Salvage Summer

Salvage Summer by pressing all of your botanical favorites made into artful interior decoration.  Photo Fiona Ruhe Styling Marianne Luning

There are interior magazines 
and then there are 
Inspirational Interior Magz like 
Dutch VT Wonen

Se efter var jag tror att Hanna Wendelbo skulle gilla att jobba. Längst ner.

The drying process 
becomes a decorative unique 
touch to your space. 

Salvage Summer Interior Inspo

This interior dream space I call Salvage Summer is so full of botanical beauty inspo completed with precise aesthetics and makes me quite happy  just looking at! 

Did you see the blogpost on KRISTIINA ?


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Visst ser det ut som om Hanna Wendelbo ska komma in vilken sekund som helst? 
Tror i alla fall hon kommer gilla inlägget.  


Salvador Dalí Portlligat sunbed

The Portlligat Sunbed from 1962 
is one of Dalí´s own furniture projects

art edition reproduction 
of this very personal design piece 
made  by Salvador Dalí  
for him and his wife Gala´s 
house and garden in Portillgat, 
Costa Brava, Spain. 

The sunbed has a head,

torso, ribs,

arms, legs

and feet. 

The original was made in olive tree wood but this reproduction has been produced in Iroko wood which is also referred to as African teak and is a hardwood from the west coast of tropical Africa. 

A sunbed is a fun bed as you see.

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Roberto Burle Marx M U B E

I know the color looks weird but this is what you get on a semicloudy day in Sao Paulo. The intense light so perfectly shaded. Everything pops. Look at Marcello to the far left. He looks pretty spot on colorwise with a slight tan. Also when he crosses his arms like that and looks right at me without speaking I know that I have been spending to much time taking pictures and can we please move on!  

The first time for me ever here at 
Here to see the exhibit on artist, landscape architect and true renaissance man namely Roberto Burle Marx

So this is Rio de Janeiro on the boardwalk right by Avenida Atlantica by Rua Farme de Amoedo. This pattern here in Ipanema is a continuation of Roberto Burle Marx plan in Copacabana in the 70´s. The pattern that has become the mark of Rio de Janeiro to many.  

is where Roberto Burle Marx has created the landscape and sculpture garden that supplies the outstanding backdrop to the building created by one of my favorite Brazilian architects 
Paolo Mendes da Rocha.

Read the Designboom article 
on PM Da Rocha 

The sculpture garden at MUBE above ground has temporary exhibit as well as permanent pieces. 

The minimalism meeting nature 
feeling you get when you see if from 
the corner of the park is astounding. 
This is a place I want to revisit.  
I know that is a weird statement but hopefully the rest of the article will answer the questions you might have. 

The black organic shaped flooring is a temporary way of showing the intentions of Burle Marx that were never implemented in the final draft that was part of the exhibit on Burle Marx that just ended a month ago here at MUBE ( Sadly I have found not other language then Portuguese in the communication of MUBE so it is museum with NO other language than Brazilian Portuguese online....or on location for that matter)

The museum 
is all under ground,
so here we go! 

Oh... one more sculpture I fell for before we take the stairs or elevator down to the underground museum of MUBE...

 For me the first time I heard about Roberto  Burle Marx was when I came to Rio de Janeiro many moons ago.  

Burle Marx saw himself as a painter first and a landscape architect second. 

The boardwalks and parks of Rio are what you fondly remember from the Brazilian city set by the sea. The patterns and the stones of black and white that follows the sea is part of the Portuguese heritage that  Burle Marx implemented into the heart of Brazil. Roberto Burle Marx is highly admired in South&North America but I´m not sure of how well known he is in the rest of the world. 

This fun colorful textile danced. All of a sudden the textile starts spinning and you see
 a whole other pattern. 

It made me curios to know if Swedes in general know of Burle Marx 
as he is commonly called. 
I have had questions about Burle Marx on my Insta stories to see if my readers have heard about Burle Marx but have not had much of an answer. 

Burle Marx collected plants and they were also showcased under glass at MUBE According to Sotheby
Who are are selling art by Mr Burle Marx at the moment  :
Burle Marx is famous for his distinctive landscape designs featuring curved walkways, water features, exotic flora and the uses striking abstract patterns, he not only shaped parks, gardens and iconic public spaces, but is credited with bringing modernist landscape architecture to Brazil, and making impressive and notable contributions to plant exploration and conservation.  

So for all of you who do not know of 
Burle Marx 
you have sooooooo much to look forward 2 

Experiencing Roberto Burle Marx 
that in my opinion is an 
artist on so many levels that 
renaissance man 
best describes him.

The artist Burle Marx

Roberto Burle Marx (August 4, 1909 – June 4, 1994) was a Brazilian landscape architect (as well as a painter, print maker, ecologist, naturalist, artist and musician) whose designs of parks and gardens made him world-famous. He is accredited with having introduced modernist landscape architecture to Brazil. He was known as a modern nature artist and a public urban space designer. His work had a great influence on tropical garden design in the 20th century. Water gardens were a popular theme in his work. He was deftly able to transfer traditional artistic expressions such as graphic designtapestry and folk artinto his landscape designs. He also designed fabrics, jewellery and stage sets.
He was one of the first people to call for the conservation of Brazil's rainforests. More than 50 plants bear his name. He amassed a substantial collection of plants at his home, including more than 500 philodendrons.

