Two men and a dog

Taking the bridge from Malmö, Sweden to Copenhagen, Denmark. 
Very rainy as we skip over the sea. 

Skt Petri Hotel lobby where we are checking in tonight.

Hotel Skt Petri is the only hotel in Copenhagen that is a Designhotel according to Design Hotels.com

 Sales everywhere in Copenhagen this time of year. Hmmm....

Found these fun french coffey cups in one of the many fab second hand and antique shops.

Want a skihelmet like the one in Max Mara´s window display. Star Wars Forever!

Love Skt Petri for being PRO DOGS. Terry had a bowl of water waiting at the room. 

I like the style and the red tones of the headboard although it was not so comfy...

We enjoyed a fantastic room service meny and Terry had a new juicy bone. 

Terry fell asleep in the easy chair after trying out the bed. 

Have to have coffey and cake at Café Norden

Two men and a dog in Copenhagen = LOVELY


Bangkok revisited

A  picture at a cleaning cart, hm....

Had a wonderful dinner outside of Bangkok on an almost floating restaurant. Lovely

A small but VERY green mall I like on Sukhumvit road not far from our hotel

Really like the interiors and the choices made for this café placed in a huge mall in a very open space. Especially like the decorated half wall for the framing and the large floorlamps, they lower the ceiling height with a very cosy effectivity.

Do not miss the Jatuchak market when in Bangkok - here are some memories in pictures.

Ever tasted a lotus?

Popsicle anyone?

Going through pictures from my trip to Thailand in December I found all of these from Bangkok I forgot to put on the blog.