Time for vacation!
Will be back in Aug.
Thank you for this lovely season.
See you soon :)


100% veranda

Its in place. It feels perfect for the house. The veranda now wraps around the house and welcomes you when you make your way to the front door.
Could not be more content. The carpenters have done such a splendid job.
Thank you, thank you, thank you



The fifties hatrack came with the house. It was left in the shed I want to turn into a guesthouse eventually...

Along with the clothrack from Mimou it serves as a guest wardrobe. Boxes from Granit and a old beautiful hatbox holds the necessities you want to hide.The throw from my collection (stiched with nr 3) of suede is used in the guestroom as a bedspread that covers part of the bed.

Love my old Abercrombie flip-flops, have had them repaired several times and will again.
Using them everyday as I walk down to the lake and since its been sooooo warm here we take swims often.