Maple Bear School entrance,

The first call about architecture in Penedo, was for a school we got in 2018. Marcello Jordan my husband and architect from Penedo, Brazil and I were then living in Stockholm, Sweden. 

Orange rain containers along the house facade and
blue cement and rubber fountain on the lawn. 

Marcello grew up in Penedo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and had been working as an Architect in Penedo prior to moving to Sweden. 

Interior of Maple Bear Penedo with bespoke wood benches. 

I was working as a furniture designer with the interior brand Jimsch at the time in Sweden and as an interior designer mostly with private homes. 

Interior Maple Bear Penedo with integrated ceiling LED light fixtures 

In March 2020 in the midst of the pandemic Marcello left for starting the Maple Bear School project in the Serra da Mantiqueira mountains where Penedo is located. I travelled to Brazil at the end of April 2020. 

Maple Bear Penedo accomodates 1,5-8 year olds. 

At first it started with the school building and interiors but the project grew to include a playground, a water fountain, a Tree House,a generator building, a tennis court and a mini farm. 

Window and door solutions Maple Bear Penedo.
Ceiling with integrated LED lighting. 

We started digging a very misty 
morning in August 2020 and the 
school building was up 
and running in February 2021. 

Bespoke room divider for display of art

Marcello was the Principle architect and oversaw the complete construction of the Maple Bear School building working together with the construction company. 

School staff areas with integrated
LED ceiling light fixtures.

Marcello and I had worked together in smaller projects in Sweden. 
Maple Bear School was our first time taking on a school project together. Apart from Marcello and I we employed two architects in our Brazilian company in Penedo. 

The U shaped building opening to a backyard garden. 

Penedo is a small tourist 
city in the Serra da Mantiqueira mountains, closest city is Itatiaia in the state of Rio de Janeiro. 

Exterior integrated LED light fixtures.

The permission or alvara in 
Brazilian Portuguese was granted 
to build the school on 
a meadow overlooking the city. 

Playground Maple Bear Penedo

A playground was created specially 
for Maple Bear Penedo. 

Playground Maple Bear Penedo. 

Playground Maple Bear Penedo. 

Playground Maple Bear Penedo. 

Playground Maple Bear Penedo. 

A kitchen garden was planted at the school. 

Cows grazing looking at the 
new planted kitchen garden lettuce. 

Mini Fazenda - Mini Farm 

A Mini Farm - Fazenda in Brazilian 
Portuguese was planned and built 
next to the school building. 

Maple Bear Penedo Mini Farm

Goat at Maple Bear Penedo Mini Farm

Mini cow at Maple Bear Mini Farm

Tree house for yoga och physical activity at Maple Bear Penedo

A Tree House for outdoor activity 
was planned and built in a park area surrounding the school. 

Circular armature created for
Maple Bear Tree House. 

Movement class at the Tree House. 

Light fixture for Three House Penedo created from
Bucha/Luffa Cylindrica from seed
to light fixture by Jimmy Schönning

The generator building 
was given a shape of a small 
European wooden church 

Generator building Maple Bear Penedo. 

"If you are always trying to be normal you will 
never know how amazing you can be" Maya Angelou 
is one of the quotes written on the 
school walls at Maple Bear Penedo. 

Tennis court Maple Bear Penedo. 

Tennis court MB Penedo.

Electric entrance gate seen from inside. 

Entrance Maple Bear Penedo, 
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

This meadow in front of Penedo 
is now the home of Maple Bear School. We are thankful for this project and the opportunity to be a part of creating the new Penedo. 

Penedo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
in the Serra da Mantiqueira Mountains.