JS HEM X mas

 Beloved christmas ornaments from Day Home www.day.dk

Blackboard ornament - draw your own X mas www.granit.com


MY MOOOI answers

1.Do you know Moooi without googling it?

---- Dutch design company MOOOI www.moooi.com
started by Marcel Wanders and Caspar Vissers in 2001.  

2.Do you know the chair in the picture?

----- The chair is called Monster chair and is designed by Marcel Wanders

3.Do you like the ad?

------ I love the beautiful girl who does not fulfill the typical standard type of woman used in ads. LOVE that!

4.Do you have a favorite Moooi piece in your home?

-------- I do not own anything from MOOOI. 

5.Do you know what Moooi means and what language it is ? 

--------- MOOOI is dutch if you take away one of the O it means beautiful and the founders say that the extra O stands for the extra the brand gives!

My love of Moooi started with the Random Light by Bertjan Pot - most of the photos for Moooi are shot by amazing dutch photographer Erwin Olaf.

Continued big with the floor lamp Brave New World designed by the design duo Fresh West.

Looking forward to my next MOOOI love.