Vinnaren av min Hemkonsultation är...

Under min Personliga Rum föreläsning den 19 September i Brf Agnes producerad av Åke Sundvall så lottade vi ut en egen hemkonsultation. 

Vinnaren är Erica&Christoffer 
som flyttar in i sin fina 2:a i Fruängen 
i slutet av året. 
Grattis & en härlig helg önskas! 


The Greta Thunberg effect

 Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old Swedish youth climate activist, daughter of actor&operasinger couple Svante Thunberg & Malena Ernman, caught everyones attention at the 
United Nations Climate 
Action Summit (!) 

Monday the 23d of September 
Greta reminded her audience 
that she is, in fact, a child, one who would like 
a fair shot at at future

"This is all wrong, Thunberg told the representatives of 110 U.N member states. "I should be back in school on the other side of the ocean. Yet you all come to me for hope? How dare you? You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words" 

Could not agree more and I blame myself as much as the U.N. All adults should take responsibility and do all they can on a everyday basis. 

So what can we do? One of the major climate problems of our time is what we choose to eat. 

If you do not know how climate problematic the production and logistics of beef is to our planet then google now. 

What I feel I have put off on a personal everyday basis,  that I can do NOW that would make a difference is stop eating BEEF. 

No more cow meat on my plate from now on. 
I will learn more about what we can do in our everyday life to make a change for the better and take 
Climate Action now. 


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In may 2019, Thunberg was featured on the cover of TIME magazine, which  named her a "NEXT GENERATION LEADER" and noted that many see her as a role model. Thunberg and the school strike movement were also featured in a 30 min VICE documentary titled "Make the world GRETA again" Some media have described her impact as the 
"GRETA Thunberg EFFECT" 


The Viking Museum in Stockholm

Giving more of the everyday of the Vikings where both men and women are part of, as of lately made into very reliable tv drama serie by the name Vikings on HBO making this an even more hot topic for all ages. 

I had not made it to Vikingaliv, the museum I had been told were devoted to telling the true story behind the myth of the Viking. 

So when the invite for The Viking Museum landed in my inbox, I made sure I could be there. 

Really enjoy the choice of showing both the men and the women of the Viking Age being 793..ish (since it´s being debated lately) -1066 AD a period in the history of the Scandinavians during which they expanded and built settlements throughout Europe and beyond. 

and when mom could join as well, we made to Djurgårdsvägen 47 
with Djurgårdsfärjan from Slussen.

Since Vikingaliv the museum was called 
The Viking Museum already,
 they decided to make it their new name. New name, new logo. 


A big thumbs up 
for the live performance of which this museum built. Weaving the wool to the sails is shown and you are invited to try with instructions.  

Can you imagine those big sails 
made in wool 
how when wet 
must have weighed tons. 

We are made aware of the everyday lifestyle of the real men and women of the Viking Age and that is really exciting. 

This describes 
all you get to experience at 
The Viking Museum

In the vivid exhibition you will meet the Vikings through movies, scenery, projections and sound effects as well as archaeological objects. Knowledgeable guides in Viking gear will answer all your questions and the many replicas let you explore life as a Viking with all your senses.  You will learn about the Viking raids, journeys and mastery in ship building as well as the everyday life at the farm. The Norse mythology is present everywhere and here myth meets truth.

The adventure ride Ragnfrid’s saga takes you along on a captivating journey through Viking age Europe. You will follow Harald and his crew on a dramatic quest for silver. The story told by an ageing Ragnfrid is built on historical characters and events and is recommended from 7 years.
Audioguide and adventure ride is available in English, Russian, Finnish, Italian, French, Spanish German, Chinese and Swedish.
In the exhibition, several guided tours are held daily in Swedish and English.

My beautiful mom is 70+ and I am 50+ and as you see nine year old Elton, son of  Beauty and Lifestyle journalist Jessica Berghult is having a great time 
sword fighting 
with a Viking!

Every story is told for all senses. 
Touch, sight, hearing and even smell and taste in the museum restaurant. 

You get a  
feeling here. 

The artwork is outstanding. 

Tack för perfekt presslunch BindefeldAB  

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Closing of Straw in interiors 2019

An empty exhibit with only the Straw/HALM sign left on the wall. 

Halm i inredning 2019/
Straw in interiors 2019 
closed last week after 3 months exhibit at Halmens Hus

The workshop based exhibit started with a artisanal meet in March 2019 and resulted in the exhibit that opened the first week of June. 

Se more of the very well visited exhibit Straw in interiors 2019  from my blogpost from June.  

We have now demounted the exhibit and want to thank all of the visitors and Halmens Hus for making it all possible. 

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Maria&Sofia from Halmens Hus
and Jimmy that curated Halm i inredning 2019. See more on instagram #halmiinredning2019