HR 7 2014 Ebbas room

String up small cut up pieces of wood/branches and it looks like this!

Both high ceiling and two creative window types whereof one circular, is a very good way to start. This room got a lot going for it already when we start working with it.

 Spherical pendant lamps that repeat the roundness of the wonderful circular window.
White planets in orbit.

A comfy seat with class. An E for Ebba on the pillow. Text pillows from wonderful Mimou

Old worn wooden boxes turned upside down with a added zinc metal makes a good bed tray. 

To let the organic shape of the tree show is what makes it so unique. Natural beauty.

A good idea is to laminate pictures to get them to look good hanging. String and wooden clothes peg does makes for a great look to hold the photos. 

The yellow pillow is made from a child bed spread from the 30´s. Love re use and re cycling in all forms. Google Helena Rääf and find more antique textiles.

Pin up what you love. 

The branch was a beach find. The side table has wheels so that it easily can be used as a table pulled over the bed. Love sitting and working in bed myself.

Lotta ( THE ROCK!)  who works with our production got caught in this picture where I am trying to show the high ceiling in Ebba´s wonderful room.

Small glass houses with plants adds extra life. 

Ebba is the owner of the room.

The old looking map along with the black&white photos transports you to another time. 

A white linen covered board is a perfect backdrop for your own collection of all things beautiful. 

This is the last episode of our 2014 HR, program nr 7. It has been the most amazing experience to be apart of this TV gang with a mission to help families in need. 

With this I bid you a wonderful summer!
Jimmy Schönning HEM blog is back again in Aug. See you then!

/ Jimmy  

HR Episode 7 2014

Yes it is corrugated iron on the wall. Old and worn such.  Have loved it for a long time. Here it got some hangers and a LED light strip behind it. Hung on a distance from the wall.  I sprayed the metal blind for a graffiti feel.

No room for plants ? - I hung these on the wall in a zinc pot with handles. 

A pendant lamp with magnetic possibilities. Attach what you like. Using chalk on it to draw or write is another plus. Fun lighting I must say. www.byrydens.se both lamps.

This pendant lamp is big for this space. On purpose I put this oversized ceiling lamp here. It gives good light for the desk and also creates an hotel like atmosphere.

Love untidy beds with attitude. So bored with perfect. 

A desk with personlity. Reclaimed wood in bespoke form, www.lovsjologhouse.se. The tractor chair just fits in perfect. Carpet from www.carpetvista.se

An easychair with studs and pillow made from recycled jeans (mine!) 

The silhouette of the city was enhanced by a mdf board cut in the same shape and LED lighting set in between the bespoke wallpaper and the city mdf silhouette. The wallpaper made from a  picture made of the owner of the room. That´s personal wall covering. 

This is from the last episode of HR this season 2014.

HR= Husräddarna, Tv3


Swedish sculptors home&studio

The back of the house toward the garden. 

 Off course this studio window is north and it overlooks the sea as well. What  window!

The home&studio of Swedish sculptor Carl Eldh who created masterpieces(which you naturally see many of at his home&studio) and made himself immortal in my eyes,lived 1873-1954. 

Carl Eldh had his home&studio designed by Ragnar Östberg who also created City Hall in Stockholm which for the world in general is known for being the place where the Nobel Price award dinner takes place. 

When you visit Stockholm do not miss the chance of seeing both of my architectural favorites of Mr Östberg. Carl Eldh´s home&studio is now a museum and the exterior and interior of this amazing building is as close to a dreamhouse&studio that is possible. 

Enjoy the tour.