Inspired lighting

The making of:
Mounting the undercover lamp just like sheet rock, with only the electricity cords as the exeption.

After spackling and the firs coat of
basic white paint it looks good.

Up and down light in the same light makes for good atmosphere lighting.

Fringes did wonders and was the idea of Lighting Designer Svante Petterson whom I worked with to do the lighting for this TV project for Äntligen Hemma DIY show at channel 4 in Sweden.
Check out Svantes blog here

Fringes make the light much softer. Here its also used as a decorative effect.

The right type of lighting at the right place.
What do you need ?

The lamp embedded in the wall and with the right wall color.



Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.
Art is knowing which ones to keep.

Scott Adams


Jimmy Wants

This friday I would love to get this handmade floor lamp made from recycled copper pipes.
Found it at Grandpa, but it has been made in 5 ex and they all sold out. I so understand though.

Skulle gärna gå och skaffa mig golvlampan på bilden på Grandpa på Södermannagatan på Södermalm i Stockholm som jag känner väl då min lägenhet jag flyttade från till huset här vid Uttran låg där.

Rather have a Giraffe than a Grasshopper :)

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend


Ella Fitzgerald - Someone To Watch Over Me

The original I can not forget. Ella. For ever.

Amy Winehouse - Someone to watch over me (Ella Fitzgerald cover)

I miss you Amy

Dusty Springfield, Someone to watch over me

Dusty does for me today

Textile haven

In this vintage Äntilgen Hemma the textiles was the major make over. The four poster bed got curtains of different feel and texture and the bed was made as soft an inviting as possible with an overload of cushions among which we made our own from wonderfully worn old jeans. Which still is such a good idéa.

What I also like with this interior solution is to hang a large ceiling lamp in the middle of the bed and use a large floor lamp as the bedside lamp. The collage was produced from left over pieces of wallpaper combined with lovely photos that were cut into squares.

The feel of the bedrom gets very warm and inviting even though we used blue tones which was the choice of the client.


Ord till tröst trots allt

Mycket är det som landar i inboxen. Då de senaste dagarna varit rejält jobbiga så var dessa ord faktiskt till hjälp :

Jag har lärt mig att oavsett vilken relation du har till dina föräldrar,

så kommer du att sakna dem när de inte finns där mer.

Jag har lärt mig att, skaffa sig pengar och saker,
är inte detsamma som att skapa sig ett liv.

Jag har lärt mig, att livet ibland ger dig en andra chans.
Jag har lärt mig att man inte kan gå igenom livet med en plockhandske på båda händerna.
Ibland måste man också kasta tillbaka bollen.

Jag har lärt mig, att när jag beslutar något direkt från hjärtat, så har jag också oftast tagit rätt beslut.

Jag har lärt mig, att även om jag har smärta, så behöver jag inte ge andra det.
Jag har lärt mig, att varje dag ska man sträcka ut handen till någon.
Alla behöver en varm tanke eller en vänlig klapp på axeln.

Jag har lärt mig, att jag fortfarande har mycket att lära.

Jag har lärt mig, att människor kommer att glömma bort vad du sagt och saker du gjort,
men de kommer aldrig att glömma hur du fick dem att känna sig.


Vintage DIY á la Suede

This hallway is a very small part of the work I´ve done for Äntligen Hemma.
Äntligen Hemma is DIY on TV in Sweden.

We put up the wallpaper, took the planks from the fence and made a vintage wall with them.

Printed the picture on glass to put up a window with personality.

Built a shelf to store the dvd´s, put in the floor and made a bookshelf out of an old tree branch.

Transform a minus space into it´t fullest potential to become a +space.

That´s what a DIY show is.

This DIY is now vintage. Swedish classics.



Use what you grow well and make a bench out of it. Saw this at the Milan fair and now I feel like I want to make my own.


Home made suede lamp

Why I now work with suede accessoires for the home certainly is due to growing up with a mother working with designing suede clothing

Check out her designs on this link.

My creative mother Marianne went about making this lamp for her kitchen using suede on a metal frame. It fits her house perfectly and I think its a stunning looking lamp in a gorgeous house.

With this I bid you a wonderful weekend my friends.


Svenskt Tenn upgrade

The Egyptian hand mirror was not produced until now in its true form. It was first made as a candle holder in 1928. Designed by Edwin Öhrström.
Estrid Ericson founded Svenskt Tenn in 1924 and now its been upgraded 2011 in the best way possible. It´s a must see for design lovers.

