Concrete electricity

The choice to let the electricity partly run in metal piping on top of the walls really stand out and is a statement and I´m very happy with. My Beloved and I have been in such agreement over this and that is also a plus I must say

Outlets in 40´s European style in black makes a difference. 

The ceiling outlets for the kitchen lamp+ ceiling outlet if we would like to connect something on the kitchen table for easy use. 

So you see the piping runs all over and creates a pattern in a wonderful unique way.

Time also today to oil the concrete floor. Using Osmo hard wax oil 3032  that works for concrete. 

Wanting the floors to not be shiny and perfect we have not polished them to perfection before oling them on purpose. 

We have made them look like the are the old floors and now oiling them do get a deep grey and a worn wonderful patina.


Cement flooring

The whole process has taken so long I can not even begin to tell you.
First we saw so many company´s that we discarded that offered to take care of doing and delivering the cement flooring. In the floor naturally the electricicty has to go and the heating so that has to been done before, but we met so many that charged so much it was ridiculous.
Finally we found the right company to deliver the cement and that is what the truck is doing right now - the cement is flowing from the truck through the pipe and into the Stable where we together with a hired help ,specialiced in cement, take care of the flow of grey masses.

Feels soooo good we finally are getting our cement flooring!


A attic with a view

The walls are made new. Shining them with a new layer of cement. 

The new cement against the old. 

The beauty of the old beams against the grey of the cement walls. 

So  much is going on! The walls are being taken perfect care of inside in the open plan kitchen and living room getting a new coat of cement. 

On the attic the triangular window is in place. Amazing!! It looks just made for the house from the start. Almost happy the old window was in such a bad shape.  Wait until you see what a wonderful view it creates for the bedroom. 
Could not be better. 
The Stable is taken large leaps towards becoming a home. What a great feeling that is.


Show off electricity

To get all the electricity we need for modern living in the old stables we have a old way of going about it. Instead of trying to fit all of the cables for electricity needed in the walls, we will show of some of them in the way that Stables did when electricity was a new comodity and was drawn in to old Stables that had none before. One used metall piping and dividers like the one above. So instead of all the trends of hiding electricity wiring we will do all we can to show it of.

Piping in white metal is what we are going for. Some of the wiring will go in the wall and be hidden in the floor, but some will be shown off.

The metal piping will be held in place by these small plates.

This is the work of our electrician, who marks what will go where on the walls.

Lots of work is put in by our electrician now to get all the cables and wiring for everything needed in the Stable from kitchen appliances to bedroom lighting. Since some of it will go in the floor and after that the cement floor will be poured out it needs to be perfect!


Ryosuke Fukusada

Can do nothing but love this bathroom series from Japanese Ryosuke Fukusada that after studying in Europe and working for Studio Urquiola opened his own Studio in Kyoto.


Upstairs action

From here you see the opening in the upstairs floor and where Im standing taking the picture is about where the bed will go. Now its time to decide about the color of the wooden floor. The half mooon window put in by the former owner sadly is so rotten from water that has come through it, due to the bad installing. We have to think of getting a new window before this falls down sadly...

We have just opened the floor for the coming staircase

Really like the  window that is over the eastern entrance door. It makes the ceiling look taller and lets in the sun in such a beautiful way in the evening.


The slanting walls/ceiling and the beams aswell as the floor has to be painted. The  ceiling/walls will be white but the wooden floor wants color. Green color. 

Checking the chart to make a decision in the daylight.

S 3060-G40Y är vad det blir.  Since we are two to decide in this house I can not take charge of everyting even when it comes to interiors - we both have to have our opinions in our home. The compromise made is this color...and if we change our minds....we can always paint again.

-AND GREEN IT IS!!!       

Chickencage recycling

Really proud I must say that when we tore out almost all of the walls of the Stables on demolition day, the panels that we could save+some chicken net became our chickencages in our bird house that will hold chickens maybee som quail and ducks. We did not have to buy any wood at all to be able to build it. That´s real recycling!

All cages with an opening so that the birds can come out everyday but sleep and stay indoors when the weather is bad.