X MAS SALE of Jimmy´s design for JIMSCH

My dream of designing interiors came true with the brand JIMSCH that was owned by Interstil Interiör and was bought by a Danish conglomerate last year. 

My contract with JIMSH ended last year of 2019 and we moved to Brazil in April 2020. 

Togheter with my Swedish super team of Hans at Insta @HouseofPhabian that sends out your package and Jackie at Insta @EkebyHome that handles the webshop in Sweden. 

We are selling out all of 

my own design for Jimsch at 

jimmyschonnig.com webshop.  

Lucerna jimmyschonning.com

We are selling the last of Lucerna lanterns.


I think giving yourself a 
gift is a great idea! 

All JIMSCH textiles are sold out.  


Wigstock reclaimed mango wood head sculpture. 
We have only 2 pieces 
of Wigstock left

I just sold 2 Wigstock
 to Stockholm Stadsmuseeum and they 
will be used 
in a new exhibition 
on Bellman that starts in Feb 2021

We have white and black Starlight 
candle glass left in storage. 


Wigstock as a holder for your earphones. How would you use yours?  
Get your own at jimmyschonning.com

Crate vase

...or as a huge candle holder. 

Find your Holiday presents
 and your own interior favorites :   


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