The first candle

The first sunday of advent is always special to me. The lighting of the first candle is a tradition that really lights up the dark December. 

This year I am in Thailand so I have declared this my traditional Jimmy Schönning HEM X mas special. Hyacinths with their lovely smell, moss and frosted apples. Oranges with cloves and the scent of pine. Happy first advent everyone.

Jag önskar er alla en 
fridfull första advent. 

With this I bid you all a very good weekend. 

/ Jimmy


Treastle table, bench and Soomkai lamp


Thai breakfast

Our Breakfast soup Lady is making our order ready to take home.

Flower arrangements for rituals and for the temple being made at the market where we buy or breakfast. The smell from jasmine is the most amazing when fresh like this. It just does something for you that can not be explained. You can understand why it´s such a common scent ingredient in perfume.

Fresh, lush veggies of more kinds than I even know. Beautiful greens!!

Just ready made rise noodles. 

Ann getting another type of soup for lunch. 


This is the market where we get the breakfast soup in the mornings. 

This is NOT the soup we eat for breakfast. This is a large clay pot with water and a lotus that just got some extra help with fresh flowers from the garden. There should always be water of some kind in a garden, this is a very easy and beautiful way of doing it.

This is our breakfast soup , warm and ready to eat. The most typical Thai breakfast is a soup made from a wonderful heavy broth with rise noodles, variation of veggies, eggs and fresh beansprouts that are put in last and do not cook in the soup.

You can have it with chicken or pork or just the way it is. Some people put chili it it, some like some sugar and I really like the pickled chili, I tried it all versions and I really like it.

Thai breakfast soup is hereby recommended for everyone, especially when in Thailand. 
You know ...when in Rome.



Var vid denna strand idag och tittade på vad som skall bli strandvillor och hus nära och en bit från havet med havsutsikt. 

Snart står deras visningshus redo. Vi mötte upp med svenska bekannta som jobbar med projektet. Tycker stilen är rätt arkitektoniskt. Titta gärna om du letar efter hus i Thailand www.treenland.com med ca. 5 timmars bilfärd från Bangkok.


Almost black Soomkai

 In nr 15 of Swedish AIH a black looking Soomkai is presented. I have already been getting kind emails from interested buyers. Fun! 
The fact is we have not started making black ones. First of all it´s actually a dark grey, which you really can not see. Second - it was sprayed this color by Studio Sankt Paul for the X mas presentation. Would you like us to make them in this color ? 

I know I´m in Thailand when...

When I see a truck loaded with coconuts then I really get that I´m not in Sweden anymore. I know I´m not very bright...

When I walk on the beach ( in the rain....yes I know you can not see it ...but it rained the whole walk) for an hour and 30 min and do not get to the end of it. 

I´m reminded of this fact every time I walk by all of these beautiful palm trees.  

Seeing houses like this one also reminds we are going to see a developer that is setting up a village of villas by the sea not far from where we stay. Stay tuned. 

/ Jimmy

Canine interuption

Per Magnus shot a picture of me getting this cute welcoming committée. My place of work have become the outdoor table and suddenly I see this black dog coming up and not far behind the second one. What a lovely canine interruption. Really miss my loved ones at home and right now especially TERRY our Bordercollie/collie.

Must have texitile tree

Must say that this is the only must have X mas textile I have seen in a very long time.

Just love the very sparesly decorated green full size tree on white canvas. 

Like the gift decoration suggestions as well and off course these pictures have been created at Ikea Comunications. 
Like what I see Ikea.


House on the beach

We are staying at a house on the beach close to Hua Hin that is rented out by friends. 

The house is in two floors and has a big roof terrace and lush greenery surrounding it.

Love the outdoor shower pillar in stone. 
Great tip for everyone with a garden. Build your own outdoor shower in the look you want.

It has been raining a lot, but not when I took the pictures of the pool. I went for many laps these past days and I must tell you it´s wonderful to go swimming when it´s raining. Do try it if you never did.

The view of the ocean from the back of the house. We are having a lot of clouds and rain right now, but it makes it very dramatic.  

Starting to loose the jet lag and get into the Thai tempo. Last night I slept really well with the sound of the ocean and the rain pitter patter on the roof. 

She sells sea shells on the sea shore.

Not really...but, I do love seashells. 
Here the whole beach is full of them. 
You just have your pick.

