Concrete solutions

 Sandals and cement would normally NOT sum up my July, but now in Brasil in the midst of a pandemic that luckily for me and my loved ones did not give any sickness but brought more time for reflection than I have ever experienced. What came out of this time of rethinking [which not is over] my way of living is that I adore concrete & circular solutions, existing in a material or physical form; not abstract. That is why I’m cementing in sandals this July. Instead of waiting for things to be done or our world to heal from the viral attack at us humans. All stats say that our flora & fauna has had time to recover during Covid-19 from the constant abuse our society is subjecting our planet to. If we all start with ourselves, we all can make a huge difference. It starts with me and you. Together we have the power to change our habits like eating more local ecological food and not supporting what we know is part of a system that strangles our planet. We can choose the most circular way of building and use local ecological solutions. If we all everyday do our best for the planet [us] we can make a change. Do you believe in change?