I was going to write about the Swedish media phenomena Trend Stefan, but when I got back from my day that took me among other places to a showroom for furniture in Eslöv, Skåne  and this week in general that started with a bang on monday and tuesday I drove to Gothenburg at 06.00 and so on - I just felt like .... I will do that next week. 

It´s important, interesting and fun but like with everything else in my life at this  point there is so much more than interiors and work that is important. 

When I met my love and moved from Stockholm down to the south of Sweden so much changed in my life.
 Off course it also is a matter of age and perspective.
I find that it´s not important to be the first. Especially to hurry and be the first. 
It´s just not interesting. Who cares who´s first ?

That does not mean I want my blog to say what everyone else is saying. To regurgitate the same news like everyone else. And we were many that has listened to the Trend report from Stefan in Stockholm. The important part is that I will give my thoughts and my personal view on the lecture. 

In general at this point in life I want to share what is important and inspiring to me both here on #jimmyschonninghem on instagram and on Jimmy Schönning HEM on Facebook. 

I love my work with interiors and all the esthetics of life and love and want to share that, 
but life comes first. 

Today that was seeing our three dogs running through the water and our walk on the beach. 
Most of the time the best thing in life is to make time for the important things. 

Like a walk on the beach with the dogs in the sunshine. 

That is the most important 
in my life.


Grounded Craft Work

SKATE CHAIR by Christian Riis is the most tasteful and well made type of furniture I have come across that takes the shape and the sentiment from a skateboard and makes it in to a stylish piece of easy chair.

Well made by hand in solid materials. European Oak, wenge,walnut and European Ash are types of wood that Danish Christian Riis prefer in his design. Great hallway mirror with room for all that just need storing when you get in at home.

Love this mirror box called Sugarmamma  with a clever stand that closes as a box when needed and opens up and stands well as a mirror when opened.



Not yet out of Beckmans Design school Erik Nyström has created a clever and arty hanger, hook, storage solution that presents itself like a piece of art called HANG ON.
Really like this and is trying to show it to all interested because this I would like to see being produced and sold. I would buy it for sure!

Have a wonderful weekend!



A DAY on the RIVER

We are taking a boat out to Ko Kret Island on the Chao Praya river to check out the market and to meet and greet for a job idea that we are in the making of. What a wonderful time it is to take a boat around and see something completly different. Bangkok is so large and varied you can always see something new. 

We got a wonderfully well painted wooden boat.

The hostess of the mostess is Ann who is showing us around. PM has been here before, but I never have. Pm&Ann live partly here in Bangkok and are friends and partners in work for a long time.

Amazing Golden Buddha seen from the boat is very powerful.

This beautiful tree trunk has a huge ribbon because it is believed to have special powers. 
Off course it does! All trees do. But this one seems extra special don´t you think ?

Love all the containers in organic material that has always been used in Thailand and still is. Here sticky rice is kept in cut pieces of bamboo. The rice tasted wonderful as well !!

Making roses out of leaves is an art. 

So many cosy hangouts and restaurants around this area. Both luxury and tree houses like this.

Several temples are seen on the way.

Food,drink ,fruit and chestnuts are sold everywhere.


C A S E S T U D Y coffee

Case Study Coffee on 253 Sukhumvit Road, BKK is a case that I like to study. 
Not only do they have great coffee but also an interior and exterior to that I really go for.  
From the logo to the design of the new window solution that opened up this former one floor window complex to a high ceiling in the entrance and giving light as well as stretching the entire building. 
The high door does magic for the feeling outside and inside it makes the small space grow and the staircase is a decoration as well as a enhancement of the building along with the glass in the entrance.

The  asymmetrical cement staircase and landing contributes to the spacious feeling on the outside.

Narrow and small but the architecture gives it the feeling of being much more spacious.

The simplicity of the solution of the framed netwire that is upheld from a construction underneath the staircase is perfectly simple and . Nothing new under the sun but the way it is put together is the strong point.

A strict and appealing feel of the interiors that I would use in a home environment. The  choice of metal net instead of a railing or glass that is such a terrible solution that comes with so much polishing to be able to live with that you need to make it look good.

The brain behind the exterior as well as the interior 
is Architect Naphtat Chongratuanakul of www.quintrixarchitects.com



Dim Sum and then some!


