I’m still dreaming of a white Christmas

Still love the song : I’m dreaming of a white Christmas  Though the author inteded  snow I went for all white with what I considered Christmas red accents. 


Creating content for the Swedish publishing industry as an interior stylist I wanted each Christmas to look different as a professional challenge  Through decades of different Christmas  designs  for interior publications and online magazines as well as tv productions, this eclectic x mas interior remained my personal favorite and has become my tradition to post for Christmas.  The former chapel in this building from 1879 was for years my favorite photo studio. Just look at the columns here by the entrance. The fire place here is created for the shoot & the fire  is digitally lit by the photographer @ingaprylar whith whom I did most work as a stylist. I am so thankful for being able to work with creating image scenography for this period before all publishing houses in Sweden stopped selling adverts , fired their editorial staff and stopped contracting free lancers like me. When all free lancers were forced to sign copy right contracts that cut all chance of possible profit I stopped producing image content for Swedish publications all together and sold only to international agents like Danish, Copenhagen based  #houseofpictures


Very thankful for being able to be a part of a exeptionally creative time in Stockholm producing image content as a stylist in a time of prosperity. There is today in Sweden only 1 interior magazine that is truly sucessful  that still sell copies and have both paper publications and online platforms. Do you know which one it is? 


There is a new age coming. The age of #aquarius forces us to change. This Christmas is the beginning. We all need to change and care for this planet. Together. There is no other way

 🎅🏼 God 🎄Jul vänner ⭐️

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