Friday Furniture Art

This chair to me is ART.
Simply gorgeous. 

Love the way the leather is draped over the wooden structure. 

This is a keeper.

Hardened Leather Chair

Hardened Leather Chair is based on an ancient technique used to make strong, self-supporting structures such as leather armour and corsets. In the process, natural leather is soaked in gradually heated water and subsequently moulded into shape. As the leather dries it hardens and keeps the shape, thus taking on a structural role instead of its traditional use as upholstery. In form, the chair resembles moulded plastic, but the leather has a very different texture and expression, and this self-supporting leather upholstery offers a natural alternative to the use of synthetic materials in the furniture industry. The frame is made in ash wood with a soap finish or black stain. The chair received the Swedish Green Furniture Award in 2014.

Nikolaj Steenfatt Thomsen
b. 1987, Danish furniture designer

Nikolaj Steenfatt graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design, furniture and spatial design, in 2013. In 2014, Green Furniture Sweden awarded Steenfatt the 1st prize for his Hardened Leather Chair. He was awarded a grant from Danmarks Nationalbank’s Anniversary Foundation in 2013 and the Grete Jalk Honoray Grant from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design in 2012. His lamp IMPASTO Pendant was presented at the Copenhagen gallery Superobjekt’s exhibition Edition One in 2013, which focused on the physical presence of works that one can walk around, smell and touch. Other recent exhibitions include IMPETUS, a special exhibition of selected graduation projects in Copenhagen in 2013 and the Stockholm Furniture Fair in 2013.

Steenfatt’s furniture and product designs are created in an intuitive and experimental process that tests and challenges material properties. He works with a wide variety of materials, including self-invented composites, leather and wood. Serendipity plays a key role in his experiments with materials, textures and alternative working processes where random developments are allowed to influence the outcome. Combining this intuitive method with systematic analysis, he merges industrial and hand-crafted qualities in an industrialized one-off production approach. He strives to challenge design and production processes without compromising on functionality.


Trash your prejudice

How proud I am over companies that see an opportunity to comunicate good values ​​and take a stand -- Vipp says : 

To support equal rights for all Vipp has created a giant bin dressed in rainbow colours encouraging everybody to trash their prejudice during the Copenhagen Pride taking place from august 27th- 30th.

So if you are in Copenhagen during the pride, go and make your statement at the City Hall Square.

Here you are invited to take a selfie with the bin and enter the competition to win an original Vipp15 bin by uploading your image tagged with #VIPPpride on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Good luck and happy pride!

Megabin Facts
Scale: 1:8
Materials: Solid stainless steel + rubber
Weight: 800 kg
Height: 2.5 m

The selfie competition ends when the Mega bin is removed from the City Hall Square on Sunday the 31st of August.
The winner will be found and contacted directely on Monday 1st of September. 


 Så stolt jag blir över företag som ser en möjlighet att komunicera bra värderingar och tar ställning  
så här säger Vipp :

Vi tycker att jämställdhet ska vara en självklarhet, oavsett kön, etnicitet eller sexuell läggning. Vipp har skapat en gigantisk tunna som vi klätt i regnbågens alla färger, detta för att uppmuntra alla människor att skrota sina fördomar. Vår färgglada gigantiska tunna kommer att presenteras under Köpenhamns Pride 27-30 augusti.

Så om du är i Köpenhamn under Pride, gör din röst hörd på Rådhusplatsen där tunnan är placerad!

Du är inbjuden att ta en selfie med vår stora tunna för att vara med i tävlingen om att vinna en original Vipp15 pedalhink, ladda upp din bild under #VIPPpride på Instagram, Facebook eller Twitter.

Mer information om vår kampanj för jämställdhet finns på www.vipp.com

FAKTA om Vipp MegaBin
Bildformat: 8:1
Material: Massivt rostfritt stål + gummi
Vikt: 800 kg
Höjd t: 2,5 m

Vipp bins and beauties

Vipp kitchen

According to Wikipedia:

Prejudice is prejudgment, or forming an opinion before becoming aware of the relevant facts of a case. The word is often used to refer to preconceived, usually unfavorable, judgments toward people or a person because of gender, political opinion, social class, age, disability, religion, sexuality, race/ethnicity,  language, nationality or other personal characteristics. In this case, it refers to a positive or negative evaluation of another person based on their perceived group membership.Prejudice can also refer to unfounded beliefs and may include "any unreasonable attitude that is unusually resistant to rational influence".


Sp34, Copenhagen

Design cool and classy with all the comfort you need including organic breakfast and wine hour everyday describes Brochner Hotel SP34. The name being an abbreviation of the adress Sankt Peders (straede=street) 34 so now you know where to hang, have a good time or sleep in next time your in the capitol of Denmark.

All pictures SP34


Dinner time

Setting the table for dinner is something I enjoy. The smell of what´s cooking all over the kitchen. 
Love having friends over for dinner. 

We are having our End of summer sale at 
Jimmy Schönning HEM. 

Selling the irregular stoneware plate (33 cm) at 150 SEK instead of 360 SEK
and the bowl (20 cm x 16 cm x 9,5 cm) I use for everything from my yogurt with walnuts and honey to soup for 
120 SEK instead of 300 SEK.

This is a special first invite to my readers of the blog and that visit my Instagram #jimmyschonninghem

You need only to email your request to:


You pay for the postage and we send it wherever it is you would like to receive 
your dinner time package. 

If you like the sound of that just drop a line. 

Have a wonderful weekend!



Whyte Hotel Williamsburg

Pictures : The Whyte Hotel

Since my LOVE for the big Apple is of the eternal kind I will continue my quest of NYC and beyond and since this übercosmo of ever growing city always has something new to offer, I just long for my next visit when I would love to stay at the Whyte Hotel.

In hip&cool Williamsburg,  Brooklyn at The Whyte Hotel,  because I just love the industrial combined with the romantic that they have pulled of so beautifully.
Not to mention the floor to ceiling wonderful windows.

Something to long for!

/ Jimmy



Here is what has happened this summer at the Stable.

The planks that are the walls (were the walls...)  of the shed has a flaky paint that I just adore. When examined properly and taken down so that we could check that the wood was in good shape we noticed that most of them were in mint condition, it was just the layer of paint that was so flaky and wonderful. So our shed will come in very good use. First up is the cover for the oven.

 This is one of the doors that we removed from the shed. It will not go to waste. 
Please tell me if you have a good idea of what we can do with it!

 Here are the planks laid out after being taken down as gently as possible. All nails are removed . Now its time to hose them down and wash real well with a natural soft soap 
(Sweden has Grumme tvättsåpa )

Now this is ART to me.  - But ...it actually was the backside of the hatch in the shed. 
Love finds like this!

Since the oven sits on our worktop it has been needing a cover to look good and to have a finnish. 

So this is the first thing we did with the planks from the shed. Next up is doors for the cupboards in the bedroom. 

A cool lemonade in the summer heat we had. 
Here you really see the look of the flaky paint finish I love.

Welcome back to the blog after this summer vacation. Hope you had a good time. I did! So much have happened!! Going to tell you all!

Getting you back on track slowly on what has happened at the Stable and then we will move on off course. If you are a Instagramer ´ you  can connect with me there as well on #jimmyschonninghem -- sorry for being so slow with going with the flow of Instagram. 


/ Jimmy