Jimmy Jordan : Kolonilott

The Högalid church towers as a reference letting us know we are on the southern island of Södermalm, Stockholm. An atypical Swedish Falu red wooden fence enclosing the Kolonigarden. 

The first episode of Jimmy Jordan at the koloniträdgård. A koloni garden/trädgård is a piece of land that has been divided into smaller sections called kolonilott. The piece of land called lot is rented out to private individuals that wants to grow vegetables, plants and flowers. 

The word koloni originating from the latin word colōnia and colōnos meaning settler. Since Marcello Jordan is a settler from Brasil with Finnish roots and Jimmy Schönning is from the Swedish westcoast and they are starting a new life settling in Stockholm, Södermalm together.  
Where better to start, right ? 

The steep hill of the Tanto koloniträdgård area is filled with lots where planting and growing takes place.  The first Koloniträdgård in Sweden were created over 100 years ago at Citadellet in Landskrona in the south of Sweden in Skåne. 

The walk from the  Studio to Koloniträdgården we find this beauty on the way. A original Vindö 28 in craving of TLC. Sailing boats in particular and boats in general have inspired my style and conception of interiors profoundly. 

Here is the first encounter with Jimmy  Jordan and our first misstake. See the video : 

Love this photo of Marcello among the Hägg/Bird Cherry/Hackberry bloom. The scent! 

So good to see your here at Jimmy Jordan



Cay Bond telling tendencies at Ett Hem

Cay Bond telling her interpretation of what the new tendencies&trends will give to fashion and interiors during 2018. The headline is:  It´s all about art

Cay Bond lectures at Ett Hem, the private townhouse from 1910 turned eclectic hotel with the the help of the interior design intelligence of Ilse Crawford and owner Jeanette Mix.  

Ett Hem is Swedish meaning A Home. As you see in the photos the feeling of a private home is maintained and is part of the the alluring charm of this aesthetic homey house. 

Why I talk about the private home type feeling of Ett Hem is due to my Q answered by Cay Bond in a video below being : How do you show that your home is updated according to the tendencies&trends of 2018 best? 

The theme and headline of the tendencies 2017 was Revolt. See my post from last year here. This year it is : It´s all about art - so naturally a part of the lecture is given to recommendations of exhibits and museums like Musée des Arts Décoratifs now abriviated to MAD in Paris where now Martin Margielas years at Hermès is celebrated with a exhibit that started in Anvers. 

The secret gardens of Christian Dior is on Cay Bond´s list of to do´s as well as reading Steve Pinker´s  book Enlightenment Now published this year as well his sadly departed colleague Swedish Hans Rosling´s book Factfulness that was recommended by Bill Gates as well. 

The Utrecht chairs by Gerrit T. Rietveld for Cassina from 1935  in stitched green wool is the stand out furniture at Ett Hem supplying that personal style  that I just love!

To my great surprise and joy I met my very good friend Johan Hellström at the Cay Bond Lecture. 

Cay at the head of the table. We are 10 people that have listened to the lecture and now lunch is waiting and discussions run high. 

Lovely set up and attention to detail as usual at Ett Hem. The handmade plates from Birgitta Watz are  gems in my eyes. 

Flowers, bread and butter enhances life, don´t you think? 

Skrei cod in a grilled (!)  cream sauce with  asparagus and green peas tastes so good I need to try this grilled cream first thing. The hand with the tasteful ring belongs by Lisa that is one of the  designers at Baumgarten Di Marco that uses the leftovers from the diamond industry to create their jewelry. Lisa is the one saying good bye to Cay in the video below as well. 
Not only is the lecture inspiring but the guests are as well. 

The cosy sofa corner is located in the conservatory right beside the dining table where we take our tasty lunch.

Now time has come for my Question to Cay of : How do you show that your home is updated according to the tendencies&trends of 2018 best? This is her answer in Swedish since I forgot that I had decided to ask in english...

Feeling inspired and filled with new thoughts and ideas I will be able to share with you. Tack återigen Cay for en härligt inspirerande eftermiddag på Ett Hem. 

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Thank your for the photo Johan!


Meeting Jamie Oliver

Everyone wanted a shot of Jamie Oliver at Eurocucina at Milano Salone del Mobile  

Salone del Mobile and Jamie Oliver in action. It was 20 years ago the Naked Chef took off and Jamie is proving his pure professionalism during a live cook out at the Kitchen Aid release party. 

Showing off in the best way how he has perfected his communication of cooking in front of the camera and his passion for Italian food. 

Where better to show that then in Italy during the world renowned Eurocucina in Milan. 

In the videos I shot of the live cook out where Jamie makes seafood linguine he also shares his own home chef secrets of how you can be a master in your kitchen the Jamie Oliver way. Here we go! 

 A seafood linguini prop set up before Jamie starts. 

The Kitchen Aid induction stove lets you set your pot anywhere on the glass surface. The sensors providing it with the amount of heat you have chosen. Naturally there is a gas stove versions if you prefer and the stainless steel kitchen island is a bespoke assortment where you can have the oven of your own meassurements. 

There is a black new stainless steel kitchen hardware that I just fell in love with, that you see here. 

Just think of what you could cook on the 38 cm induction wok hob as part of your kitchen. I can surely see myself woking away here. 

Jamies secret to using all of the food we buy and not throwing away as much as we do now is keeping a food, vegetable and fruit archive in the freezer. 
To store as clever and small as possible his tip is to use ziplock bags of the kind that can be washed and reused. 
Kept in a larger container you can have an archive of everything from leftover parsley to tomato sauce ready to just heat up from a bag in your freezer (instead of buying one that does not taste anything) 

 Cooking for that stressful meal when  everyone is waiting is made much easier when half of the meal is done and waiting in the freezer to be heated up along with the seafood and pasta that just takes 10-15 min and then you have a seafood linguini just like Jamie in 15 min. 

The interest at Salone del Mobile for Jamies cooking during Eurocucina was enormous. We were invited to stay right next to the live broadcast and it was magical to see the pro in action. 

Look at  Jamie when he is done with his "home" version of his fast food linguini. 

I must say it was such a pleasure seeing and meeting Jamie IRL. Great to taste his food cooked under this media pressure and find out it tastes just wonderful.

So impressed with what Jamie Oliver has done in the past 20 years and happy to see that he is not settling down, but taking on new adventures and sharing his knowledge and joy for cooking and eating with us.

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Cherry blossom hues

Cherry blossom hues goes great with copper greens.

Stockholm is filled with cherry blossoms at the moment. Amazing beauty. Instagram accounts linked to the capitol of Sweden reflect it. The entire scale of pink-purple, with brown trunks and a touch of green leaves are so incorporated in the latest 2018 color trends that nothing could be more up to date if you add some dark reds as well to the taupe to rose scheme. 

It is amazing how long we have had an influence of different pink hues around. The major one now being a bit more dirty grayish pink tone that in Swedish is called  Gammalrosa, that would be Old Pink in English if translated badly by me. Made into a home it would look like this. 

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The living room created by Cleo Scheulderman for Dutch magazine VT Wonen photographed by Jeroen van der Spek

Kitchen från taupe to rose from VT Wonen.

Cleo Scheulderman and Jeroen van der Spek for VT Wonen. 

The cherry trees of Kungsträdgården, Stockholm in full bloom. Shot by me in evening light.