The balance between Sweden and Brazil

It’s all about balance, right? 2 years in Brazil the 21 of April 2022. 

During the pandemic my husband and I moved to Penedo. The initial plan was to stay for 1 year. 

It just became two years this April that we have lived here in Penedo, Brazil. 

Now it’s time to finish up our projects here and go back to Sweden. 

Our first project that brought us here to Pendo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil was the Maple Bear School building. 

My husband Marcello Jordan was the responsible architect and we completed all projects including a tennis court, a tree house for yoga as well as a generator building and a small park walk. 

Above you see the veranda and below the house we call Casa da Ilha where we have been staying for almost 2 years. Been amazing living in this house and it’s huge park of a garden. 

The project below is a private recidense that is being finalized the coming months. 

We have also worked with a first line beach hotel at Ilha Grande during these two years. 

Check previous post on the blog for more on pousada | hotel Pé Na Areia. 

Stone facade, eucalyptus beams & wood work roof. 

It’s all about the balance between work & private life. Brazil & Sweden and now in May I go back to Sweden. Marcello will stay and finish our ongoing projects and I will set up our studio in Varberg, Sweden. 

It’s a new dawn. It’s a new life for us. 

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