S U M M E R | house update

Eames chairs found at Vitra. Black child chair, Ikea. 

A small home created for summer fun. One of my own favorites that I designed for the family on the Swedish TV show Husräddarna, TV3.


Northern Lighting pendant lights over the kitchen.

A wall for all the fun things to do.

Seaweed on a rock in a vase, Interstil.

LOOOOOONG sofa made for the whole family and dressed in Swedish rags. Mimou makes the pillows with a story and fantasy patterns.

Open plan function.

Sail type of curtain I created for the house.

The chair that has room for two and that rocks. Magic handmade Hemp carpet from Armadillo. 

Johanna Hedlund Owl and Ylva Skarp Art in black frames.

Wallpaper dressed up the wardrobe doors.

Northern Lighting noticeboard/lamp like :)

The lamp/shelf got really helpful. The lights are found at Ikea and were painted this bright yellow hue.


O U T | door life guru

Blue bell rain boots.

A dinner table and an easy chair or sunbeds is always needed in summer time outdoor living and is what we all want and know to get for the balcony or any out door space. All the small areas in between where you do not know what to do with is my my mother Marianne´s speciality. If you see previous posts you will see here style of clothing shot her on Getterön where my mother and father live by the sea.  

In her garden and outdoors there are little areas all over that create small rooms for different purposes. Set and mobile still life that are enjoyed all over the small garden that my mom and dad took over and made theirs from my grandmother and grandfathers very 50´s type of garden has now my mother grown a all together different style of bohemian and easy care kind of greenery. Let her touch inspire you as it inspires me every time I come here.  


To build a bespoke seated area makes the most out of any size of out door space. 
Water in a bowl with your sea collection is a easy way to create a summery feel.

Teak wood along with hard woods, has the amazing ability to grow more beautiful with the years. Marianne uses the small suede pillow from Jimmy Schönning HEM as a seat cushion. 

To use more grout (fog) than needed creates a larger pattern and a style Marianne has always loved. The teak sun chairs are now 26 years old...so when someone says they buy thin plastic chairs because they can not afford hard wood, I often wonder...

A rosted iron bowl with water creates so much natural color and texture. Let it rust or stop it at the rusted tone you need with metal protection products you find at the paint store.

A table made from a iron stand with a irregular stone piece set against the wall.

A wreath that can be just as is, or decorated with the seasons.

This bamboo and aluminium stool along with the chairs are over 15 years old and are left outside year round. I bought them at Ikea as a present. The  concrete pot is made by Marianne. 

A chair solitaire set outside, sometimes used as a pedestal

A pond makes more change in the garden room than anything else. Marianne always loved fishes and her star sign is pisces so the fish was given in the pond.

The parasol is up, giving shade around the dinner table and creating a more intimate room feeling around the table area,  that is as enjoyed as well  in  a light summer rain. A built roof is not always the best choice. A temp roof that can be removed like a sail, parasoll or such can often be preferred in most out door spaces.


M I D | summer flowers

Midsummer eve has passed into midsummer day. The traditional midsummer flower reef that you wear on your head or decorate with on the table is a classic that I love. 

Saw this updated mohican version of a flower head dress at Chelesea flower show this year and thought it might be the florist dream. I´d like to wear it. What do you think?


A P P | aratus

My first contact with NYC based Apparatus was when I came across their lighting range by chance on Instagram. 

Really liked what I found and started to follow them and check out their whole collection. 

Apparatus,  Milan,  Cinque Vie.

One of my favorite Apparatus lights.

Candle holder in cararra marble.

By chance in Milan at the design week in April, in the Cinque Vie area, I ran into their  new store and did not want to leave. 

Then just recently I visited Artilleriet in Gothenburg (click to see the blogpost on Artilleriet)and found the Appartus range there. Have you seen it ?

They make more then lighting. I´ll be back with more. 


Apparatus ligthing at Artilleriet

Wall light from Apparatus at Artilleriet.


P L E A S U R E | pond

Enjoying the summer weather outside by the pond. We created a corner of the garden with these wooden benches, fences, plants and the pond, where we now spend most of the time.

Since you have seen here on the blog how the pond was built you understand. If not you can see it here. We put in the work for the pond last July and this year we can just enjoy it. 


Summer time by the pond


W A T E R | fall

Gone fishing ( in your own pond)

A narrow path with green blooming walls and a waterfall from copper pipes on metal cages, filled with rocks of the kind that we use for building modern garden structures. Works well here to get the height for the waterfall. The clematis hanging from the ceiling of the pergola and plenty digitalis in full bloom, of which there were so many at Chelsea Flower Show 2016 not just here.  


Copper pipes making a splash.


F L O A T I N G | garden

It´s never the size of the garden. It´s always up to what you want and how much work you want to put in. This is 7 m x 5 m garden turned paradise.

I stopped. Had to  stand and stare. When I saw the boat shape something happened in me. Then I saw that it was set. It looks like its about to sail, but it sits there. Just genius. When you sit in the boat shaped part of the dock/jetty you feel like you are on a boat trip. 

The Gold Medal winner Sarah Eberle with her Mekong Garden at Chelsea Flower show 2016 for best Artisan Garden explains:

The Garden has been designed by Sarah Eberle is inspired by the floating gardens in the silk-weaving regions of Cambodia and the Mekong River. The 7 x 5m (23 x 16½ft) garden is entirely water with a small deck leading to a 'floating' lounger styled on a traditional fishing boat. Overhead a cantilevered parasol inspired by traditional fishing nets and silk weaving provides shade. The floating beds follow the style of the region and contain contain an eclectic mixture of fruit and vegetables such as spinach, kale, aubergine, gourds and okra, along with flowers for cutting within a waterside matrix

A net ceiling completed and framed the mini tropic garden.

A tropical water world on a small space is possible.


C E R A M I C S | milano design week

In Milano for the design week,  I love to stroll in Brera.

Floris Wubben ceramics shown at Spazio Rossana Orlandi

My head full of my favorite Floris Wubben bowl with the pattern created by added water and the machine that Floris made to make the bowl.

Ceramics made in totally different ways and they all appeal to me. 
All seen by me in Milan during the Design week. 
What do you think ?

 Kose´s graphic ceramics is also found online at Kosemilano

Rina Menardi´s leaf thin amazingly uneven ceramics,  see more here.


D E S I G N E R S | guild london

The courtyard at Designers Guild on Kings Rd, London often is used for courses like here a flower arrangement course suitable for the week of the Chelsea Flower Show.

When in London I always visit Designers Guild at Kings Rd. 

My first time here was over 20 years ago, but it has had the same wonderful location since the sixties. 

Here I always find inspiration and see Designer Guild´s fabrics and wallpaper and the brands they carry and sell at their web shops and physical stores.

Just popping in and walking around here and seeing what´s new and how it´s shown at this beautifully managed store is a must. 


Woven beauty.

Hay at Designers Guild. The metal table, chair and bench by the Bouroullec brothers.

GREEN textiles, wallper and interios is a reality this season at Designers Guild.

Ceramics with attitude I fell for at Designers Guild, Kings Rd, London, England. 

The gorgeous skylight glass roof 

The florist at Designers Guild