This is good

Maria Celin and me on todays Husräddar case.

Yes it is lovely to work with people you respect and ENJOY working with. But that is not why I put the headline on top of the pic of me and Maria Celin that is working with me on Husräddarna (that in English would be HouseRescuers ) NO -- I said this is good because this series that we are doing,  is giving us the  chance to really do our thing. Letting us spread our wings and do interior wonders. 
Now.... does that not sound like something you want to see ?
TV 3, Husräddarna this spring of 2014. 
It´s ALL good. 



Seasons in the Stable Garden

Seasonal changes in the garden still amaze me. Though I lived most of my life in this climate I still marvel at the differences


Stable bathroom premiére

The handles that came with the copper sink became great towel holders. Loving the scented candles and the soaps from Terrible Twins both for the look and the quality. The right scent is center attention in the bathroom for those relaxed bathroom moments.

The copper pot that became the sink framed by cement. The handles are decorative.

The cement sink from the side and the bathtub finally in place. I love taking baths and have been longing for it.

The small black side metal table holds the necessities from the cup of tea ( or mojito for those nights) to the good looking and wonderful feeling bath salt with the old pharmaceutical look in real glass containers. Terrible twin Bath salt

Under the staircase in the batroom, we built a type of closet and on the outside shelving that can take care of that you always seem to have... 
The door was built like old type of simple stable doors from vertical planks with the cross over to hold the structure.

Plenty of towel racks is needed. The small boxes in zink metal is both for deco and storage purpose.

Nice looking nature material boxes always make the storage look structured and beautiful in my eyes.

Proud that we made or own sink in the bathroom using materials we like. That´s personal style to me.

The knobs or hangers I got for the Svea 126 apt in Stockholm, but really like them here in the Stable better.

We found a door in the Stable debris and kept it and now got good use of it as the ONLY door we actually have inside the Stable.