After arriving in Bangkok, Thailand I was picked up at the airport by my friends Ann&Per Magnus Perssson, they took me to my hotel that is close to where they live and then we decided to have our first meeting at a Dim Sum place in China Town that we have come to like. Perfect since we are working in that area today.  It was Ann & PM that made it possible to produce our pendant lamp Soomkai.



Like all  big cities in the world Chinatown is a thriving part of Bangkok and there are business production for all type of interior industries and handicraft that China is a part of.


The food here is amazing and all of us 
L O V E dim sum.  Since Per Magnus is a  photographer he was nice enough to take pictures today. So I ended up in black&white because my skin is more blue that white. Black&white looked better!


It´s not the interiors we come for at this restaurant but there is nothing wrong with it.


T V is T E A M W O R K

Well done guys!!!

Got up at 05.40 am yesterday to take the dogs (and me) for a long walk prior to getting the cab to go to the airport to fly to Sthlm - but Terry our Bordercollie male ran off to chase a rabbit threw me and my boyfriend's start of the morning. 

Betweeen showering and getting ready for work we took turns in calling and whistling for our runaway rabbit chaser. 

When I got in the taxi Terry had not returned. 
NOT a good feeling... 
Never have I sweated so much post shower. 
Right then the phone rings and my beloved lets me know all three dogs are home. 


After bording the airplane I finally get breakfast and coffey.
Only problem is that the whole cup of fresh coffey lands in my lap...
On the only jeans I brought for todays shoot...

I make it perfectly all the way to the shoot for the day and is met by the crew of the TV show I work with that I really appreciate that everyone knows their job, do it well and show that they like what they do!Thank you HusräddarCrew and Editorial office! After my morning I was so happy everything worked well at my job.

You do a great job of making TV!
 After a chaotic and stressful morning I not only landed in Sthlm but in a production with extremely professional people. 

TACK så oerhört!!

/ Jimmy



Glass&brass lamp by Sabina Grubbesson for Konsthantverk

All light on Stockholm for a week. At least it seems so when you are there. This time of year is crazy when it comes to fairs all over Europe and Stockholm is not the biggest market. 

But that said there was a lot happening and here is my first post from what I experienced during this week of events in the name of furniture and design in Stockholm.

 If you feel like having a flow of everyday input from my style of interiors and thoughts and design you should join me on Instagram #jimmyschonninghem 

Glass handbags or pendant lamps ans I think they are intended as that I just fell for from Brokis

This really looks like a fifties type of handbag and is a sofisticated sound system from Vifa

Trendgruppen PR was our gracious host and Berns hotel was our home for the designweek. Berns Asian restaurant had an art piece called Himlavalv hanging from the ceiling that made it all really precious.

Andreas Engesvik table/bowl in black for Fogia

At Fogia press meeting on monday the 2 of Feb we had the opportunity to listen to Andreas Engesvik, Note Design Studio, Monika Förster and Stefan Borselius.


     Monica Förster was certainly the toast of the town. Awards and furniture to and from her seemed to pop up everywhere. Congratulations Monica! 

-Here at Bosnien Zanat press show with her chair design behind her in a variety of wood samples. 

This is just the beginning of all I have to tell you about all that went on last week. 

I´ll be back!

/ Jimmy 



Trends are what exactly?

Acording to Wikipedia one interpretation of TREND is : 

 Cultural trend, a measurable change in behavior that develops among a population of individuals. As opposed to fads, trends are usually longer lasting and indicative of a broader cultural shift.  

Webster online dictionary says as one of the explanations of trend : 

4.trend - the popular taste at a given time; "leather is the latest vogue"; "he followed current trends"; "the 1920s had a style of their own"
Synonyms: vogue, style

These explanation works for me.

TRENDS are NOT what is found on any fair. 

What is found on a furniture fair for expample is the result of a trend. 

Furniture companies do not create trends. They follow them usually. 

Trends are created by YOU. 



All of us that express ourselves through clothes and interior lifestyle.
OR try hard NOT to. 

All of that results in TRENDS. 

There are many who predict trends of our culture. Lidewij Edelkoort or Li as she seems to go by is a what I call a trend GURU. 

