HR 6 2014 Botanical living room

 The hallway needed a closet with space for the whole family´s outdoor clothes,shoes, mittens and all that we in winter have to put on to go outside in our climate. Lumi closet with one mirror door and one door that I added a unique wallpaper to. Mirrors on this type of storage both gives a good full body mirror and does a disapearing act on this large piece of furniture. 

The Sanderson wallpaper, Tapetorama and a good looking fire extinguisher  along with cool metal hallway storage&hangers for both shorter and taller humans.  

Somewhere to sit when the boots have to come off. 

 Lisen (Mom in the family)  was surprised when she looked at the wallpaper up close. It´s a photo of her multiplied many times with a green backdrop that matches the wallpaper that I had made from www.photowall.se
I had to take a shot. Like my photo booth feel of a wallpaper. 

 The crew on the floor means we are almost done filming at the house. 

Photos of the family welcoming at the entrance. Here mounted on old and beautiful planks put together, hung on the wall with a LED light strip (MY FAVORITE!!!) behind it, giving it that extra attention also adding needed atmosphere light in the hallway. 

FERNS was the theme for this open plan. Both the material we made curtains and pillows from and the wallpaper are all from British Sanderson, Tapetorama. So -- off couse we had to have the real thing. Love of FERN. Made hanging flowerpots from metal baskets that I sowed jute/gunny with plastic on the inside and held together with a sisal thread. Hung with black chains from the ceiling.

A very cosy&comfy easychair. Se the studs on the side? I like the look!

Fern on the bespoke sofa table that was made in this  style to match the bar. 

 Love the corners where the wallpaper meets the fabric of the curtains seemlessly. Love the botanical and summer like feel this 
wall covering offers.

The legs of the table are from a old loghouse and are over 50 yers old made especially for the needs and meassurments needed here from LogMaster Erik Hjärtfors at www.lovsjologhouse.se

Brown comfy easy chairs&sofa www.ekebymobel.se

The mix  of lamps of nature material types helps the botanical feel www.byrydens.se

Let them eat cake!!! We really did. It was a cream cake with marzipan topping that we in Sweden call Prinsesstårta. Prinsesscake. Coffey&cake made us feel like Princesses. At least for a minute or two...

A homey country feel was asked for. That´s off course what they got. 

Do not think you can get a more sturdy table than this!

These cups&plates could not fit my theme more www.villery-boch.com

One wall hung fernbasket

A small cupboard for keys and pictures to add to the botanical feel.

A bar was ordered by Christan the father of the house. I had a small fit and then came up with this small wall hung solution that our carpenter Jonny built. Not bad, huh?

The fabric made into pillows along with the wallpaper and curtains. In love with this fabric!!!!

This is the 6th episode of Husräddarna for TV3 Sweden. If you wonder why I tell where things come from it´s not because I get paid for doing so. It´s due to me wanting you to have the info directly as then I do not get so many emails with Q. On TV3 you also find the lists from each program here.


Log on

Our chestnut tree first was divided in two in the Simone storm this past fall. So we decided to remove the tree since we understand that it fell due to it not being in good health...so to speak. 
But we did not want to get rid of it compeletetly. Wanted it to have a permanent place in the garden. So there was a whole lot of chainsawing that needed to be done. AND the removing of all the branches that fell on the lawn...Great workout I must say. Did not need the gym that day.

First the back of the chair

Then the seat of the logchair

Can you see the outline of the chair that the chainsaw has made ?

TA DA!!! The log chair is born from our former chestnut tree!! Wow!!

Since we needed help with a bigger Husqvarna, mine was to small for a whole tree. Also taking down a tree of this size requires experience and I have none of that kind. So we had great help of Jörgen who then had his chain ruined from this huge nail that we then found....

Last but not least. THANK YOU O`CHESTNUT TREE for becoming a LOG CHAIR. LOG ON!


Street design shower


 Just love these graffiti tiles from fashion stylish Italian Peronda.

 Shelves for the shower in black almost disappear in this pattern.

 One tile.


 The black snake of a shower from Arblu

 Hand shower


If you want a home that stands out today you can. This bathroom combo found here