Lucerna lantern at Jimsch

Lighting candles the morning of the first snow of winter. 
Lucerna lantern comes in three sizes. This is small. 

To be able to hang 6 lanterns above the table like an alternative Jimschified chandelier I designed a holder that you can hang in the ceiling and that can hold 6 lights. 

Just drop me a mail if you would like a bespoke lantern holder and create your own chandelier with our lanterns. 

Welcome on Sunday 1 December as well as all the Advent Sundays in December 12-18 at 

Jimsch Södermalm 
Lundagatan 35 

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First Advent Sunday 1 December at Jimsch Södermalm

Welcome to Jimsch Södermalm on Sunday 1-22 December 12-18, Lundagatan 35, Stockholm-Monday closed. 
See more of the masks of Umasqu on their website. 

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Decembermys på Söder

Anders Burén och Gela Forsell bjuder till Författarkväll den 11 dec

Redan från första till fjärde advent 
så bjuder vi på Decembermys, inspiration och shopping på 
Lundagatan 35 
hos Jimsch på Södermalm 12-18 
eller kanske 19isch...
och 20ish på 
onsdagen den 11 December.  

 Decembermys hos Jimsch Södermalm
alla dagar utom måndagar i December 
fram till 
4 Advent som är den 22 December.   

Vi tänder ljus, njuter bästa julmusiken och har 
julklappsinslagning såklart. 

Gela Forsell lever som hon lär och använder sin egen design. 

Hos oss shoppar du Mod Stockholm  bambu klockor och glasögon 
och ett juligt urval av Jimsch inredning. 

Mod Stockholm klockor och helt unika 
glasögon som julklappar. 

Ljusstakar och vaser för Jul&Nyår som presenter för 2020 

Tallrikar, fat och Jimsch tillbringare 
Bring it gör vi juliga klappar av till dig. 

LUCIA så firar vi såklart.

Välkomna till Södermalm 
och Jimsch 
på Lundagatan 35. 
Närmaste T bana är Zinkensdamm 

1-22 December hemma hos oss

Hitta Julklapparna och bli 
inspirerad hos oss.

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A baroque Christmas Artilleriet style


The holiday season we love 
to dress up is here. The standard Scandi Xmas 
is usually quite white&light filled and therefor the 
baroque inspired Christmas table 
that the trend leading interior store in Scandinavia,  Artilleriet is showing 2019 
is very inspiring to me.  

 Giovanni Baglione Sacred and Profane Love. 1602–1603, showing dramatic compositional chiaroscuro

Baroque painting often dramatizes scenes using CHIAROSCURO LIGHT EFFECTS that can be seen in works by Rembrandt, Vermeer, Caravaggio and Giovanni Baglione as you see in painting above.  

Chiaroscuro in art is the use of strong contrasts between light and dark, usually bold contrasts affecting a whole composition. 


The natural darkness that surrounds us from November - February in Scandinavia is the perfect setting for the dramatic contrast of the Chiaroscuro effect

By providing only candle light in a room you achieve the Chiaroscuro effect easily anytime after 17.oo/5 pm. 


Clearly creative & fun tree deco above all found at Artilleriet webshop or at their physical store in Gothenburg. The Artilleriet Christmas 2019 is described as : 

Light and darkness in a magical symbiosis. The harsh winter outside, lit candles and the overwhelming beauty of the set table inside. Finally time to socialize. This is why We Love Christmas!


When it comes to INTERIORS in general 

I prefer an eclectic approach. 

A personal mix of old, new and trendy and as for Christmas its just perfect. 

Artilleriet shows the 
style of 2019 and adds: 

We think that the atmosphere of Christmas 

should be inspired by your individual 
style and liking. 
We favor an mix of objects that generate a 
unique sense of variation and holiday spirit.

Is this a X mas style to your liking? 

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24th floor design duplex in Curitiba

This duplex in Curitiba, Brazil has everything you can ask for in the middle of the city. Lots of sunlight and an incredible view over the Barigui Park, the biggest park of Curitiba, on one side, and on the other a urban view of the main avenues of this 1,9 million inhabitants large city. 

The clients of this blank duplex (two floors)the two newlyweds, had just returned home from their honeymoon when Giuliano Marchiorato Arquitetos were finished. 

The living room boasts two Oscar Niemeyer 70´s chairs that you see the back of in this shot. 

Room for social life. 

The guest bathroom entrance with freijo wood panels covered walls. 

Duplex drawing of two fantastic floors. 
Second floor : All bedrooms have private bathrooms. Check the walk in closet!

The Giuliano Marchiorato Arquitetos approach was to create a layout that streamlines and orchestrates the uses, designed with a small palette of materials: freijó wood, the scale of ashes and the hides (leather and fur) 

From these, the palette were defined and then applied  as finishes, secondary elements, and the derivations that dictates the rhythm of the design. 

Thus, escaping from the excesses and creating a sophisticated harmony between the outside frames and the internal spaces.

1st floor of the duplex

 The open plan solution does not incorporate the kitchen. The dining area,  living room as well as the viewing room are opened up as social areas whereas the kitchen is closed off. 

The whole back wall in marble 
as well as the oversized
sink with the sloping wash board. 

The mirror following the entire wall  set on top of the marble with a led light behind makes for a  true stone experience, showing off the material in the best way. 

Really like the black plain toilet as well. 

Outdoor on the 24th floor with a open fireplace 
for those cosy fire side nights. 

The wood panels from Freijo wood that is native to Brazil and as a FSC marked wood also is sold to the rest of the world due to its good quality and teak like quality and looks. 

Dining table easy sits 8. Check the pentagonal ceiling led light. 

is an international non profit organization
established int 1993 to promote responsible mangement of the world's forests. FSC does this by setting standards on forest products, along with certifying and labeling them as eco-friendly. 

Bedroom bliss.

Thank your Archilovers

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