Kendrick Bangs Kellog High Desert House and Hästens

     Artists Jay and Bev Dolittle are said 
   to have sent a note to architect Kendricks Bangs Kellog to say that they had bought an unusual building site in the Mojave Desert, California in the Joshua Tree National Park. 

The result is the the 
High Desert House also 
called the Dolittle House. 

The Stone Henge of a home is built 
on 26 concrete columns designed 
by the innovator of organic architecture
 Kendricks Bangs Kellog.

 The interior designer John Vugrin has 
been working with the house interior since 
the first note in 1986 and continued 
to  complete the interior of this 
remarkable bespoke unique desert home. 

John Vugrin and Swedish
 Hästens has together with the 
 Dolittles created a 
bespoke round bed that 
really seems to be a 
better fit than a square 
one in this organic home. 

The brief Dolittle has given
 the Hästens bed is going to be used more
 as a sofa and would have looked better in this photo 
if it was styled to fit in instead 
of the blue and white Hästens fabric.  

"The idea was the house would be settled in the landscape. 
Like it was crouching 
on the rocks, 
maybe like an 
animal at sleep" 

Kendrick Bangs Kellog 

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36 000 000 peolpe all over the world 🌎 has died of AIDS related illnesses all since the first reports over 40 years ago. Did you know that ? 

38 000 000 [million] humans are living with HIV today around the globe. 

I have lived with the threat of HIV | AIDS since I first came out and afraid tried to figure out who I was as a teenager. I do not recommend sexually transmitted epidemics when you are in a coming out process. I felt noone understood me. Today in the year of the pandemic maybe there is less social injustice regarding minorities in the midst of a pandemic..? 

Still HIV negative myself but have so many friends that have died through the years that I miss and many close friends that have survived and have lived with HIV since the 80’s and are just fine today.

In countries where the proper medicins are provided the fight against HIV continues. In countries where homosexuality is against the law you can imagine the HIV protection system. 

Do you feel you better understand and have empathy for fellow humans that are infected with virus since the world 🌍 epidemic of Covid-19? 



The 6th key to Circular Interiors is creating a healthy environment.

We all spend most of our time indoors. 
Work|Office, school and our home.

Air quality, heating & cooling, ventilation, lighting and acoustics are extremely important factors when creating a healthy home and this is what key number 6 is all about : designing healthy homes.

According to the US environmental Protection Agency indoor air pollution is one of the 5 biggest threat to our health. 

Lecture | Föreläsning INRED CIRKULÄRT | Circular Interiors

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5th key is LIFE DESIGN

My search for circular interiors became my  LECTURE | Föreläsning 

The 5th key principle to Circular Interiors  is designing for life. 

What I call Life Design | LIVSDESIGN is everything from the bed that expands when the child grows to choosing furniture that lasts a lifetime instead of being worn out fast. To not throw away furniture to become landfill we plan for a long life and not only for one year at a time. 

To design interiors that will last a lifetime is possible and that is what we look into with key nr 5 LIVSDESIGN | Life Design
in my Lecture | Föreläsning Inred Cirkulärt | CIRCULAR DESIGN 

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Key nr 4. Waste reduction

The more we buy, the more we throw.

We understand that our waste | avfall is a huge part of our Climate Crisis. When we are aware we can act. 

The 4th key principle to Circular Interiors is waste reduction. Within waste reduction, upcycling & repurposing there is so much we as consumers can do. 

The 4th key principle to Circular Interiors | INRED CIRKULÄRT  is 
Waste Reduction. 

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3 key to Circular Interiors

The third key [out of 6] to Circular Interior Design is Sustainability | Hållbarhet in my lecture | fördrag  INRED CIRKULÄRT | Circular Interior design. 

Since the most ecological product is the one not made we are now aware of sustainability in the world.

 We need to use the understanding of how to create circular interior design and throw less that end up as landfill material. 

Life cycle Assessment or LCA meassure the impact a product has on our enviroment and can be a helpful instrument #lifecycleassessment 

FSC labels can be found on millions of products around the world – from toilet rolls to your favourite book, to that milk carton in your fridge, and other food products. What does the label mean? Simply put: by choosing products with FSC labels, you are helping to take care of the world’s forests @fsc_international 

Key nr 3 Sustainability | Hållbarhet In my lecture | föredrag we look at all 6 keys to Circular Interior design. 

This is a short post on a 3 hour lecture to awaken the understanding for Circular Interiors | INRED CIRKULÄRT. 

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2. Energy Efficient Interior design

When we reach for the rechargeable 
electrical tooth brush remember to have fossil 
fuel free based energy in your home made from 
renewable fossil free energy sources. 

Part of : 
Föredrag | Lecture 


After realizing energy comsumption is one of the largest contributing causes to climate change we want to design energy efficiant interiors which is a large part of key nr 2 : 

2. Energy efficient design

By reducing the amount of energy used to heat or cool your house, lighting 💡, kitchen & bathroom machines and all the electricity we crave we can contribute to lower energy consumption. 

Do you want to contribute? 

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