S T H L M | stories 2

Woke up in Sthlm with this view. Lovely!

As I am walking to my meeting on Östermalm, Stockholm  I pass this building. A dream apartment is one of these former artist Studios with the amazing north windows. Can you imagine!

Posh Living Stockholm

Today I need an update on the Sthlm interior scene. One of my favorite places is Posh Living,so I make my way to their store at Mood Stockholm and they are up to date as always and show what is NOW interior wise in this part of the world.

Posh Living Stockholm

Posh Living Stockholm.

Went to check out a renovated apartment in a beautiful house on Södermalm with a view of the sea, right next to Mosebacke. The house was built 1770 and has now been done over. The apt was on the second floor in the middle part of the house, but the ceilings were so low that unfortunately the magic location did not help for the purpose I wanted it for. 


S O F A | scoop Milano 2016

When it comes to the most important piece of furniture in the home, the sofa, one thing was very clear in Milan. VELVET. 

Modern, retro and classical sofas (and easy chairs for that matter) all had one thing in common. VELVET. I did not take 30 pics of velvet sofas but they were there. At the fair, at the exhibits around town and in the restaurants and bars that stay with the trends. There were velvet last year aswell, but this year it was everywhere.  Trend #1

The stylishly sloppy sofa. The hang out. Not orderly and perfect. Different cushions and fabric that does not sit tight and stay the same. A everyday type of sleep, eat and live in sofa. True sofa trend #2

Thin armrest. Big pillows and deep seat. Like a double bed. You have to sit with your legs up or neat on the edge of the seat (grandma style) Pillows slightly alive and not perfect, but the rest is strict. Trend #3

3 D materials. Either tromp l'oeil (trick painted/printed) or the real deal like here. The fabric is sown with stretch and elasticity and creates a striking effect when it pulls together and it also gives a cushioned feel. Trend #4

THE BED/SOFA/BED style. Take away the cushions and this style looks like a bed&headrest of a modern Italian style bed. Sophisticated in shape and cushioned with a style that you"dress down" the sofa with contrasting pillows and throw so that it does not look too proper (it will then be too 80´s) Trend #5

Quilted textiles. The 70´s winter jacket style of textiles making it´s way to the sofa. Trend #6

Classic with a twist. The chesterfield classic turned sideways swivel chair style is the type of beloved eternal furniture that will live on and be used in new ways. Trend #7

Could not resist....one more velvet, BUT this time with LOOOONG fringes covering all legs and makes it feel like its floating.

ONE OF A KIND. With references to the historic roman sofas where dinners were eaten and life was enjoyed in whole. The Triclinium sofa from Swedish Design Duo Front for Moroso is not a sofa that is a trend this decade, although a classic shape. Therefore to me seems most inviting.


E A S I E S T | chair

Easy chair 

Or THE easiest chair ever? Chairlamp to be more exact as well. 
How ever,I fell in love with the whole design project. Extra simplicity. Nothing added. Although it´s all there. 

Muller Van Severen are the designers and their names are Fien Muller and Hannes Van Severen - See their website HERE. 



S E T | in stone

Marble street signs are everywhere in Milano

Marble magic, seen at Magis, Salvatori and Diesel, design by Feruccio Laviani and Arik Levy and many more.  

Milano conclusions
Design week 2016


Going through all that I have seen last week in Milan. There sure was a lot of marble pieces. This is not counting all those cuttingboards for the kitchen. 
They say that to lose your marbles is to loose your mind. 

Well if I tell you that I saw a lot of marble (and now I´ve lost it)  in many different ways I hope you don´t think I´ve lost my mind. Last year there were a lot of marble and still this year there is more. I havn´t lost it. I promise!  

Let us all please remember that there are more places in the world than Italy that produce this natural resource and let us use this amazing stone for smart purposes.

Apparatus in Milan.

Marble table tops in all shapes and sizes

Simple shelf. Seen at Wallpaper Handmade Exhibit. LOVE IT. I does not get more plain AND beautiful.


M I L A N O | moments

The best company nystrompersia

Ilkka Suppanen One flower vase on the floor in the Palazzo Litta in Cinque vie, Milan.

Apparatus has moved in to a space in Cinque Vie next to BDDW Milan

Carrara lights, Apparatus

Unique wall paper at BDDW

Organic vessels, BDDW

Tyler Hays hanging chair at BDDW in the new design area in Milan, 5vie/Cinque vie

Marble magicians Salvatori

Boffi bath

Metal frame and marble splash board. Just love! Boffi bathroom.

Norweigan vera-kyte.com at the Wallpaper handmade exhibit. Making working with textiles at home clever&fashionable

Milan magic on every corner.

JUMP SUIT - Alfredo Häberli for Cerutti 1881, Wallpaper handmade exhibit.

Nendo 50 chairs

San Simpliciano where apart from Nendo also Thonet exhibit. The garden being this amazing. I just stayed here. Milan is amazing! Always a new pallazo around the corner.


T O R T O N A | moooi in milan

Flourescent lights made a unit found on the way that I do not know who the artist is. 

Lines I like. Plain and perfect. Seen on the way to via Savona.  

 A real recycle enhanced bike with a motor. Recovered parts from motorbikes from the 30´s and 70´s made into a new beautiful motorized bike.

Zona Tortona, the area around Via Tortona is dead when it comes to showing new and upcoming interiors( but if you want a beer and circus it´s lovely), BUT the magic of MOOOI still rules here. In the HUGE space at Via Savona they excel in the art of exhibiting. They tell a story you want to listen to. There is of drama and the magic of Moooi is  expressed via design, art and theater.  

I will post more on Moooi in Milan. That you can be sure of.

Bird on a wire. New light/lamp/art from Moooi.
Carpet on the walls at the Mooi exhibit I really liked. A stylists dream type of setting. Interior scenography meets Moooi magic.

Wall textile with a  sound mission.

Fringes. LONG slightly blue tinted at the top ,white fringes  long as a 30´s dress along with velvet. A new type of luxury. 

Sculptures and art are weaved in to the Moooi interior fabric.

Quilted textile seating is a regular. Too much of everything with a twist  being the answer.

The photo is scary and enticing at the same time.

Lovely lights. Floor lamp favorite.

This space was more interesting than the art. See more on #jimmyschonninghem at Instagram

Nauto Fukasawa monolithes