Maple Bear School entrance,

The first call about architecture in Penedo, was for a school we got in 2018. Marcello Jordan my husband who is and architect from Penedo, Brazil and I were then living in Stockholm, Sweden. 

Orange rain containers along the house facade and
blue cement and rubber fountain on the lawn. 

Marcello grew up in Penedo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and had been working as an Architect in Penedo prior to moving to Sweden. 

Interior of Maple Bear Penedo with bespoke wood benches. 

I was working as a designer with the interior brand Jimsch at the time in Sweden and as an interior designer mostly with private homes. 

Interior Maple Bear Penedo with integrated ceiling LED light fixtures 

In March 2020 in the midst of the pandemic Marcello left for starting the Maple Bear School project in the Serra da Mantiqueira mountains where Penedo is located. I travelled to Brazil at the end of April 2020. 

Maple Bear Penedo accomodates 1,5-8 year olds. 

At first it started with the school building and interiors but the project grew to include a playground, a water fountain, a Tree House,a generator building, a tennis court and a mini farm. 

Window and door solutions Maple Bear Penedo.
Ceiling with integrated LED lighting. 

We started digging a very misty morning in August 2020 and the school building was up 
and running in February 2021. 

Bespoke room divider for display of art

Marcello was the head architect and oversaw the complete construction of the Maple Bear School building working together 
with the construction company. 

School staff areas with integrated
LED ceiling light fixtures.

Marcello and I had worked together in smaller projects in Sweden. Maple Bear School was our first time taking on a school project together. Apart from Marcello and I we employed two architects in our Brazilian company in Penedo. 

The U shaped building opening to a backyard garden. 

Penedo is a small tourist city in the Serra da Mantiqueira mountains, closest city is Itatiaia in the state of Rio de Janeiro. 

Exterior integrated LED light fixtures.

The permission or alvara in Brazilian Portuguese was granted 
to build the school on 
a meadow overlooking the city. 

Playground Maple Bear Penedo

A playground was created specially 
for Maple Bear Penedo. 

Playground Maple Bear Penedo. 

Playground Maple Bear Penedo. 

Playground Maple Bear Penedo. 

Playground Maple Bear Penedo. 

A kitchen garden was planted at the school. 

Cows grazing looking at the 
new planted kitchen garden lettuce. 

Mini Fazenda - Mini Farm 

A Mini Farm - Fazenda in Brazilian Portuguese was planned and built next to the school building. 

Maple Bear Penedo Mini Farm

Goat at Maple Bear Penedo Mini Farm

Mini cow at Maple Bear Mini Farm

Tree house for yoga och physical activity at Maple Bear Penedo

A Tree House for outdoor activity 
was planned and built in a park area surrounding the school. 

Circular armature created for Maple Bear Tree House. 

Movement class at the Tree House. 

Light fixture for Three House Penedo created from
Bucha/Luffa Cylindrica from seed to light fixture by Jimmy Schönning

The generator building 
was given a shape of a small 
European wooden church 

Generator building Maple Bear Penedo. 

"If you are always trying to be normal you will 
never know how amazing you can be" Maya Angelou 
is one of the quotes written on the 
school walls at Maple Bear Penedo. 

Tennis court Maple Bear Penedo. 

Tennis court MB Penedo.

Electric entrance gate seen from inside. 

Entrance Maple Bear Penedo, 
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

This meadow in front of Penedo 
is now the home of Maple Bear School. 
We are thankful for this project and the  opportunity be a part of creating
 the new Penedo. 

Penedo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
in the Serra da Mantiqueira Mountains. 


Brukstorget 5 favorites Varberg

In the red industrial brick buildings that existed here in Varberg before my grandfather came here now houses 5 of my Varberg favorites. 

BLOMSTERBAREN is a flowershop with both fresh & dried flowers, plants & interiors. Picture above & below. 

The Varberg profile Kristin Krickelin Lagerquist inspiring boutiqe space serves tea & offers lovely linen clothing along with an ecletic mix of interiors and deco. Get her book Livskraft righ here as well. 

