Actress and Paulista Ana Andreatta in Penedo

Actress & Paulista Ana Andreatta just checked in to Chalet 7 Hotel Pequena Suécia by the pool. The rehearsal for Colomba Livia starts at 16 today. Ana Andreatta arrived safe from São Paulo seeing Dramatist Marcello Jordan for a meet & greet. We are so happy to be able to rehearse & record professionally right here in Penedo. The play Colomba Livia created for three strong female charcters played by Carla Biolchini, Mônica Izidoro & Ana Andreatta for the all new Radio Aurora Drama 🎭 Entertanment App 
soon in a phone or comp near you.


Artefact by Jimmy Schönning

For as long as I remember I have had a table or cupboard top like here at my home in Stockholm. A display with flowers, candles and spiritual objects where I focus on hope, love & faith in my life. 

An altar is according the ever correct 
Merriam Webster dictionary : 

1 : a usually raised structure or place on which sacrifices are offered or incense is burned in worship —often used figuratively to describe a thing given great or undue precedence or value especially at the cost of something else sacrificed his family life on the altar of career advancement

2a : a tablelike construction used in the Christian church in celebrating the Eucharist

b : a table or place which serves as a center of worship or ritual —
often used with the to refer to the act of getting married. They are destined for the altar. 

In uncertain times we humans historically turn to our spiritual side for guidance. 
When we loose faith in our leaders we look for the right path within. At least that is what I do.
Being born as a lutheran I left my church in protest before the millenium due to the disgrace & discrimination of Biskop Bertil Gärtner. Which does not mean I have lost my spirituality or faith. As Eva Dahgren  & psykopomp Hermes sang : Jag är gud - I am god

On the table in front of the altar in black are my candle holders & mini statuetts I call Artefact because the are inspired by the #artefact found at my all time favorite museum Glyptoteket  in Copenhagen. I lived 1 hour drive away over  #öresundsbron the bridge connecting Sweden to Denmark in Lund, Skåne for 3 years. 

My Artefacts are 3 candle holders & 2 mini statuetts 

Do you have an altar at home? 

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