A W A I T E D | amaryllis

Awaited amaryllis in a ring of hyacinth sat in moss. Really like a big round pot for this and it does not have be one suited for it. I always just use what I love.

Every year before Christmas I get amaryllis as a plant/bulb along with hyacinths.  The smell of hyacinth and the amazing grace and beauty of amaryllis is an unbeatable combo. I usually get cut flower amaryllis as well, but seeing the whole powerful process from bulb to blooming flower in such a short time is nothing short of a miracle every time.

W R A P P I N G | time

Time to wrap the gifts. 
This year as I went through all the papers I discard for not printing right from my home printer, I came up with the idea of using the still nice looking side of the normal print paper to wrap with.  

The normal size printing paper does not work for large gift packages, but for small ones they are perfect. 
Instead of throwing the papers out  or keeping them in pile...as I have, for "later" use  (that never happens...) I made Christmas wrapping out of them. Used our Christmas card front as the finishing touch. The wax seal makes it look a lot like Christmas to me.

Have a good gift wrapping Sunday.



A L L | about the tree

Photo www.pmpersson.com

/ Jimmy


P O S T | greetings

For me to get a letter the old fashioned snail mail way is a treat. Not so much the ones you know has to do with your bills, but the other kind. 

The kind you see and get this good sense within just from spotting it. The envelope that speaks to you. I did not send X mas cards for many years, but I have started again. I don´t send hundreds. I send a few selected ones to friends and family that I want them to know I feel for them. 
To make, write, seal and send off these is the start of the  holiday feeling for me. 


Since it is so easy to have your own cards made, I just made mine online inserting my own pictures. The window on the card is the old stable windows the first winter before we changed them. They looked so amazing as the winter cold crept in, but did not keep the cold out, so they had to go. But - thanks to these pictures that now came to be the X mas cards I will never forget them.


A D V E N T | suede sale

My suede adventure started at my parents with my mother whom many call Mocka Marianne. Mocka is Suede in Swedish. 

My mother has designed and sold her own suede brand 
Mocka of Sweden
since I was a kid, so from idea to reality in creating a small line of suede interior accessories, was not very far
 I had very good help with the start up and knew long before it was done what I wanted the design to look like.

Both pillows, runner and throw are things I use at home myself and like a lot. 
So therefor it is easy for me to sell and talk about this amazingly beautiful and long lasting material. 

You find more info about the suede series at the webshop found through www.jimmyschonning.com

Thank you for stopping by today. Hoping you will find a gift (or four)  to yourself or your loved ones today. 

We start at 00.00 the 13th of December, Advent&St Lucia, and end the half price at 00.00. 

Just email your  suede request and write ADVENT in the subject column to js@jimmyschonning.com

 Happy Holidays and Merry X mas!


Photo Peter Knutsson

Table runner

Pillow Nr 1&2 and throw

Suede cover nr 2 60x60 on the floor.


Nr 1 Suede pillow cover. Front&back suede. Hidden zipper. 40x40cm 870 sek * ADVENT price 435 sek

 Nr 3 Suede throw 130x180 cm. See it spread in the pictures above, 3000 sek * ADVENT price 1500 sek

 Nr 4 Suede Runner 50x130 cm, 940 sek * ADVENT price 470 sek

Nr 2 Suede pillow cover 60x60. Hidden zipper. Front&back suede, 1 100 sek * ADVENT price 550 sek



 Holiday season. December in Sweden is cold. Sometimes there is snow. Sometimes there is just darkness and rain in the southern parts where we live, whilst in the North there is usually enough snow for skiing this time of year.

Sun sets at 3.30 pm this season. St Lucia, the 13th of December is thought to be the longest night. The most darkness you can experience in our hoods. In historic times equal to mysterious happenings. 

 Your home is your sanctuary. To celebrate the light as you do for St Lucia the 13th of December is a joy. 

To gather for four Advent Sundays at home is to get together and just enjoy food and drink indoors.

To love to be together.  To enjoy the warmth and light. To get out of the winter darkness. To make the most of it. 

All interiors photographed by my long time friend and superskilled photographer Per Magnus Persson and created by me. 



3 | one two three four

On Sunday the 13 th, 3rd Advent we will have a suede gift bonanza to make x mas gifting easier. All 4 JS HEM suede items will be half of the normal prize for just one day.



WINNER | hannah jinkins

Hannah Jinkins won last night the 
HM Design Award 2016 at the Royal Collage of Art in London. Last week I listened to Li Edelkoort in Copenhagen talking about the life style, interior and fashion trends of 2016 and workwear was one of the reccuring fashion promises of 2016. Here is Hannah Jinkins vision of FW 2016, and I just really love it. The circle of life and trends. This style will truly impact interiors as well as fashion&lifestyle. 



A D V E N T | suede special

Jimmy Schönning HEM firar andra advent med att erbjuda halva priset på äkta exklusiva mocka kuddfodral nr 1. 40x40cm 870 kr/ idag 435 kr och Nr 2. 60x60cm 1 100 kr/idag 550 kr maila idag till


skriv ADVENT i ämnesraden så sänder vi dina kuddfodral.

Mjukaste mocka i både fram och baksida. Dragkedja med mocka detalj. 
Ha en riktigt skön och 
lat andra advent.

Advent half price on our suede cushion covers  
nr 1. 40x40cm 870 sek/ 
today 435 sek 
Nr 2. 60x60cm 1 100 sek/ 
today 550 sek 

free delivery within Sweden. 

Email your order today to js@jimmyschonning.com and write ADVENT in the subject column. Naturally we ship to you.

Seasons greetings