M I L A N O | moments

The best company nystrompersia

Ilkka Suppanen One flower vase on the floor in the Palazzo Litta in Cinque vie, Milan.

Apparatus has moved in to a space in Cinque Vie next to BDDW Milan

Carrara lights, Apparatus

Unique wall paper at BDDW

Organic vessels, BDDW

Tyler Hays hanging chair at BDDW in the new design area in Milan, 5vie/Cinque vie

Marble magicians Salvatori

Boffi bath

Metal frame and marble splash board. Just love! Boffi bathroom.

Norweigan vera-kyte.com at the Wallpaper handmade exhibit. Making working with textiles at home clever&fashionable

Milan magic on every corner.

JUMP SUIT - Alfredo Häberli for Cerutti 1881, Wallpaper handmade exhibit.

Nendo 50 chairs

San Simpliciano where apart from Nendo also Thonet exhibit. The garden being this amazing. I just stayed here. Milan is amazing! Always a new pallazo around the corner.

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