How can you anything but love a man that proudly poses with leaves larger than life and having a great time doing it!  ROBERTO BURLE MARX DURING A BOTANICAL EXPEDITION IN ECUADOR, 1974. PHOTOGRAPH BY LUIZ KNUD 

For all of you that are in NYC
at the New York Botanical Garden’s Burle Marx exhibit :

Roberto Burle Marx see the magic of Brazil 
 at @nybg  

Roberto Burle Marx, Rooftop Garden, 
Ministry of Education and Public Health, Rio de Janeiro , Built 1938.


Go Glamping with us

Anette Floss painted the the gorgeous
painting chosen for our Glamping tent. 

Go Glamping with us and enjoy the outdoors with a tent fit for royalty.  The tent of our choice is 6 m in diameter and 3 meters high at the center pole. 

This type of tent is really generous with space and you can easily fit a double bed and a table for four people inside and still have lots of room. 

When it comes to bed think inflatable matress or other easy to carry type of arrangement. When it comes to tables to eat 
around think foldable. 

All to make the travel and assembly of the equipment as easy as possible. If you want to see more of the tent and find out where you find it scroll down. 

Below film shows how cosy the glamping tent is at night with lanterns and candles lit : 

Almost hard to understand that this small package contains this big tent!

The Swedish excellent radio show Stil tells the whole story and more about what Glamping is. Here is more on this in Swedish:

För dig som vill veta mer om Glamping så lyssna på det utmärkta programmet Stil : 
- en bekväm (eller beklämmande) stil för vistelse i naturen. 

Nu när sommaren är här och semestern hägrar ska vi ta en titt på ett fenomen som kombinerar två till 
synes oförenliga komponenter – 

A comfortable bed is a must. Who wants to sleep on the floor? The inflatable double bed matresses that has a built in pump to which you need electricity to pump is what we choose to have a real comfy bed. 

Then just go crazy with textiles and make it as cosy as possible. 
All above is Jimsch 
from bedware to coffey mug. 

Extra candles means extra cosy. 
Lanterns that protect and cover the candlelight are preferred.

The bamboo lantern comes in two sizes 
and the black metal 
and glass lantern comes 
in 3 sizes at Jimsch

Carpets on the floor helps with the cosy feel and makes the floor so comfy i just sat down. Our recycled leather and jute carpet at Jimsch is just perfect here and easy to roll up and pack. 

To show that Glamping can be done anywhere you like we put up the fantastic tent we have chosen from Friluftsvaror smack in the middle of Stockholm, but next time we go Glamping a lake view or on the mountain in the forest. Right now this tent is on a lower price than it has been for a long time.  
Where do you want to go Glamping? 

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Virgil Abloh c/o VITRA 2019-2035

Not first to tell this story but I do it all in my own time.
Did you see the Vitra exhibit that Virgil Abloh did in June 2019? 

June 12th at the Fire Station at the Vitra Campus this year 
Virgil Abloh artist, architect and designer created a personal exhibit of a fictitious teenager from the year 2019 following him/her/hen (never heard of hen? Check the Swedish language latest word additions)  
into the year 2035.  

Mr Cool Entrepreneur himself: Virgil Abloh. As the first American of African descent to be namned artistic director at a French luxury fashion house he is the epitome of entrepreneurship to me. 

Personally I heard  about Virgil Abloh 
the first time when he became the 
Artistic Director of Luis Vuitton´s mens wear 
in March 2018. 

Abloh is born 30 September 1980 (so he will be 40 next year)  and is a trained architect, entrepreneur, artist and DJ and entered the International fashion world with an internship at Fendi in 2009 alongside rapper Kanye West

The two creative colleagues&friends began 
an artistic collaboration that would 
launch Abloh´s career into founding the 
Milan based fashion house 
Off-White in 2013. 

Abloh´s Vitra exhibit 

Abloh uses the two sections 'Past/Present' and 'Tomorrow' to focus on the interaction between people and their home environment as they move from adolescence to adulthood. 

How might the evolution of technology and changes in society affect our homes? 

Together with the Ceramic Blocks, which can be seen as the symbolic cornerstones of the installation, both Prouvé designs will be launched in a small limited edition as exhibition spin-offs.

To what extent does our environment influence our life path, our tastes and the decisions we make over time?

Virgil Abloh furnished the installation with diverse furniture and objects, including pieces by 
Charles and Ray Eames, 
Eero Aarnio or 
Jean Prouvé 
– some in their original form, 
others creatively altered. 

Fascinated by the designs of Jean Prouvé, he had a particular interest in exploring the Frenchman's work: 

(Abloh)  - I loved the idea of introducing some Prouvé classics to a generation today that might not know the importance of his work. 

Abloh reinterpreted the Antony armchair and Petite Potence wall lamp in the context of TWENTYTHIRTYFIVE.

Virgil Abloh does VITRA

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