We are slowly but surely scraping the exterior walls of the Stable. Finding the look so lovely. In a way I wish we could keep it....I know I´m of the wall....

Fall is here but now we have water for the garden next year at least. Ps -- love the walls this way!!! Ds

The typical Stable windows making the worn walls look even more wonderful. 

Attention to detail. 
Love this hook that with which you hold the black Stable doors to the side of the house when open. Sadly only two out of four are still hanging where they should.


Soomkai on the cover

Soomkai makes the cover again! 

Hus&Hem har Soomkai på omslaget i Oktober.


Bathroom beginning

Time for timeless white square tiles in the bathroom at the Stable

Making a nook for the washer and drier to fit in when you just got in the door.

Now you can see the NEW electricity central and straight into the bathroom because the staircase that will lead to the bedroom upstairs is not in place. 

The bathroom seen from what will be the staircase. 

This door that was hidden in the Stable under a stack of old wood, will with some restoration become the only door we will have inside. The bathroom door.

The larger black tiles don´t look so black when you are working....

......but your hands do though.