Li Edelkoort is someone I have heared trend predictions from for over twenty years. 
I first heared about her when my aunt,  Birgitta Thorsson, was working as an Interior Designer for Volvo and they listened to Li and her predictions of the culture of trends to create the type of cars that they thought would be interesting and of use for the world and off course sell well.
Here is what Wikipedia says about Li:

Edelkoort began her career as a fashion coordinator at the Amsterdam department store De Bijenkorf.After finishing her degree at ArtEZ, in 1975 she relocated to France, where she set up as an independent trend consultancy. She soon created the consultancy 'Trend Union', a trend forecasting service based in Paris. Trend Union provides bi-annual trend forecasting books for the fashion and design community with colour and lifestyle information. She then founded Studio Edelkoort, a consultancy bureau, and opened two offices in New York City (Edelkoort Inc) and Tokyo (Edelkoort East).
She has helped to shape products for international brands, advising on product identity and development strategy, and er clients have included Coca-Cola, Nissan, Camper, Siemens, Moooi, and Douwe Egberts. In the beauty industry, Studio Edelkoort's has developed concepts and beauty products for Estée Lauder, Lancôme, L'Oréal, Shiseido, Dim, and Gucci.
She is the art director and co-publisher of the magazine View on Colour. This looks at trends in colour taste with a view to their influence on fashion, graphics, industrial design, packaging, cosmetics and many other areas. She is also publisher of Interior View magazine. She launched the photo-magazine Bloom in 1998, which she describes as "horti-cultural", because it charts the changing trends in flowers and the way their images are used. She is involved in the non-profit humanitarian organization Heartwear which helps third world producers market their goods in the west through a mail order catalogue. The profits return to the producers' communities.
In 1999 she was elected Chairwoman of the Design Academy, Eindhoven, Netherlands, where she served until 2008.[8] In 2011, Edelkoort launched the website and social media platform called TrendTablet. The British design magazine i-D listed her among the world's 40 most important designers and Time magazine named her one of the 25 most influential fashion experts of our day.[9] On February, 22 2008, on behalf of the French Minister of Culture Didier Grumbach, President of the French Fédération de la Couture, Edelkoort was invested with the Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres in recognition of her artistic and literary creative contribution to France and international culture. Edelkoort also received an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Art from the United Kingdom's Nottingham Trent University, at the university's awards ceremony on July 15, 2008.And more recently, on November 26, 2012, she received an award for her oeuvre of work from the Dutch foundation Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds.
She lives in Paris. 

Last year in September I listed to Li at the Modern Museum of Arken close to Copenhagen, Denmark and this is partly what she told of the coming seasons.

 The coming trends of Autumn/Winter 2015-16 told by Li Edelkoort/Trendunion is collected in the word :


Quote from the start of the the booklet you receive at the lecture : 

"We will enter a new state that is still evolving: the dawn of hard to discern directions that are incubating withing, waiting to emerge and see the light, born to a new generation of impatient people, the social mood is shifting to a climate of care and togetherness, of compassion driven by a creative mentality. This climate of expectation is exciting and promises a new epoque with more wholesome options" 

Lidewij Edelkoort

So concluding her first text you can say that its certainly not a type of prediction that tells you the simple truth. Nothing about yellow flowery wallpaper is the new trend.

 Li Edelkoort´s predictions in text is something you have to interpret yourself and is full of poetic expression. 

She continues to say that the womb of the world is awaiting a renaissance (sounds good right!) the shape of the egg will influence design. Cocooning details and onionlike layering will become important. The kangaroo will be a animal that will make impact on design and clothes will be made to "contain the wearer in a state of bliss" 
- I must say I love that thought!
In Li Edelkoort´s lectures I listen to there is always talk of design in all forms and architecture. Clothes and interiors as well as the exterior. 

Since it all influences each other but move at different speed, it just makes it all more accessible to me I feel.

Further Li exlplains that clothes will be more heavy in weight but softer in touch and then she says they will encapsulate (wonderful word!) us as bearers of them and have hermetic detailing. 

A need for decoration will be born again taking inspiration from history and from patisserie (all of these cookbooks and baking shows are now resulting in baking taking over design!) 

Everything will be influenced by the embryo as naturally color and nuances. 

That is the overall look at the trends Autumn/Winter 2015-16 lectured by Lidewij Edelkoort of Trendunion as understood by me.

Read more about Trendunion and Li and get your own subscription of the Trendtablet (newsletter from Trendunion) HERE 

This is my own interpretation of 
EMRBRYONIC (below) in a picture. 

No picures I show or will show here are from the collection of wonderful images shown on the lectures of Li Edelkoort, nowadays there is even sound set to the images and words in the most artistic way. Li´s lectures inspire me.  

More trends will follow.

/ Jimmy