Första gången jag kom till KLco blev jag bjuden på Honeybush tea när jag klev innanför dörren. Butiken håller även workshops & bjuder på härlig inspiration. 

Vacker linneklädkollektion - är det något Kristin Krickelin Lagerqvist inte bemästrar? 

Truly inspiring space - KLco 

K.L is the name of the linen clothing line from Kristin Lagerqvist called Krickelin on Instagram. 

VINTAGEBYRÅN retro & vintage interiors - I just fell for the rocker right away & as I made my way in I knew I will find lots of interior gems here for my own clients needing an eclectic mix at home. Since me and my husband Marcello Jordan have started up our Architect & Interior Studio in Varberg I know I will have to visit Vintagebyrån regularly. 

Grejen med bra vintage & retro - antik & second hand är att hålla koll på vad som kommer in. Vintagebyrån i Varberg här på Brukstorget hittar jag även på nätet & alla ställen har även instagram under samma namn.  

Villhöver dessa vackra skärbrädor! Visst är de ljuvliga - finns hos Butik Garaget på Brukstorget i Varberg. 

Rebecca Charlez is a Swedish artist with a thing for texture. See her Insta for more of her sculptural wall art. 

Vad du ser nedan är en typ av skulptural tavla som är del av Rebeccas läckra alster. Hon stod & arbetade i sin studio på Brukstorget sist jag var där. På Studio Pompone säljer de hennes skulpturala väggkonst. 

So when you come to Varberg you got to visit Brukstorget at Birger Svenssons väg 16 E-F 
Online you find all my favorites here
www.brukstorget.se or at Instagram with the same name. 

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The balance between Sweden and Brazil

It’s all about balance, right? 2 years in Brazil the 21 of April 2022. 

During the pandemic my husband and I moved to Penedo. The initial plan was to stay for 1 year. 

It just became two years this April that we have lived here in Penedo, Brazil. 

Now it’s time to finish up our projects here and go back to Sweden. 

Our first project that brought us here to Pendo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil was the Maple Bear School building. 

My husband Marcello Jordan was the responsible architect and we completed all projects including a tennis court, a tree house for yoga as well as a generator building and a small park walk. 

Above you see the veranda and below the house we call Casa da Ilha where we have been staying for almost 2 years. Been amazing living in this house and it’s huge park of a garden. 

The project below is a private recidense that is being finalized the coming months. 

We have also worked with a first line beach hotel at Ilha Grande during these two years. 

Check previous post on the blog for more on pousada | hotel Pé Na Areia. 

Stone facade, eucalyptus beams & wood work roof. 

It’s all about the balance between work & private life. Brazil & Sweden and now in May I go back to Sweden. Marcello will stay and finish our ongoing projects and I will set up our studio in Varberg, Sweden. 

It’s a new dawn. It’s a new life for us. 

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We are with APP!

The Aurora Audio Studio APP 
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Audio Studio Aurora is a FREE APP with | AUDIO SERIES | DRAMA | COMEDY &  Music Entertainment 

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It all started in 
Vila Madalena in São Paulo 

The Aurora Audio Studio APP was conceived by Playwright Marcello Jordan and created by Fabiano Assanuma with his 
company Applause Digital 

Here on the rooftop cactus 🌵 garden is where Audio Studio Aurora was concieved and production
 was set in motion.

 This is Fabiano Assanuma 
at his cactus garden showing 
us his extensive plant collection. 

In our ever changing world 
has increased rapidly in just two years with PODS, AUDIO BOOKS and old school RADIO 
just to name a few. 
That is why we are presenting 
AUDIO SERIES in the new 

is written by Marcello Jordan

Columba Livia in  Portuguese was recorded in Penedo, Brazil and  features 
Ana Andreatta, Carla Biolchinni and Monica Izidoro (above from left)

Columba Livia in Swedish was recorded in Stockholm starring 
Bianca Cruzeiro, Lotti Lundblad och Annika Cleo (above from left) 

Studio reading of EDIFICIO MARISA in Sao Paulo 

Our coming new production of EDIFICIO MARISA is being edited as of right now and will be released on the AUDIO STUDIO AURORA APP 2022

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