One of the reasons

To live where we do


Rapeseedflowers in bloom in our closest field.

Our Cherry tree is in bloom

Cherry flowers close up. 

Yep. Even Dandelions are beautiful at this time of year! 

What are these called? Do you know?

Magnolia en masse! 
Do not have one in the garden but see them now everywhere I go. Love this tree flower. 

The scent of this yellow flower is so sublime but in such quantity it leaves a trail at night. It makes a good cooking oil as well. Rapeseed flowers. Not the most charm in the name though...Rape...


Spring awakening outdoor at the Stable

So much have been going on around the Stable. Can not wait to tell you all about it!

Just found no way of doing so timewise this week,  leaving you instead with a evening picture of the outdoor silhouette of the Stable where you can see part of the balcony/terrace that is coming up in front AND....
the wooden fence you see on the left side alongside the trees that are getting greener by the minute. 
So much have happened! 
Have a wonderful weekend! 
Spring awakening


Lövsjö Loghouse

Erik Hjärfors is a lumberjack. 
For real. He takes care of timber from the growing trees in his own forest to making timber houses like the one behind him in the picture. 

The very small chainsaw that he holds in his hand I will come back to soon. Very handy as you can see. 

Erik and his wife Johanna run the Lövsjö Loghouse store in the midst of Småland, Sweden.  Erik&I have worked on many interior projects together and he has custom made wonderful pieces of furniture for my clients.

 We have also exhibited together at fairs such as Formex in Stockholm. 

In the tv show Husräddarna that starts on TV3 the 22nd of May we have worked together successfully once again. I will tell you more about that as soon as we get going to the premiere of the awaited tv show. Right now I can show you my favorites from the Lövsjö Loghouse store.

This log in an angle to sit in, is in my world of aesthetics so beautiful and perfectly shaped and natural it makes me happy just to see it. Yes ... I know... I get this exaggerated, but I mean it. 
It is sooooooo wabi sabi

Wood can be art. 

The perfect shape to sit in.  The black wooden floors are handmade by axe. Thats why the surface is so unevenly wonderful.

The table is a plant and a table at the same time. Are you with me ? 

Natural beauty. 

Stools in storage. 

Hand made, rustic, durable tables that lasts for a lifetime is one of the types of furniture that you can expect to find at Lövsjö Loghouse. 

A Teepee lamp. 


The Lövsjö Loghouse store is set in a old factory setting. 

My favorite Jessika Jarl photo is here a textile hanging on the wall. The pendant lamp is my Soomkai that you find through Watt&Veke retailers in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Germany.


Husräddarna 22 Maj kl. 20.00

 Count down today the 22nd of April for :

Husräddarna the 22nd of May at 20.00 on TV3.

Husräddarna börjar den 22 Maj kl. 20.00 på TV3. 

Thursdays at 20.00, TV3

Torsdagar kl. 20.00, TV3

or find us always at

BORNHOLM inspires me

Took the ferry to Bornholm, Denmark from Ystad, Sweden. Although this is just a beautiful ship in the harbor.

Amazed! -- in Rönne, Bornholm in a backyard I find a figtree growing outdoors. This is how much warmer this island climate is to Sweden. There are no fig trees growing outdoors in Sweden.

The colors of Bornholm homes are vibrant.

As you see of the amount of pictures. I fell in love with the shapes of this old smoke house. So modern. So right. Here you can buy smoked fish. I was enjoying the house itself.

In the rock formation above Francisco´s head is a little Lookout that a priest used as temple/church/shrine. It feels sacred to be here.

Seeing the ruins and the place by the ocean where Hammershus rests, is a must. 

Bornholm inspires me.