Christmas in Penedo,Brasil for the first time

Jazz Village at Pequena Suecia 

We started off Christmas the 24th 
at my husbands closest family.
On Christmas day during the brunch at 
Jazz Village Penedo I joined 
two singers a pianist and a percussionist 
to perform Sankta Lucia in Swedish, 
Italiano and Português. 

The last weekend of January Sanny Alves, 
Marlon Mouzer and I will premiere 
our all new trilingual 

This was our gift from the Horta of 
Casa da Ilha to my 
husbands family for Christmas.
Love getting and giving edible gifts 
and who can live without candels? 

This for me classic JS HEM Christmas 
home made as a styling job
 many moons ago that I have repeated every 
Christmas as a tradition is still a favorit,
 but 2021 I think it is time for 
a whole new or a totally 
recycled Christmas.

This new year 2021 
calls for all new methods. 

Never have I spent so much time 
tending a garden in December. 

 A little bit of Christmas 
feeling rubbed off on our house, 
but this year was not a big 
decorating feast. 
We had other things to tend to tis year. 

Merry Christmas  

This Christmas tree in my own home at the time, by
lake Uttran called Ensta Strand. 


Will be 10 years ago this December
 I shot my last episode of the DIY TV show
 Äntligen Hemma for 
TV4 produced by Meter Television. 

2011 12 23 I wrote in Swedish here on the blog

Nåt jag inte kommer att sakna är bögskämten från vart programledarmöte. Har aldrig arbetat på en så sexistisk arbetsplats.

Which means 
 I will not miss the jokes referring 
to my sexuality. 

I have never worked at 
such a sexist place. 

When the tabloids then wrote 
for example  
Expressen wrote 

The headline almost a decade ago for 
Expressen said that I 
attacked my colleagues due to a 
joke about me being gay. 

Since the TV SHOW Äntligen Hemma 
so unintelligently was taken off the air 
 due to the circumstances concerning the 
allegations of one white heteronormative 
sexist very short former carpenter called Martin. 

Why TV4 did not just terminate Martin Timell 
and then cast a strong female tv experienced 
DIY TV host and stayed on air is beyond brainless, 
and tells just how by the balls Martin Timell had TV4.

It all started with the Me too movement 
initiated by Lulu Carter on her Instagram. 

This is years later after I already had deemed 
Äntligen hemma as the most sexist work place.

Everyone in Äntligen Hemma knew who I meant. 

The veranda and terrace at Casa da Ilha 
in Penedo where we moved in July of 2020.


I am so much about candles. Now sellin the last of
 Lucerna lantern on jimmyschonnig.com

Today we are at home and preparing 
for going to Ilha Grande where I
 will start with the 
textile update at the beach hotel. 

Our new black stone ware hand made ceramics
 showing off our first ripe Chu Chu

When we were in Cunha to shop ceramics 
to a client Marcello 
surprised me with secretly checking 
on all I commented 
that we liked for us and 
got as a Christmas gift. 


Come with me to my favorite 
Island on the Green coast, Ilha Grande. 

Stay in touch


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