Glass&brass lamp by Sabina Grubbesson for Konsthantverk

All light on Stockholm for a week. At least it seems so when you are there. This time of year is crazy when it comes to fairs all over Europe and Stockholm is not the biggest market. 

But that said there was a lot happening and here is my first post from what I experienced during this week of events in the name of furniture and design in Stockholm.

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Glass handbags or pendant lamps ans I think they are intended as that I just fell for from Brokis

This really looks like a fifties type of handbag and is a sofisticated sound system from Vifa

Trendgruppen PR was our gracious host and Berns hotel was our home for the designweek. Berns Asian restaurant had an art piece called Himlavalv hanging from the ceiling that made it all really precious.

Andreas Engesvik table/bowl in black for Fogia

At Fogia press meeting on monday the 2 of Feb we had the opportunity to listen to Andreas Engesvik, Note Design Studio, Monika Förster and Stefan Borselius.


     Monica Förster was certainly the toast of the town. Awards and furniture to and from her seemed to pop up everywhere. Congratulations Monica! 

-Here at Bosnien Zanat press show with her chair design behind her in a variety of wood samples. 

This is just the beginning of all I have to tell you about all that went on last week. 

I´ll be back!

/ Jimmy 

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