Door job

This is how it looks before I start painting. The tape really does the job.

Painting the doors upstairs black or S 8500 as I use is a meticulous job. The blue tape really does the job. If you are painting 90 degrees corners this tape that is a prefab corner is a great help.
The glassdoors really look stunning in their new color. Even the handle that has a wooden grip gets paint.


The best

The decision to build the veranda around the house is the best I have done. The deck that wraps around the house has been where we have spent every hour this summer. Having parts of the veranda under roof even makes it a place to enjoy when it rains.
The picture shows the back of the house which among other things holds a table and this is also where the grapes grow so well due to a direct southern exposure.
So happy we saved the old wall to follow as a distinct but wonderfully worn such.
The picture is taken from the window in the study upstairs, which is where we are putting the energy right now to make it ready. Have a wonderful day :)


Eating out

Eating outside is a treat this time of year. So wonderful to set the table outdoors. Nothting tastes better than a grilled meal outside. I let my surplus apples be the decoration this evening. Candles is always a part of a dinner setting. Using a potted plant as the center piece is a favorite of mine. Will hang the simple glass jars with tea candles in the tree when it gets dark.
Love the August nights.



Weird but I would like this color and material combo. White smooth door, pale wood frame and black house. I will paint the frame black this time but good to remember. The house number found its right place on the front door. Love this font. Used the same font indoors. Its the same as my logo for my company. Sorry for not being here yesterday wishing you all a wonderful warm summery weekend.


The naming of the house

A name and a ladder was needed.

Got good help.

The house at lake Uttran is now named : Ensta Strand. Decided finally on the name when we took out the old windows that on the side still held a note from the 50´s, with our house adress at that time called : Ensta Strand - not the street name we have nowadays.
So that was it. The house got its name.
Ensta Strand is also the name of this piece of land that holds mine and the neighboring houses.
Happy to own a house with a name.


Soomkai has landed

First I saw the chicken coops on the streets everywhere in Thailand and thought : That could become a great lamp. Thought and done. Made the drawings with Vidar and here we are.
A lamp produced by hand by chicken coop makers outside of Bangkok to be a lamp that I love that now the very first one hangs in my guest room, and what a guest room it becomes with such a stunning lamp. Thank you Per Magnus&Ann Persson and Watt&Veke for making this possible.
Soomkai is chicken coop in Thai.


Outdoor lighting

The black lantern outdoor lighting has been sitting on the ground or on the table for a long time but now they are finally in place. Wanted them to hang on the wall, but also be mobile so you can move them around when you feel like sitting somewhere new a beautiful night in August listning to the song of the crickets.

Brackets hold the lanterns in place, but they can be removed if needed.

The light at night is so amazing, due to the wonderful shadows made by the lantern. Almost could not go to sleep last night after both lanterns were mounted. Just wanted to stay up and enjoy the night lit by my new outdoor lanterns and listen to the song of the crickets.

Had no idea that crickets got this huge...

These old romantic chairs clash so well with my other outdoor furniture.
Missmatching is a must.

The second lantern is right by the guestroom door. Monted slightly higher than the one in front.
Happy I decided to put the electrictity outlets where I did. Can you see them about the highest bracket ? The are black so they dissapear in a nice way.


Seeds of beauty

I collect all type of seeds, dried plants and pine cones. All that I find laying around in the garden, on walks in the forest or just on trips abroad.
Just like I collect seashells I collect seeds and nuts.
Though when placed on Swedish glassdesigner Ingegerd Råman´s low bowl Pond,
everyting is beautiful.
Have a wonderful weekend



The view

We at number 41 by Uttran took down 1 and half tree and won some more view.
Been wanting to do it for a long time, and now finally it was taken care of.
Will also win more wood for the fireplace. Clearly a win-win situation :)


Front veranda is getting ready

Apple branches
Erik brought this bench made from old loghouses. You can see how the wood has aged. Just beautiful. Think we have to make low, sofa-ish and low beds from this material and offcourse big tables !! Would you like one ? I sure would.

The simple way to make a plastic pot look good.

The black outdoor lamps are in place and has electricity but need to be hanged. When all of the lighting turns on at 22 ( 10 pm ) its so nice. To have the house welcome you with the lights on and a big smile when you arrive is wonderful.
Apple branches is the mantra of the week ( and hopefully more...)
This is the table that we will show for the first time at Formex Fair. Sad that I have to be without it. Have grown completely attached to it.

The bench where I sit every morning holds my old lovable cushions.
My demiJohn´s are my favorite outdoor vase. The apple branches are now perfect size to fit them. Decorating with what the garden gives such pleasure, because I can not make applepie from all of them the apples - they are sooooo many. You can not use all the fruit because the garden is overflowing so decorating with fruit branches is my new thing. Next are the pears.



Sallad for lunch ?

Its the little things!

Living by a lake and keeping the souvenirs from the ocean close to my heart.
Water in all forms is inspiring.

Working from home has advantages.

Maybe I should get a boat?

Natural beauty
Think I will do a shoot here for my new outdoor lamp end of aug...
Powerwalk along the lake makes me think better.
Ok. Some news first
Publicera inlägg
To Do today...
Breakfast. The black currents tastes so good when you just picked them off the bush.
Good morning

This is my friday so far in pictures.
Wish you all a wondeful weekend.



Thoughts in rain

Love the old garbage can

Since the weather been so dreary for the past days I was looking at photos of a couple of weeks ago. All taken on or from the veranda which is were we spend our time, when its NOT raining that is...



Water of all kinds inspire me. Our lake Uttran I see almost everyday and love seeing the changes. This picture I took at the west coast of Sweden at Getterön where my family lives. Remember the picture made into wallpaper in my bathroom is taken at the same place.
Liquid beauty.



Loving Guests that leave a mark like this. Who wouldn´t ?
Jessika Jarl who shot all my lovely portraits and who took all the pictures for the Jimmy Schönning HEM wallpapers came over with her family. Who she drew at the lamp/messageboard I love that hangs in my hallway. Thank you for a lovely day Family Jarl.
At www.jessika.se you find more about Jessika