R O O M | for color

Orla Kiely pillow standing.Laying pillow from Rif Design. Paint&bruches and 3D letters, Panduro.  Turqouse candle holder, Interstil. Paper boxes, Hay. 

Coloring together. Orla Kiely vase/pot.

Usually when shooting kids you have to find motivation to be able to continue. Not in this case. They loved the painting for their own letters. Paint and material, Panduro.

A playful inviting space that can make room for a clash with color with the whole family as well as dinner, is what this version of the conservatory successfully became. 

All photos by Per Magnus Persson.

The large ceiling lamp from Rif Design. All chairs and metal stools from Interstil Turqoise rattan stool, Sika Design. Turqoise pouf and chest, Rif Design as well as the colorful carpet.

A colorful feeling with all white walls. Letting the textiles and the furniture contribute. Sharing the green garden chlorophyll energy in the room through the glass of the conservatory from Willab Garden.

The green chest of drawers on wheels that pull out and hide all the stuff, Magis.

Rustic table, plates and tableware, Interstil. Wodden bowl with handle, Love Warriors.

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