F O R E S T | green dreams

Green metal cabinet storage and color. Camo chair,PrettyJo

Didrik told me first he wanted a treehouse-like room, but he thought he could not say that to me because I would do just that.

 Well I did in a way, but without the actual tree. Well, then again maybe I did... See for yourself. This is Husräddarna episode 6 and Didriks room, a young musician and philosopher.

The blackboard was painted with magnetic paint and the test tube like little vases are such you get when buying for example  vanilla. Each glass tube got a small magnet attached with super glue, so the "vases" can be moved on the board. 

The birch headboard could keep one small twig on which the cord lamp hangs. Birch tree headboard made by the master of the woods, Erik the timberman of Lövsjö Loghouse.

Lighthouse. Just a cord lamp and a rusty old bird cage. Olsson-Jenssen.
Hangning chair. If you never tried sitting in one. Do it. Chances are you might like it...

Green is more than a color.

Steampunk lamp from Lightshop. It should have had 5 lightbulbs, but the city of Huddiksvall did not offer the right one and one of the bulbs was crushed in the transport. So I made the choice of not having the 5th instead of having another type of bulb. Really like this wallmounted lamp/artpiece.

The hanging pots will not rain down water or dirt. They are a very clever invention that you just have to check out, Skyplanter.

The  wallpaper being the art of the room, Photowall

This is Didrik´s morning view when he opens his eyes in bed.

Vertical garden.

The seventies looking brown walls are actually cork. Cork as wallpaper that you naturally can use as a notice board or your own gallery. Go crazy and put up every single picture you saved.

Plant pictures in the old school tradition are remade and in such a lovely way. So if you do not find the vintage ones don´t fret. Get Grunne.

The burlap type bedspread with a black letter print became both curtain and bedspread. Really like the quality and the heaviness of the fabric. The chocolate colored pillow case and cover, Zebra Collection. All other textiles, Jotex.


P O W D E R | pink musical

When I heared of Vibekes pink wishes and love of 50´s dresses I immediately thought of  a GREASE (movie/musical) inspired room but today. Husräddarna, TV3 episode 6 the pink edition.

The 50´s makeup table in teak was a net find. The wall Hay wall rings and hand got some powder pink coats of paint as well. The Hay chair on wheels is such a perfect 50´s to 2015 type of seat.

Copper piping as a display wardrobe partly painted with a powder pink metal paint. Closet Lumi doors got a wallpaper from Photowall that I also cut pieces from and used freely as a enhancer.

Looking like painted roses on old wood. Worn&wonderful. LOVE what the right wallpaper can do for an interior, Rebelwalls

The bedside lamps are attached from the ceiling. I just added the white ghost blanket. Both from Jotex

All dressed and ready to rumble.

Handy. Wooden hand, HAY.

More of a pink thread in this interior.

Else-britt is a real 50´s girl. A full size manequin. Almost intact...

The frilly type of underskirt like, tutu gone mad lamp threesome, is the most fun object I found at Ikea for a long time.
The bed is made with Zebra Collection, Ilva and Jotex

A fifties type of easy chair but today just went perfect in the corner,Ekeby Möbler. The real car lamp from a 50´s car turned out great in a power pink coat of paint and with new lights installed. TACK JONNY!


S H A D E S | of grey

Soft grey paneling along with a patchwork of grey tiles letting the white just be the frame. This is ideal for a hallway.The 30´s hooks were saved by the family to be used one day. 

This is the hallway of the family in our  5th  episode of Husräddarna, tv3. This type of paneling being a traditional and love/hate type of wall covering in Sweden. Some decades more and next less of it´s type. I must say it has come to be a favorite and especially when painted grey and not white which was how it has been done, mostly in summer houses. Here is an entrance hallway in shades of grey. 
Welcome in. 


Stand up mirror that gives the look that it´s just leaning, but is well attached to the wall, Asplund. A typical apartment building type of funcionalism letter sign , Byggfabriken.

The reflection shows the built in benches that holds storage if you lift the lid. The shelf on top contrasting but taking up a hue that you find in the kitchen. A wonderful flowery shopping bag so you don´t need any plastic  ones, Ceannis


T U R Q U O I S E | tendensies

Two Morris sofas was a must for the family. They had one before the fire and loved it. I altered the color of the back cushion in one of the sofas to the turquoise that I know the mom in the family loves, Fogia

In episode 5 of Husräddarna, TV3 this is what was the family wanted in their new home interior wise :

In the barn beside the house that burnt down the family had collected things they liked over the years like these blue hue and turquoise bottles as well as the larger brown beer bottle.  I wanted to use them and Anny at Återbrukshyttan took the old bottles and made them into lamps. See the ceramic cork hanging from the top? 

Pillows made the white sofa relaxed, Mimou.

The tray from the Hay traytable is on the sofatable as a minipond or low vase. Here you see the turquoise back pillows in the sofa, Fogia

From new pictures and old ones found in their phones I made a memory lane using turquoise acrylic paint on a canvas.  Tray table from Hay.

The stand from the Hay traytable became a holder for the worn&wonderful bottle chest.

The family had lots of old chairs in the barn that became almost new with a white cover.

I made a special order of a sofa treastle table, Lövsjö Loghouse.

Exposed beams were put into the living room by Erik, Lövsjö Loghouse, which was a wish from Åsa&Fredrik so that some of the charm from their old house would move into the new one.

Open plan solution with dining part and large social area with tv.

Tadelakt walls is not just a color, it´s a material with it´s on life and a long history and amazing sustainability,
Tadelakt Sverige

Bottled light. 

To hell and back in latin spelled on a saved old wooden sofa top.
Tadelakt in grey tones was applied to the walls in part of the living room in the dining area. The soft patina type of layers of grey was created by Tadelakt Artisan Michael Sarian at Tadelakt Sverige
A zink bucket with a gooseberry plant. Dessert anyone ? Tableware, Interstil. Nr 5 candle, Terrible Twins.

A few large potted plants rather than many small ones.

Our family loves to play all the family games and now the display shelves show them  off, in the updated version of the 50´s Swedish shelf, String
Floor lamp, Markslöjd.

Metal tray from the Hay tray table with black stones and Dahlias in water.

Yellow is Fredriks choice of color and turquoise is Åsa´s favorite that is liked by Fredrik as well.