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A print magazine that still inspires me is Dutch VT Wonen and on their site and in their newsletter you find all of these cool home office solutions. Follow the link on the bottom of the post and get their DIY video of a home office. 
Styling: Kim van Rossenberg, Cleo Scheulderman
Photo : Sjoerd Eickmans, Jeroen van der Spek, Barbara Kieboom 

All around the world we are now working from home. Needing a workplace separate from the living room sofa and the kitchen table can help things. You really do not need a lot of space but having storage for your work stuff does make it all easier. Finding the right storage for your folders, pens or whatever material it is you need apart from computer and electricity for your sowing machine. By storing the things you need to work in a separate cabinet your workspace can be used by everyone in your household.  

Be seated
When you are working from home day after day you start to need a chair that supports your back after sitting comfortably but a bit wrong in the bed for to long. 

A good chair does not necessarily mean a pure office chair in metal on wheels. You can find ergonomic chairs in lots of different styles.  Just always try 
it before buying. 

Use your space 
You do not need a separate room for your home office to be efficient. An unused corner or under the staircase or in a closet can work out just as well. Yes you can laugh, but I have done just that for a client in an old apartment where a workspace with a small desk was needed
Vintage chairs can be both 
comfy and cool off course.
Check online auctions... 

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