatesser. Vi måste vara bättre konsumenter. 
Vi avgör allt med våra val. 

That evening light. This built in sofa was such a great addition to this roomy outdoors. Supplied with several sizes and versions of pillows this is the coziest outdoor couch/sunbed ever. 

Really like my pyjama looking very 
fast drying 
shorts/swimtrunks from Brazil. 

Marianne & Lennart, my parents, 
with Miss Morris outside the sauna. 

Mom is a gardiner of the kind that you think that she teaches Gardening. This is the view from sitting  on the cement and natural stone stairs leading up to the house. There on the right of the orange roof is Kattegat. 

I mean that moment when she looks like she 
is  going to fall, right there,  
on her head, on that hard tiled floor,  
and you realize
that you will be responsible for killing your own niece! 

 Jimmy calm down, 
this is so you 150 years ago. 


This little cottage is a 

zen place 

for me. 

Sometimes that means magic days and nights in perfect unison (almost)  
and sometimes it can contain very painful realizations. 

This is my parents house that they inherited it from my grandparents 
that my parents have taken from being 
a normal 50´s small plain vacation cottage to a
of the kind you see on tv and this infact has.  My parents home&garden has been on tv aswell as in magazines.  

My parents home is such a source of inspiration and complete creation that it does magic for everyones senses. 

Family is not always what does magic for your senses though...

I love my mother&father but its not always 
so easy to have a week with twentyfourseven with your parents ...

and then....add the "latest" brazilian boyfriend. Making fun of the fact that this not is my first relationship. Being over 50 and even though Marcello & my parents have met before it takes time for everyone to get to know eachother. My mom&dad celebrated 50 years married 2 summers ago & Marcello and I have been together a little over a year. 

Yes I detest that word boyfriend because 
at 50 I have no interest in boys. 
I really love men. 

Se almost my whole closest family in this post

Samtidigt på Södermalm i Stockholm mer 
bestämt på Lundagatan 35 så kan du se 

Kärleken Jessika Jarl 

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I love this sea. 




A selfi[e]sh[?] moment 

 Love leaf covered walls [scroll down and see more] and wanted to introduce myself to all of you fun loving & interior inspo interested followers since you now are over 4000 [!!!!] on Instagram,  which to me is fantastic 

 Thank you guys! 

My name is Jimmy Schönning & interiors, design & architecture is my work & biggest interest joined with the arts. My arts background in music, dance & theatre brings another vibe to my design. 

Working with european musical productions starting in Sweden that soon became multicultured work in Norway, Denmark, Finland and Germany following my Performing Arts studies in the US. 

Arts&music is for me an integral part of my design and what I create for my clients. After several years being the Creative Director for jimsch.se which has defined my design, beginning 2020 I will let jimsch.se only sell my design but no longer work with the company. 

At my webshop jimmyschonning.com you will find my own design as well as my curated selection of favorite design. 

Right now my 💚 is beating for a totally new TV concept that is such a natural continuation of my years working as a host for Design & DIY TV production in Sweden. 

In 2020 so much will happen and my man and I will go to work&live in Brazil that I need to tell you more about. Next week is the for business important and inspirational Formex where my design has been & will be exhibited as well as at Stockholm Furniture Fair in Feb I have so much to tell you about what is going to happen but will not make this post into a 📗 so...

THANK YOU again all of you fantastic followers
 & friends 💚🐸💚

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Kärleken av Jessika Jarl


At Jimsch Studio Jessika Jarl 
is exhibiting KÄRLEKEN 
from 21 August - 9 Sept 
Lundagatan 35, 

Kärlek is LOVE


See&hear the artist Jessika Jarl
and experience her art at our Studio.