W I L L A B | garden x 3

Room for stillness. Photo by Per Magnus Persson

Playful room. Photo by Per Magnus Persson

Room for time. Photo by Per Magnus Persson

Last summer we shot 3 different versions of the same conservatory (uterum)for Willab Garden

After defining who the lucky imaginary families were that would inhabit our three glass rooms/conservatories I started with the interior design. 

We would then actually find the families and photograph them in place and all of this was presented in the yearly catalogue and online at Willab Garden. All the photos are shot by Per Magnus Persson.

I will make a post for each room as well as showing all that went on this week of fun in the conservatory along with all the fine things that I worked with on this project. So happy to be able work with such beatiful things that I like personally.
Going through the pictures now
Stay in touch.  

I´ll be back :)


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