This is such a wonderful place, I would have loved to share this with my beloved.   


Back in Thailand

Landed in Bangkok after a 9 and a half hour flight from Stockholm with friend and photographer Per Magnus Persson where we were picked up in style by his wife Ann. 

Ann drove us down close to Hua Hin which takes about 4 hours if you do not stress, 
and stop on the and have some nice thai noodle soup which we off course did.

We are in Thailand to donate part of the profit from the Soomkai lamp. 

To start you from the beginning of the story, Per Magnus love Thailand and asked me many times when I would come and visit him there.

I did at last two years ago now and fell in love with everything I saw. When I laid my eyes on this, my first thought was to make this. So we did.  

I made the design for the lampshade. Ann found the right company to produce the lamp that hand make the chicken coop which is what Soomkai means, which is also the name of the lamp. 

My first instinct was that the lamp have to have a purpose and give back to a good cause. Ann helped us find the HIV Orphanage that is run by a Buddhist Monk in the city of Lopburi.

When we presented the lamp and the charity to Watt&Veke they just loved it. The lamp has now been sold very succsessfully by Watt&Veke and we will present a sister to Soomkai in the  spring.

We call it Soomkai LEK. Lek means small in Thai. We could not have found a better partner than Watt&veke, there has just been joy in this whole project. 


This is a dream come true for me. The thought that DESIGN CAN  MAKE A DIFFERENCE. 
I am so happy to prove my point!! 



Blogger got trouble

Dear readers, 

I will NOT be blogging here and go over to our Jimmy Schönning HEM
Facebook page until improvements are made, because Blogger is charging me though Blogger is full of problem. 

It´s almost impossible to leave a comment. I have emails each week with comments on how it does not work  to leave a comment on my blog here at Blogger. 

Why is there a charge for storage space now after 2 years of blogging ?

You can also follow the Facebook link on the right hand. 
C the icon?

Lets continue on 
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until some changes are made here.  


Vinn priset Sveriges snyggaste kök

Fick just denna pressrelease och insåg att jag aldrig tävlat med min inredning någonsin. 
Webredaktören Cecilia Öhrn föreslog jag skulle tävla själv och tror jag skall göra det. Är så stolt över köket i huset på Ensta Strand så det skall jag sända in. 
Ska du vara med ?

Sköna hem utser Sveriges snyggaste kök

Svenskarna älskar verkligen sina kök, och lägger varje år enorma summor på att renovera och installera nya kök. Men hur ser Sveriges snyggaste kök ut egentligen?

Det är Sköna hem mycket nyfikna på och utlyser nu en tävling där tidningen dammsuger Sverige på de läckraste köken i landet, för att kunna kora Sveriges snyggaste kök.
– Vi ser ett stort och växande intresse av att vilja inspireras av andras hem och se vilka lösningar och materialval de gjort, säger chefredaktör Claes Blom. Köket är den plats där mina läsare drömmer om att spendera mer tid och ett härligt inrett kök är en förutsättning för att den drömmen ska kunna gå i uppfyllelse.

Att delta i tävlingen är enkelt, du laddar upp en bild av ditt kök på Skönahem.com där läsarna slutligen kommer att rösta fram tio finalister. Ur denna grupp röstas sedan en vinnare fram av en jury under ledning av chefredaktör Claes Blom.

På Skönahem.com finns all information och här samlas också alla inlämnade bidrag för beskådning för läsarna.
– Många läsare är igång och planerar nästa års köksprojekt och här får man en chans att inspireras av läsarnas bilder, säger Cecilia Öhrn, webbredaktör för Sköna hem.

Vinnaren får sitt kök professionellt fotograferat och publicerat i Sköna hem och på skönahem.com.

I prispotten ligger även tre stycken Kitchen Aid som går till vinnarköket samt silver- och bronsplats.

Den 4 februari presenteras vinnarköket på Skönahem.com, för att sedan publiceras i Sköna hem under våren/sommaren. Juryns beslut kan inte överklagas och en förutsättning för att kunna delta är att köket finns i Sverige.

Läs mer:

Se köken som tävlar här

För mer info kring tävlingen kontakta webbredaktör cecilia.ohrn@bt.bonnier.se.


Swedish mag SKÖNA HEM where you could see my KAT BAN Studio in their Sept issue,  
is inviting us to take part in a Coolest Kitchen competition. Wanna play ?