Luxury Art&Design weekend

Terry style bedroom

Terry our 14 week old Border Collie/Collie loves the suede throw at the end of the bed. 

So do I.  

Nice to finally have my stuff in our bedroom in my new home in the south of Sweden at the Inn that my boyfriend runs where we have an apartment.


Small and smart

In a apartment that would make any interiorista overwhelmed by the clever solutions in the compact living department,  Electroux smartly exhibited their smallest and most quiet vacuum cleaner ever. 
The small Ultra one mini was originally made for the Japanese market and has now in a color scheme adapted to the European market landed here in this small and smart livingspace styled by Alexandra Ogonowski.

Arrived at Snickarbacken 5, which is a very quaint street in Stockholm with a staircase dividing the street levels.  
The apt where the pressmeeting for the vacuum cleaner was sold for over 100 000 skr/sqm recently by Eklund Stockholm New York but does not meassure over 23 sqm.

When you visit Snickarbacken - have a coffey or lunch or such at Kaffeverket. LOVELY!!


Jimmy loves


Pictures by www.permagnuspersson.com

Due to a very fun new project I will tell you more about later because it´s still a secret, I´m going through my own private home designs I have made over the years. This black bathroom is still a favorite made for my open plan attic apartment on Södermannagatan in Stockholm. The black bespoke cabinets hold everything from washer&dryer to ironingboard. Have made more completely black bathrooms since then and will again...

The apt that holds this bathroom was first published in Elle Interiör, Sweden and has since been published in :

France/Maison Creative
Germany/Grazia, Das Haus, Schöner Wohnen,
Holland/ VT-Vonen
Finland /Avotakka
Denmark/Alt för damerna
Norway/Bo Bedre



Bring nature in

 Pictures shot by www.permagnuspersson.com

To bring nature indoors is what makes my home live.


Monday inspiration

To start the week off with good inspiration is a must. Written about dutch mag vt vonen before and I still would like to find it in Swedish or at least in English.


Soomkai at Dis

Animal farm at Dusty Deco

 French industri table and birds. 

Worn wodden table with swan

  Nice doggie and indian toy on wheels.

Had to run by  Dusty Deco Stockholm.
You find it all online as well.  Always see something here I want.


The ponpon story

CD Jon Eliasson told us the story of the new Swedish brand ponpon that is now launching internationally  and the fact that every object designed for ponpon has to tell a story. 

Jon has together with Margot Barolo, Matz Borgström och Helen Tideman designed the premiere collection that you see parts of in the  pictures from the extravaganza signed by Trendgruppen tonight at the old movie theatre  Astoria in Stockholm. 

When least expected a brass section and a driven drummer made a rythmic entrance. 
Go ponpon!


Velvet wardrobe

                               Photos shot by Joachim www.belaieff.se

Since so many came in to see the textile closet solution of yesterday,  I wanted to show one more that I did some years ago. Velvet really works well as a material for your textile closet, but please note there are so many different qualities of velvet.


Creative closet

Pictures shot by www.permagnuspersson.com

An orange velvet curtain instead of a closet door. 

 A bedside box or two that can hold your sheets and double as a table

Clever solutions for storing your shoes or whatever your fetish is ...


Why not try a textile solution to your closet door ? If you can not get the walk in closet you dream of and you want a more creative and usually not so costly closet its a good idea.  Combine with clever storage solution and spred them out arund your home. Not all have to be in your sleeping area. Right? This bedroom I designed  for my 40ish sqm apt that needed a creative closet.


Finn stilen med oss


My mother Marianne who designs suede clothing will lecture on how to find your own style when it comes to clothing and I will talk about how you find your own personal home style, it all goes down in the south of Sweden, 
Sunday the 21 st of October at the old Inn Marieholms Gästgivaregård.


Sleek DIY sofa

Photo by www.belaieff.se

A sofa can be very simple and not expensive to make and yet so super sleek.  

My sofa was built from a box of MDF painted white and cushions made from black leather sown with a zipper and stuffed with foam I ordered in the right measurements. Add some brown velvet pillows and there you go!

I made this especially for my apartment that I was living in it at the time. 
Still like it a lot. 
Do you ?