The exhibition at the store is a must see, must feel, must have type of display.

Estrid Ericsons old workspace has been been kept prestinely. She saved all newspaper clips on a roomdivider.

Estrids drawers were filled of semiprecious stones and simple and valuble gems. All collected to create.

Estrid Ericson loved tea, so now Svenskt Tenn has a tasteful Tea Saloon.

Love the Per Öberg coffeytable.LOVE.

Estrid Ericson´s studio where she and Josef Frank created design history together for Svenskt Tenn.

Flower arrangements made by Designerflorist Peter Odegaard

Svensk Tenn shines a beautiful light on history and upgrades with style to the future.



Crayfish and crab is plenty in October. I love it. It´s my favorite food. My mom&dad lives on the westcoast of sweden and went to the the harbor in Varberg before they drove up 500 kilometers to me. Tonight is about us and this lovely food from the ocean. Thank you Mom&Dad!


Moving indoors

Some of the Demijohn´s have moved in after a season outside and this one found a good place. All that can not stay out in the cold must now come in. Fall is here and soon winter...

Loving the patina of the scratched and beautiful surface of the old lockers in the otherwise very new hallway.

The Finkel bowl I so love found its place.

Must find out the name of my now favorite plant that just seem to so enjoy its new pot of this spring.

One of my black outdoor lamps came inside and found (at least for now) a new home in the small living room window overlooking the outdoor table on the veranda.

Lighting the scented candles can never be wrong.


Dreaming of making a bed like this on the veranda. Shot this when I was at the Setai in Miami. Went through my pictures & idea file and found I still love this type of bed outdoors. The wider and the more people it fits the better. Next summer!


Fall Foliage

The grapes are now soo sweet.The last ones always are.



As I came to Fogia today for a meeting I was asked if I had seen the app for iphone called Sketchbook, then Emelie who works at Fogia pulled out this sketch that she had done of me at my last lecture at Formex (Fair in Sthlm) in Sept using this app. Was so amazed both at how good Emilie is and how cool this app is. New tech - huh! - amazing.

Also note today that Sweden is on the top 10 list at Wallpaper magazine.
Congrats Dear Sweden. Luv ya :) We´re pretty cool after all ( just wait until it turns -30!!!)



To fall is to loose your balance

Apples of the fall

Pears of the fall

Leaves of the fall

Fall can be fruitful



Honestly. Why not use newspapers as wallpaper ? So handy. So easy. So cool.U think I´m kidding. But why not ?

Pic from Synnöve Mork exhibit at Formex.
Hanging lamp is Jimmy Schönning HEM Soomkai lamp.



Put a number to anything and it gets interesting.
Dont even know what these pipes serve as, but they look good with their painted numbers on them. Found them in the garage where I parked my car.


Low, lazy lounger

Have had a crush on this low and lazy lounger that doubles as clever storage for a long time. It just does it for me.It´s not new and did not come out last week. It´s simply sleek and memorable. Todd Bracher designed it. Wishing you all a good lazy weekend.


Misty shades of grey

Found myself in a fog and thoroughly enjoyed it. All these shades of grey and misty pixly views really work for me. Think I will make pictures of these photos. Grey is still such a favorite color. Ella Fitzgerald comes to mind. Misty.
Time to listen.


Spheric Soomkai

The Soomkai lamp in bamboo have been planned to have an equally handmade spheric sister. Would really like to see that come true.Looking at the plans and thinking that If we could make the half, we could surely realise the whole sphere. What do you think ?

Wikipedia says :

A sphere (from Greek σφαῖραsphaira, "globe, ball") is a perfectly round geometrical object in three-dimensional space, such as the shape of a round ball. Like a circle in two dimensions, a perfect sphere is completely symetrical around its center, with all points on the surface lying the same distance from the center point. This distance r is known as the radius of the sphere. The maximum straight distance through the sphere is known as the diameter of the sphere. It passes through the center and is thus twice the radius.


Wall as wallpaper

Jessika Jarl shot walls in different parts of the world and we made them into wallpaper.
This one is a favorite of mine and I had to have it at home. We call it Black Lace.



Outdoor lighting

So happy my house got baptised. It´s now a happy house with a name. Photo by Per Magnus Persson

This is what I saw sitting in bed in the QX comment...hmmm... maybe there were some clothes on the stool at that point...

This is the outdoor lighting I found and love for the veranda and it also comes in a wall mounted version I have on the south side. They are designed by Maarten Demunster.
Photo by Per Magnus Persson

Jimmy more than likes :)