The last of the lupins

The last of the lupins from the garden in a old glass water-container.
Can you see my newly put up knobs on the wall ?

Wrap around veranda

We are gettin there! Soon the whole house will be wrapped in a veranda, or the veranda wrapped around the house. The framework is soon done. As you can see it holds many levels and took some planning from my side and good carpenterwork to be able to realize. If you scroll back you find the plan of the veranda. Think its time for a swim in the lake. The water is not almost 22 degrees celcius. Lovin´it!


Entrance at last

At last the entrance to our house is being constructed. From now on it will not feel like your are coming to a building site as you enter the house. Well at least in a week or soo...
You can see all the levels built that will be both stairs and larger platforms that will serve as a wrap around veranda. Can not wait until its all done. Got to take a swim now :)


Äntligen blir entrén till huset byggt. Vi har inte haft någon farstutrapp utan
det har sett ut som en byggplats när man har kommit fram till huset. Förskräckligt!
Innanför är det mesta klart inne men utanför har det sett bedrövligt ut. Nu skall det bli ordning och reda och inte nog med det utan även vackert runt hela huset. Underbart!


Glad Midsommar

Glad Midsommar önskar jag alla

If you have not been in Sweden around midsummer you have not seen Sweden.
Happy Midsummer Eve all


Hanging by a thread

Displaying what you love shows who you are. My masks from South Africa often finds new places to decorate. This one I used a sisal thread to hang on the white walls in my studio and it really popped out. My black wooden necklace fit well right beside it.


Table and bench arrived

Lake Uttran.
The bowls and plates you find at Jimmy Schönning HEM webshop

The table&bench is the first prototype of my cooperation with carpenter&loghouse creator Erik Hjärtfors aswell as the stool. Could not be more content. Its love at first sight.

The bench is built on the same principle as the table. The demi-johns are perfect as outdoor vases and just as decorative empty.

Lake Uttran.


Outside sink

Always wanted an outdoor sink, where you can water plants, replant and use as an outdoor bathroom in the summer. Its a very romantic thought to be able to do everything outside in the summer. In our cold and dark months this is what we dream about : to do everything outside.

I found this sink at a recycle place in Varberg that I love and knew that I wanted it right away. Its been sitting outside this winter waiting to be hung on our wall. With the pair of lamps that we moved from the north side of the house its a complete installation (apart from needing some pipes for the water...)


Sink´s r us

If I was a sink, this would definately be me. A Corian sink with a black Ikea washbowl inside filled with rhubarbs fresh from the garden. Mixing materials, cheap with expensive and brands with generic is the way to a home more personal.


Svensk sommar

Jag vet inget bättre ställe på jorden än Sverige på sommaren.
Följ min väg ner till sjön en minut från vår ytterdörr och förstå mig.


There is no better place on earth than Sweden in the summer.
Follow me down to the lake one minute walk from our front door and understand me.


Green landing

After whole day of cleaning the apt in town(se below) that we are selling tomorrow, makes it really wonderful to see the magnolia still in bloom.

To complete the renovation of the house we have to put more effort (read as cash) into the house by lake Uttran. Our builder that we let go in Dec has left us with more charges that is reasonable for what actually was built (and that is a understatement in huge terms) The construction made by the sacked builder did not meet the deadline promised and was hugely over budget.
Those are two major things in building. NO ? So now we have to sell the apt in town :(

So coming home to see that magnolia makes for a green landing I needed.


Balcony bliss

Our 35 sqm apt has a lovely balcony from which you see The Sofia church which gave me the idea to have the church face in the living room. The balcony was dressed in white textile cover and holds the Tolix chairs that I also have in my kitchen in the house at Uttran. The small table is a foldable version from Granit I´ve had long time. The metal hanging flower boxes along with the agave in the second hand pot found in Spain is what makes it all so summery.

Photo by Cecilia Näsström