Stylish & smart storage

Stockholm based  Note Design Studio  has created the easy on the eye storage unit called Plateau that I keep coming back to. 

I Like it! 

Smarter than most of this kind of clothes storage on the market. 

Lovin´ the styling in the pic with the old style phone.

Storage can be stylish. 

With this I bid you a wonderful weekend! 



Stable boardwalk balcony

On the south side of the Stable along the old declining cement wall (to the left) we built a staircase going down to the lawn, that will be a great place to sit as well. Therefor the steps were made wider so it will be more comfy to sit here.

Our closest beach is Lomma where we go often for walks with the dogs.

Boardwalks seen at the closest beach are definitely the inspiration for this part of our balcony/terrace and stairs.

Found this beautifully worn piece of wood on the beach. Think it will have to be placed right over the entrance gate to the garden.

The facade was just done before we started to build the balcony

Evening light by the beach.


We are on the way but not ready yet. Have ordered more of the same size of planks. They ran out after we built our long fence and we just were done with the part above the staircase/seating. Will off course be back to show how it turnes out.


1 HR Guest Bedroom


The room not showed in Swedish weekly Leva&Bo and that was the guestroom at the first HR interior 2014. 

The black branch below is both a decoration and acts as a hanger for the robe just beside your bed. The number 4 glas scented candles you find here.

HR = Husräddarna, TV3, Thursdays at 20.00

All interiors are created by Maria Celin and me for Husräddarna. To see Marias interiors check out her blog

1 HR 2014 Chaise lounge

Important in the  first HR interior was the chaise lounge found at a online auction.

The soft beautifully detailed headboard is very important in this room. We found it here.

The bench our carpenter Jonny built ( it is wonderful to be able to have interior ideas that are realized like this)  from mdf  and legs from a chair along with the back of the chair as the ornaments in the front. Along with the soft seat sown with a thick linen material it came together well.

Husräddarna 2014 Masterbedroom

Our TV program HUSRÄDDARNA that could be translated to HouseRescuers, started May 
22nd on tv3. 

It begins in golden style just like the owners asked for.  With my interior guidance this is the result we came to in their master bedroom. 
Swedish  interior weekly magazine Leva&Bo will publish part of or the whole interiors in their paper issue that interiorista Maria Celin and I create for Husräddarna. 

So thursdays are for seeing Husräddarna on tv3 or on tv3play.se whenever you feel like . 
Fridays you see the homes from Husräddarna in Leva&Bo if you subscribe or  otherwise saturdays. 

Mondays I will add my pictures and my own take on the homes we are so thankful for being able to help out in. 

When we take interior charge of a home with Husräddarna it is only when it has brutally burnt to the ground or storms has taken it and Trygghansa insurance rebuilt it.


This bedroom is a wonderful blend of old and new. Eclectic choices of furniture bought on net auction were part of the plan.

If there are any special items you are wondering about. Please just ask.

I fell in love with these bedside tables, found on net auction. Net auction or auctions over all is a treasure box just waiting for you. Look at the details on the top of the round partly golden and wonderfully worn side tables. 

Did you know that when I want to match a painted wall with a wallpaper I often take the wallpaper for color analysis at my paintstore to get the perfect match. Here we painted with Beckers sandy matt NCS 2010-Y20R

Watt&veke wall lamps as well as table lamps.

Gold leaf made these frames shiny with a worn look. The trick is not to do it too well!
Sloppy  does the job. 

Don´t worry. Be sloppy&happy!

The champagne is on ice. This is just before the family comes home. Anitcipation is in the air. Husräddarna is the most rewarding job as a interior designer I have ever done. 


Thank you again Annika&Tobbe may your home be you fortress your entire life!

If you want to use picures, please do so, BUT be sure to say that you borrowed them from here. Always attach name and adress. Thank you for always telling med you share my work js@jimmyschonning.com


Viburnum welcome

Thank you everybody that watched Husräddarna last night.
It was wounderful to premiere at last on TV3. 

Tack alla som såg Husräddarna igår. 
Torsdagar kl.20.00 ses vi. 

In this picture you can really see the heatwave we are having right now. 
I love it!!!

Traveling down to Lund from Stockholm today and was greeted outside the house by a favorite. Viburnum. This time of year the flowers are so beautiful .
Thank you my love!


Stockholm stories

I received a yellow box when I met Vicky  at our presslunch for Husräddarna 
after saying I really like your watch.

Stockholm on water. 

The box contained a brown version of the watch I liked. 

Stockholm by fountain. 

So today I put on my brown leather shoes. 

Put my new #StyleEntry#nupop watch on and give thanks. 
Thank you!! -- It is cool to give.

Had to take a long walk around all my favorite places.

My favorite scent even matched my new watch. 

Working with Nyström&Persia and really have taken a liking to their floorlamp in glass, copper and leather. 

There is lots more to tell about the giving and recieving of this watch and what the man behind it does. I´ll get back on the subject. 

 Enjoy the day 



Husräddarna presslunch

Maria Celin from Husräddarna relaxes with the guitar after the presslunch with me.
On thursday, 
starts on 
TV3 at 20.00

Husräddarna proof

Sneak preview of a interior cat project and how sucsessful it is with one of the cats  we built it for. 

TV program Husräddarna/HouseRescuers that starts again on thursday the 22nd of May at 20.00 at TV3

We had a presslunch today at one of the Homes that we recorded the show at. 

Presslunch Husräddarna Tv 3


Indoors outdoors

Dragged out the velvet easy chair just found on auction into the garden. How comfy outdoor living can be. Forest stool by Lövsjö Loghouse.

 Missy thought so as well.

Lanterns looks good in daylight too. 

My zodiak animal lives in the garden nowadays. 

The old pump on this side of the stable is just kept because it is beautiful. 

Did some reading before Missy 
took over.

Just sitting comfortably outside is wonderful. 

Just planted Japonica bamboo in a old german zink garbage can that I took away the bottom so i does not spread. It also looks great in my eyes.



22 MAJ


FOTO TV3/CAR THORBORG www.carlthorborg.com