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Marble street signs are everywhere in Milano

Marble magic, seen at Magis, Salvatori and Diesel, design by Feruccio Laviani and Arik Levy and many more.  

Milano conclusions
Design week 2016


Going through all that I have seen last week in Milan. There sure was a lot of marble pieces. This is not counting all those cuttingboards for the kitchen. 
They say that to lose your marbles is to loose your mind. 

Well if I tell you that I saw a lot of marble (and now I´ve lost it)  in many different ways I hope you don´t think I´ve lost my mind. Last year there were a lot of marble and still this year there is more. I havn´t lost it. I promise!  

Let us all please remember that there are more places in the world than Italy that produce this natural resource and let us use this amazing stone for smart purposes.

Apparatus in Milan.

Marble table tops in all shapes and sizes

Simple shelf. Seen at Wallpaper Handmade Exhibit. LOVE IT. I does not get more plain AND beautiful.

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