In bed with QX

Swedish mag QX came to my house for an interview and and photoshoot. Happy we landed the best shots in my bed. I think it is my favorite piece of furniture.Made from the worn out shed in the garden. The old planks came to good use.

Offcourse you also see Jimmy Schönning HEM suede pillows(the grey ones with the number 1 stiched)
and my favorite teddy from H&M Home in black.

Thank you Peter Knutson for taking a picture I like and Pär Jonasson
for the largest personal ad ever made. Or ?
I probably need it :)

The floor lamp (comes in from the right side) is a Tolomeo from Italien fab ligthing company Artemide wich has been my in my possession for over 12 years and that I NEVER tire of.

Im off to my family on the west coast of Sweden, Varberg, this weekend to celebrate my B DAY with a feast of seafood. My all time favorite food!

With this I bid you a very good weekend.
Don´t be stranger - stop by soon again :)



Ready or not

For me the new wallpaper in our collection Patina was a must have. Two of them to be more precise. The black and white artsy pattern called Black Lace and the peaceful women on black background called Ready or Not are my absolute favorites. Now. Before it was one called Barcelona. Many of the wallpapers we have are actually photos shot by Photographer Jessika Jarl in Barcelona. U can see them all at Jimmy Schönning HEM


Must have herb dishes

I try to powerwalk at least 3 times/week up to an hour but always have to stop along the way and take pictures of the surrounding nature just because its so beautiful.
Jimmy LOVES :

A must have for me are these small dishes I just got from Agneta Livijn they just fit so perfectly into my house. Saw them first at a friend´s restaurant and been thinking of them ever since, so when I got a hold of Agneta I asked her for her whole series. She said at the moment she only had 3 in total - so I have go go back for more.


Fall flowers not wallflowers

Sunflowers along with pumpkins, ivy and monstera leaves combined with a big white candle or a vase with amaranthus, pumpkin&sunflower, became the flower arangement made for close friends wedding along with flowerlover Moe Alazzawie.


1780ish inspiration

Sturehof Slott counts back to the 1780´s - came here first time 20 years ago.
Got so much inspiration here this time again.
The buildings, the place and everything that grows here.


Treastle table

Our (Jimmy Schönning HEM) Treastle table seen at Synnöve Mork´s exhibition at Formex Sthlm in Sept is what I leave you with this friday apart from the wishes of a lovely weekend.



The last of the plums

Almost feel like painting a wall and a half or so.....in different purple tones when I see the last plums in the garden.


Black is so lovely black

Finally all doors are black. My black. S 8500. Paint is the answer.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend :)



Ready or not?

Just had to put up the new wallpaper in the guestroom :)

Jimmy Schönning HEM wallpaper Ready or not? from a Jessika Jarl photo.


Pumpkin in place

Hate to say it, but....fall is coming. Talked to my friend Victor in NYC yesterday and he referred to the summer they are having. Had to admit its not summer here. At least its not cold !! Time to bring on the pumpkins. Fall is here.
Where you now see black wooden bars is where the ever so ugly AC sits on the wall. When it was covered with wood and painted the same color as the house it disappeared. GREAT !!

Att få den fula luftvärmepumpens utomhusdel att försvinna var välsignat mycket vackrare för verandan. Så skönt att slippa se den.

Must admit that yellow and red leaves are beautiful.


So me

This is how Jimmy Schöning HEM looked at the Formex Fair. Went through the pictures today and just love the look. Its wonderful to feel like you love something you work with. The plain Treastle table and bench and the Soomkai lamp above are what I want myself at home. I only create products I want and need myself. I´m so proud of the fact that when the Soomkai lamp sell, a share will always go a orphanage north of Bangkok. That fact makes me want to see these lamps all over the world.

Check out Jimmy Schönning HEM
Lägg till bild


Late summer harvest

Still flowering in hundreds
Apples, apples, apples
The grapes now taste wonderful. Still can not believe they grow in my garden!!!
The Hibiscus is flowering again!!



Will go out on sunday and pick mushrooms. Hopfully I will find some King Bolete that we in swedish call Karl Johan and the french call cepes.
Have a wonderful weekend.



Have been wanting to get a bicykle for a very long time. A VANMOOF is this beautiful so off course I found place for it in my livingroom. I will use it aswell, but first I will look at it everyday when I come home. BTW - I have also painted the floor in the livingroom/kitchen the same grey as a my grey floors in the house. S 2002-Y. Love that grey!



According to Wikipedia :
is any study of the purported mystical relationship
between acount meassurment and life.

Numbers surely have played and will play a big part in my life. I love them.
Found these large aluminium numbers at www.fasadsiffra.se
Had them a long time and meant to put them up and now they finally found their place.
I live at number 41.
Welcome over to the numerologist.


Exhibit nr 1

Synnöve Mork used Jimmy Schönning HEM suede pillows in her Formex exhibit on the floor made especially for the fair. Made me very glad to see them there. Cant sleep tonight so blogging and the computer in general is keeping me company. Guess I should sleep now, so Good Night, don´t let the bedbugs bite.


Branch out

The bed we built for the Jimmy Schönning HEM exhibit at Formex was made from old, beautiful grey, pine trees. Loghouse builder Erik Härtfors built the bed. I do love it. It now stands outside my door.
It will make for a very interesting seat outside the door.


Love at first sight

Fell in love at Formex Stockholm, the fair where we are exhibiting JS HEM. Finkel Bowls are Turner Christoph Finkel´s creations. This beauty is what I completely fell in love with.


JS HEM at Formex Sthlm

This is how JS Hem look at the now ongoing Formex Fair in Sthlm. Love the new wallpaper from Jesssika Jarl´s photos. Will tell you more about it soon. Formex is all I do at the moment, exhibiting and lecturing and getting inspired.
Also check Jimmy Schönning HEM at Facebook to get updated.

See you soon